Chapter 116: I Want …

Stargazer Lily This is a Sponsored Chapter by J. Ohkawa Thank you very much for your support XD!   Chapter 116: I Want You to Apologize to Me. He…fed Song Wuyou water. Of his own accord. He… the one person who’d always carried himself above and apart from everyone else. From a young age, he… Read More »

Chapter 115: You Won’t…

Shell Ginger This is a Sponsored Chapter by J. Ohkawa! Thank you very much for the support~!   Chapter 115: You Won’t Be Able to Find Out Song Wuyou nodded nonchalantly. “Even archery and horse riding were learned online?” Gu Yanhao’s gaze became more penetrating as he observed her. “You were the one who taught… Read More »

Chapter 114: SWY, Who is…?

  Belladonna This and the next two chapters are Sponsored Chapter by the mind-blowing J. Ohkawa!! Thank you so very much~! Enjoy the chapters.     Chapter 114: Song Wuyou, Who is Dongfang Xuan? “You…” She looked at Gu Yanhao with wide, surprised eyes. He had been by her side the entire time, holding her… Read More »

Chapter 113: A Sudden…

Narcissus Flower This and the next three chapters are Sponsored Chapter by the mind-blowing J. Ohkawa!! Thank you so very much~! Enjoy the chapters.    Chapter 113: A Sudden Longing for Him Mu Gu’s feet halted abruptly. A cold light glinted in his gentle peach blossom eyes. Slut? Song Wuyou is the slut? “She’s in… Read More »

Chapter 112: Regret

Hop flowers (used in beers) This and the next four chapters are Sponsored by J. Ohkawa. Thank you very much!   Chapter 112: Regret Song Wuyou was startled. Wasn’t she on the battlefield? Why did she suddenly appear in the Cold Palace? “The Emperor arrives~!” “The Empress arrives~~!” Suddenly, Eunuch Gao’s voice rang loudly. Song… Read More »

Chapter 111: Indulge …

Chapter 111:  Indulge You.   “Those women who wished to gain my favor only cared about the superficial aspects and my power. ” “……” “If I were to lose everything, status, power, wealth—would they still look at me ?” “……” “Even so, you saw me at my weakest moment, even saw me cry. If I… Read More »

Chapter 110: Past & Present

Hey Peeps, you know I love you y’all. Bonus Chapter to make the day just that tad bit better :D! Enjoy~   Chapter 110: Past and Present Life Does this mean he loves Song Wuyou? From the very beginning, from getting to know Song Wuyou until they were married, all was because of love? Song… Read More »