Chapter 2–Bottomless Red Mountain(2)

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The explanation given seemed more like they are trying to cover something, and the more they wipe the darker it becomes (TL: the more you try to hide the worse the situation would be), making the people suspect there may be something more to it.

“Take it out!” Miao Yi shouted again, holding the knife firmly and rushing towards the trio.

In the past, he had only killed pigs and never a human. But today, he had to kill three.

Huang Cheng had reminded him that once they leave, and if Miao Yi himself was unable to return, his siblings would be in danger. The three son of a bitch dared to attempt murder. What else would they not dare to do? Today, the three troubles must be taken care of!

The trio panic and tried to flee. However, the others immediately jumped in to join the fun, blocking the trio’s escape route.

The situation is bad. Not only is Miao Yi trying to kill them, there are also seven to eight people trying to besiege them.

Unable to escape using the same way they came in from, they went another desperately while yelling constantly ‘we do not have any immortal grass’.

Miao Yi kept a cold face.  Holding the knife tightly, he gave chase, with others following behind.

Unknowingly, the group went out of the safe route while chasing after Huang Cheng and his gang.

Before entering the mountain, people would usually receive a map for free. The map marked the routes in the bottomless red mountain that are safe, created using the life of others.

Eventually, the trio were knocked down by seven to eight young and strong man.

“What do all of you want?” Huang Chen was so scared that he became a little incoherent. He raised his knife and swung it in multiple directions, not letting anyone close.

It was obvious that the strong man had hand-to-hand combat experience. He moved towards Huang Cheng, leaned to a side to avoid the knife, and grabbed Huang Cheng’s wrist which he then twisted it. The pain caused Huang Cheng to scream, and his knife fell on to the ground with a “ding dang”.

The Zhao brothers too were feeling very tense. Holding a knife tightly in their hands, they tried to intimidate the few not come any closer. Bullying people like Miao Yi who was younger and smaller in size usually felt alright, but being against those young and strong men made them feel like they were facing an adult, which subconsciously made them timid.

No matter how hard Huang Cheng tried to explain, the strong man did not care. His hands had already began searching Huang Cheng’s entire body to find out if he was hiding the immortal grass, and the results were that there weren’t any.

He took a look at the Zhao brothers before turning his head again to saw Miao Yi rushing towards them. He then pushed Huang Cheng away from him and prepared to search the Zhao brothers. Who would have thought that Miao Yi was holding a butcher knife? ‘Poof’, Huang Cheng was stabbed in the chest.

Huang Cheng stared with his eyes wide opened, looking incredulously at Miao Yi. The strong man received a shock. The Zhao brothers and the others too received a shock.

Miao Yi looked grim. He had hardened his heart and stabbed Huang Cheng, then does it again twice before slicing the neck.

Blood spattered on Miao Yi. Both of Huang Cheng hands twitched and fell, and his eyes remained open, unable to hide his fear.

In spite of being afraid, he held onto his bloody knife and dashed towards the Zhao brothers.

The two brothers were terrified and waved their knives crazily while trying to escape.

Miao Yi charged towards them while they were unprepared, and stabbed the waist of Zhao Xing Kui. Knife after knife, Zhao Xing Kui was stabbed several times, and he lay in a pool of blood.

Miao Yi’s fierce appearance made the others dumbfounded. No one expected a youth to be so ruthless.

While everyone were still dumbfounded, Zhao Wu, swung his knife crazily and started to run.

The group of people witnessed Miao Yi chasing after Zhao Wu.

“What a kid! Such cruelty! So young, yet murders without betting an eye, ah!” The strong man ‘ha’ twice, as a group of people are rushing towards him (Zhao Wu).

Turning his head around, Zhao Wu’s line of sight fell on to something frightening– Miao Yi, drenched in blood, was chasing after him, which scared him till he let out a ‘wah wah’ sound and quickly continued to run as his life depends on it.

No one knew if it was because of Zhao Wu’s shriek that attracted something, or because they are in the danger zone; they heard a sound, which sounded as if something was coming.

Shua! A large shadow fell from the sky, and landed in the middle of the people that were chasing.

The ground vibrated a bit and it caused Miao Yi, who was busy running, to stumble and almost knocked his head onto the ground, which he didn’t by doing a few somersaults.

The seven to eight people trailing closely suddenly stopped. A look of horror emerged from their faces, and they slowly moved back.

Miao Yi was shocked when he lifted his head. A mantis?

Looking carefully again, it was indeed a mantis, or maybe one should say that it was an enormous mantis.

Its length was more than twenty feet long, with its whole body being shiny black, and a sting which was four foot long. It has a pair of forelimbs like a sickle, and is like a grim reaper holding the scythe of death with an icy atmosphere of terror. It started shaking its huge head with its faint green eyes flashing, observing, like hunter looking at its preys.

It was the monster described on the map, and is called the ‘Dark Mantis’. No one expected meeting one.

Miao Yi broke out in a cold sweat, and both his legs became weak. Being at the right side of the Dark Mantis, he did not dare to move.

The strong man also broke out in cold sweat. The others who were facing the Dark Mantis did not dare to make much movements, and slowly walked backwards.

The Dark Mantis’s sickles moved suddenly, and then retracted.

No one could see its movement. The strong man’s side had already lost two people. Hanging on the two sickles were two bodies, pierced through the chest and screaming tragically as fresh blood flowed down onto the ground.

“Left and right, two dead…, “The strong man reminded others, and suddenly yelled,” Everyone disperse and run!”

Terrified, the five to six people immediately turned and scattered.

The man who told the people to run, however, stayed.

A sickle, which pierce through a head, was brought towards the Dark Mantis to taste. Its green eyes flickered and suddenly started to flap its wings, which set off a gust of wind. With its mouth still containing some ‘food’, it flew towards those that were running.

Miao Yi, who was scared till his legs became weak, took a glance at what had happened, and faintly saw the Dark Mantis playing ‘cat and mouse’ with the people. Its behavior gave people a feeling that it was just eating a bowl of rice, while watching the pot cook. It seems ready to have another serving, and then started shrieking without an end.

When Miao Yi could no longer watch the game of ‘cat and mouse’ any longer, he let out a breath of air. He reckoned that if those people had not ran and attracted the attention of that creature, he would be fated to be doomed.

“I see… I managed to save someone.” The man hit his chest and let out a sigh. Seeing that Miao Yi did not move, he was a little surprised to find that the kid was very clever to have seen through his ploy.

However, the man did not know that it was because Miao Yi was so scared that he was unable to move.

“Kid, we’ve ran out of the safety zone, don’t continue staying here. Run!”

After the man reminded him, he turned and ran.

Seeing the man disappear in the mist as he ran, Miao Yi managed to stabilize his emotions and decided to continue trying to find Zhao Wu, only to realize that the incident with the Dark Mantis made him lose sight of Zhao Wu, and with the thick mist around, he knew there was no way to find him, for now.

He admired Zhao Wu, just a little, as when he was so scared that he could not move, but Zhao Wu still managed to run.

However, after reasoning with himself, he got depressed. Zhao Wu might have been too focused on escaping that he did not even realize the Dark Mantis when it appeared.

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