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Chapter 42 – Jealousy

The statement made Murong Xue’s stomach churn, she felt something wrong, like she was misunderstood, and she hastily shook her head and denied: “ No, that was not it!” “Then why did you go to a blind date?” Ouyang Shaochen continued teasing her while stepping even closer to her. His footsteps were heavy, she receded… Read More »

Chapter 35 – Who Wins and Who Loses

It was a killing weapon! Ouyang Shaochen’s eyes turned icy. He held the teacup, a blade of ice formed and floated to the surface of the tea. He had prepared it to save Murong Xue. Unexpectedly, Murong Xue saw it coming. She hugged her Yangqin and swiftly turned into her body the nick of time… Read More »

Chapter 34 – Competition

Two beautiful girls, one standing and the other sitting – this was a scene to behold. The customers who were having their meal were in high-spirits. In groups, they gathered and started a discussion among themselves: “The one standing is the princess of the northern Mongolian deserts, Qin Yuyuan. “She is very elegant and alluring.… Read More »

Chapter 3 – Lord of Shenzi is actually the Demon!

“Who is it?!” Lu Jiuque turned around and looked which made her fractured bones hurt even more,leaving her grinning. “hmm. So ugly.” The innocent sound came again, yet filled with evil. “…damn.” Such an impolite kid. “Louyi, why are you still alive?” Louyi?! Was he referring to her? Lu Jiuque looked toward where the sound… Read More »