Soaring Towards the Heavens


The Legacy:

In the hypocritical world beneath the heavens, no ghost nor demon can contend with the ever changing emotions of man!

With grass as soft as it is fine, and beauties like jade, how could the swordplay of the world ever compare!

Over the vast star-filled skies, there are the seven emotions and six desires, and the Three Poisons of greed, ill-will, and delusion. He Who Has Arrived, the Buddha himself, will grant thee unlimited strength!

Under the will of the many, they too will pray for a torrent of blood!

The demons will weep and the gods will howl, for this ocean of blood sees no shore. Not one will dare to ask to find the way!

Therein lies no path in this sea of blood. But with a boat made from the bones of the dead, it will ascend into the Heavens!



A legend stated that many years ago, a hundred thousand heavenly soldiers crossed the vast sky pursuing the Great Demon, but, the Great Demon was too powerful. To kill it, the hundred thousand heavenly soldiers laid a large sealing array, and died together with the Great Demon.

Orphaned and wanting to provide a better future for his two younger siblings, Miao Yi decided to enter the white mist and towards the mysterious mountain said to have been the resting place of the Great Demon in search of treasure…

Original Author:跃千愁


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