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The Demon God Pesters Chapter – 31

Chapter 31 – Opportunity Editor: sandy   The Demon God Pesters: The Ninth Lady of the Doctor is released 3x a week! If you’re enjoying The Demon God Pesters: The Ninth Lady of the Doctor, do consider rating/reviewing over on NovelUpdates to boost our popularity! Alternatively, you could help sponsor a chapter for everyone! Current… Read More »

Chapter 53 – Brilliant Idea

That person was wearing a green long robe, the sleeves and collar was embellished with fine silver embroidery, a tourmaline belt was at his waist. He wore a ring on his right hand of exquisite green jade. He was truly outstanding and extraordinarily handsome. He was the fourth Prince, Ye Tian Qi. “Greetings to the… Read More »

Chapter 42 – Jealousy

The statement made Murong Xue’s stomach churn, she felt something wrong, like she was misunderstood, and she hastily shook her head and denied: “ No, that was not it!” “Then why did you go to a blind date?” Ouyang Shaochen continued teasing her while stepping even closer to her. His footsteps were heavy, she receded… Read More »

Chapter 35 – Who Wins and Who Loses

It was a killing weapon! Ouyang Shaochen’s eyes turned icy. He held the teacup, a blade of ice formed and floated to the surface of the tea. He had prepared it to save Murong Xue. Unexpectedly, Murong Xue saw it coming. She hugged her Yangqin and swiftly turned into her body the nick of time… Read More »

Chapter 34 – Competition

Two beautiful girls, one standing and the other sitting – this was a scene to behold. The customers who were having their meal were in high-spirits. In groups, they gathered and started a discussion among themselves: “The one standing is the princess of the northern Mongolian deserts, Qin Yuyuan. “She is very elegant and alluring.… Read More »

Chapter 19: Borrowing Money

Murong Xue stood up and leisurely walked out. Her elegant and long robes dragged along the floor, and lightly brushed the clean surface, forming a long mark. “Sister, where are you going?” Murong Ye looked as she walked further away, filled with uncertainty. “Going to Yutang Court to see step-grandmother!” Murong Xue did not stop… Read More »