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Chapter 35 – Who Wins and Who Loses

It was a killing weapon! Ouyang Shaochen’s eyes turned icy. He held the teacup, a blade of ice formed and floated to the surface of the tea. He had prepared it to save Murong Xue. Unexpectedly, Murong Xue saw it coming. She hugged her Yangqin and swiftly turned into her body the nick of time… Read More »

Chapter 34 – Competition

Two beautiful girls, one standing and the other sitting – this was a scene to behold. The customers who were having their meal were in high-spirits. In groups, they gathered and started a discussion among themselves: “The one standing is the princess of the northern Mongolian deserts, Qin Yuyuan. “She is very elegant and alluring.… Read More »

Chapter 19: Borrowing Money

Murong Xue stood up and leisurely walked out. Her elegant and long robes dragged along the floor, and lightly brushed the clean surface, forming a long mark. “Sister, where are you going?” Murong Ye looked as she walked further away, filled with uncertainty. “Going to Yutang Court to see step-grandmother!” Murong Xue did not stop… Read More »

Chapter 18 – Causing Trouble

As the clouds parted, the mist gradually subsided, streaks of golden light spilled through the clouds, illuminating Earth. Dressed in a light blue long skirt, Murong Xue sat under a Hydrangea tree and sipped her tea. As the pink flower petals slowly fell from the tree, her beauty glowed, so captivating it was almost as… Read More »

Chapter 7 – A Thrashing

The Marquis Household is a noble family, not lacking in gold and silver. They don’t really care about Prince Jing’s bride price, but now, when the bride price is given, not only did Prince Jing not personally come, the amount is much less than what is normal. Prince Jing obviously does not respect his sister.… Read More »