scapegoat sister 10 (part 2)

By | January 25, 2017

“N-No… That’s not the case…”

I like working in my garden, but I do not dislike humans. His Highness was still looking for an answer and asked again: “Are you more interested in humans than plants?” I could not return the answer soon, I lowered my eyes as I said. “How did you get interested in me? …… Even though I can grow herbs, I don’t know how I could attract you.” His Highness grabbed my hands. “Your plant’s love is deep, but I will not give up or hold back, though.”


The force he used to hold my hands was weak. Even so, I could not withdraw.

They were carefully stroked so as to handle fragile things. His long fingers caressed my rough hands, ruined by my work in the garden. Without experience being treated as a woman, I did not move one finger and I must have looked like a stone statue.

The emotions fluctuating in his dark blue eyes seemed like a living flame, and as I stared at them, my heart also was burning. I want to know more about that flame, staring at it forever… Because I cannot explain the heat spreading in my heart.


“Why did you threw away my wine and helped me?”

“Reacting to the smell of the Rudy, my body moved unconsciously thinking that Your Highness was in danger”

“Due to that, my predecessor died, do you know it?”

“I think that Your Highness never mentioned it!”


“Why did you leave the last day?”


“…… I-I do not know”

“I was thinking of going to see you if you were released.”

“… … but I was afraid of being over there.”


“…………I-I do not know”



I wonder what he is trying to say to me.

My heart was pulsing violently. The whole body was hot and heat gathered near my eyes.


“If you want to be sincere, you must be it completely. Now tell me, is the Lirott flower I gave you that flower you said it’s inside the bookmark?”


It blushed out as soon as I looked away.

Beloved garden, how could he remember such a small detail?

I was afraid to admit it and shooked my head, I knew it was a lie but I couldn’t find the courage to tell the truth.


“Hey, do you like me, as I like you?”

His Highness taught me the name of the flame that dwells in the eyes without mercy and named the heat of my heart.

From the beginning I was not eligible to be a bride candidate. I got acquainted with each other because I took over my sister’s position… My age is different, I’m way too old. Even if like him, my feelings will not become true.

I wanted to forget this deceitful guilt feeling.

I wanted him to be aware that it was only tonight.

Even though farewell tomorrow will be many times harder.

I shook my head aside.

I was going to cry if I said something.


When I swayed my neck and looked back at him, I saw that His Highness smiled looking at my tear drops.


“Heh, now it’s you who looks like a child!”


After he said so, he hugged me. A body firmer than it looks held me snugly, soothed my heart that was almost jumping out of me.

My cheeks was touching his chest while being drawn. Fragrance… A sweet perfume from His Highness…

This smell….


“Why is this the smell of my odor bags coming from you High…?”


I looked up from the arms and he said, “It is not that I got it illegally….” I was not convinced merely by that, and continued to stare at him still…


“My sister-in-law gave it to me… I was irritated by not being able to meet you, and I decided not to go to the herb garden so as not to be seen by the other girls… I knew it was a reward for Peko, but I was me that gifted that hat to you!”

A reward? I gave an odor bag to Peko because I got the hat from her.


“… … was it your Highness that gifted me that hat?”

“I thought that it would suit you better than the others at that time… This smell bag was quite pleasant, but tonight, I could hardly sleep, I had to find where that perfume came from…. Thanks to you I found that place, and it’s where you went into the garden. “


He was mischievously smiling while talking.

When I could understand better what was happening, my face, that I thought could not turn red any more, seemed to catch fire.

His Highness, hugging me even tighter, asked whispering in my ears:


“Do you know what does the Lirott flower stands for?”


The book of the language of flowers that Jack told me to “study”.

I was not interested in the flower language, but I also had time to kill and read it anyway.


“……”To fall in love””


When men send flowers to women, flower language is very important. If you match the color of the flowers with the color of the eyes of the woman who receive them, the flower language is even more meaningful.


“… ….” “I fell in love with you.”


Did he know the flower language and gave it to me?

I thought I was going to die with embarrassment, I was almost going to faint. His Highness, who gently stroke my hairs, said, “From now on, please do not give smell bags to anyone other than me” and took my last breath away.

I will not be able to dream a night like this again.

Mia god can be cruel sometimes.

My throat was sore and dry, and I was sad thinking about the next day, when the Prince was going to return home.

“I will return the hat you forgot to the Royal Palace tomorrow, I already declared to my mother that I will make the woman that matches this hat my bride”


My legs almost betrayed me due to the surprise.

When I looked back at him, His Highness was standing in front of me, with a Lirott flower in his hands.

Because I already saw the flame that dwelled in his eyes I could no longer divert my line of sight.

He gently gave me the flower and wrapped my cheeks with both hands, getting hold of my face.


“I will give order to decorate the Royal Palace on the day of the ceremony with Lirott flowers, so that everyone will know how much I am crazy about you!”


Oh…! I-Is this a kiss! Is it?

There are no cookies in your mouth this time, so what he is searching with his tongue?!? So this is must be how lovers kiss….


Jorun the Bard sings:

“The bride of the second prince, the bride of Lilot. She like caring for plants, on the sunny days she wears a creamy hat and enjoy walking with his husband and drinking some tea in the garden, and all the flowers that she raised sing and dance with them.


“Only you…. With you he fell in love”.


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