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Chapter 81 – The Enemy Lives

If you love this translation. So please consider supporting me on patreon. It motivates me to translate more chapters and new novels. Translator: Manyfacegod Editor: Ocelot “Father…..father…….father……..” Murong Ji kneeled at the cliff’s edge crying.   His wailing echoed forlornly in the abyss, seeing him filled people with grief.   However, Murong Xue wasn’t moved. Murong… Read More »

Chapter 79 – Horse Gone Mad

The patreon for The Evil Prince is up. Moreover, the releases will be evenly distributed from Tuesday to Saturday(yes, I’ve finally done it). Editor: Ocelot It was still very early and the streets outside the city were very quiet. Murong Ye and the others were advancing on their horses with great speed.   Murong Ye… Read More »

Chapter 78 – Murong Jian’s Evil Plan

Editor: Ocelot When darkness fell, the Yu Tang Court was filled with lights! Madam Du had been seriously injured and was lying on a carved mahogany bed. Her whole body was wrapped with bandages, like a glutinous rice packet. Her face was speckled with green and purple bruises and her lips were very pale. Her… Read More »

Chapter 77 – First Clash

Murong Jian’s gaze turned fierce and he looked at Murong Xue, “Xue, what did you do?”   “I have had many fights with step grandmother, every time when she’s angry, she will curse me in her sleep.” Murong Xue replied as a matter-of-a-factly.   The passers-by looked at her with pity. They lived under the… Read More »

Chapter 76 – First encounter with Murong Jian

“Oh, so you are Murong Xue!” Murong Ji swept his gaze up and down Murong Xue, his eyes were filled with contempt and sarcasm, “Rough, unreasonable – pretty much how my mother described to you. You are a shame for the Murong family!”   Murong Xue laughed coldly. She indeed did not get along with… Read More »