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The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife Chapter – 58

Chapter 58 – Meeting the Enemy Editor: Xixi The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife is released 5x a week! If you’re enjoying The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife, do consider rating/reviewing over on NovelUpdates to boost our popularity! Alternatively, you could help sponsor a chapter for everyone! Current Amount: $10/$20

Chapter 53 – Brilliant Idea

That person was wearing a green long robe, the sleeves and collar was embellished with fine silver embroidery, a tourmaline belt was at his waist. He wore a ring on his right hand of exquisite green jade. He was truly outstanding and extraordinarily handsome. He was the fourth Prince, Ye Tian Qi. “Greetings to the… Read More »

Chapter 52 – Dislike Physical Intimacy

Shizi: son of a person who is related to the royal family   “Brother, what are you doing?” Murong Xue asked in confusion. Murong Ye looked up with his swollen blood-red eyes, his captivating eyes were filled with tears. He was trembling as he took Murong Xue into his arms, “Sister… I thought they were all… Read More »

Chapter 46 – Murong Rou’s Impish Tricks

Merry Christmas everybody. Here is your Christmas present. The citizens of Qing Yan appreciated their parents and elderly, filial is their life motto, moreover, they were all well-educated lads. The age of fifty-five is a good age for major celebration, this was the best time to rejoice in this special occasion and it could be a… Read More »

Chapter 45 – Everything has settled down

Merry Christmas everybody. Here is your Christmas present.   shizi (世子): means “heir son“, referring to the heir apparent of qinwang, basically son of the emperor’s brother.   The only difference was when she talked to Ouyang Shaochen, he will reply her seriously, even though it was in a polite manner, at least he was listening to her. She… Read More »