Chapter 20: In His Heart, She Is Garbage?

                                                         💥Sneaky Weekend Surprise Chapter💥   Chapter 20: In His Heart, She is Garbage?   Instead of letting Song Wuyou work in Gu Group, he might as well just gift-wrap the ten percent shares for her. “I want to join the Design Department.” Song Wuyou ignored Gu Yanhao’s icy tone and stated in a calm… Read More »

🐝Chapter 06🐝

Chapter 06 ****** If one was to do a portrait of Bo Ziren, it probably would have looked like this; a height of five-feet six, slender but voluptuous figure with medium length jet-black hair that was three inches past her shoulder, and the finishing touch was her sharp facial features and a quiet temperament that… Read More »

Chapter 35

brought to you by Ocelot and me,   Alice: “How long is forever? White Rabbit: “Sometimes, just one second.” Chapter 35 Mo Zhen requested a single room in the hotel – even though he was accompanied by the female Ah Yao – because it was impossible for her to open up her own room. When… Read More »

Chapter 94- Fights

If you love our translation, Please consider us Donating. or  We are also on patreon. It really motivates us to give more time for translation. This week Chapter’s 4/5 Editor : Ocelot “Look out!” Ou Yang pulled Murong Xue from behind. He flicked his fingers again and a swift wind shot from his fingertips, spreading to… Read More »

Chapter 34.2

brought to you by moi and ocelot. no school tomorrow, so I’ll do extra releases as usual (aka Xixi ain’t studying for Chem until Sunday night), prepare to sob countdown starts tomorrow mwahahaha.   Chapter 34.2 A few hours after Mo Zhen posted his announcement on Weibo, Kai Huang’s official website formally announced the delaying… Read More »