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The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife Chapter – 58

Chapter 58 – Meeting the Enemy Editor: Xixi The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife is released 5x a week! If you’re enjoying The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife, do consider rating/reviewing over on NovelUpdates to boost our popularity! Alternatively, you could help sponsor a chapter for everyone! Current Amount: $10/$20

Chapter 52 – Dislike Physical Intimacy

Shizi: son of a person who is related to the royal family   “Brother, what are you doing?” Murong Xue asked in confusion. Murong Ye looked up with his swollen blood-red eyes, his captivating eyes were filled with tears. He was trembling as he took Murong Xue into his arms, “Sister… I thought they were all… Read More »

Chapter 35 – Who Wins and Who Loses

It was a killing weapon! Ouyang Shaochen’s eyes turned icy. He held the teacup, a blade of ice formed and floated to the surface of the tea. He had prepared it to save Murong Xue. Unexpectedly, Murong Xue saw it coming. She hugged her Yangqin and swiftly turned into her body the nick of time… Read More »