The Mighty Female Immortal Chapter 7

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As Xu Haoran stood next to Xu Ziyan and stared at her talismans which glimmered with spiritual energy, he felt extremely shocked.

“This…this is a peak first degree talisman!!” Xu Haoran looked up at Xu Ziyan with excitement.

“What?!” Lin Pinghai looked stifled and his eyes were full of disbelief. He strode over to Xu Ziyan and looked at her talisman. His mind blanked. After a long time, he recovered. He silently kneeled in front of Xu Ziyan and kowtowed three times. After the third time, he stood up and then hurriedly walked away. Even though he walked away at a high speed, it was easy to tell that he was staggering.

Xu Haoran currently didn’t have time to pay attention to Lin Pinghai, and instead glanced at Xu Ziyan before quietly and nervously saying: “Xu Master, are you willing to stay at our Xu clan? I’ll immediately hire you as a Gongfeng Elder.”

Xu Ziyan lightly shook her head: “I just came to the capital and I don’t understand the great clans very well. I’ll be a Keqing Elder first! If both of us work together well, I won’t argue against joining the clan as a Gongfeng Elder.”


Even though Xu Haoran was a little disappointed, however, as since Xu Ziyan became a  Keqing Elder, he was definitely have her join as a Gongfeng Elder. As long as he continually took good care of this girl with unlimited potential, he would earn her trust.

And so, Xu Haoran was extremely pleased and instantly made her a Keqing Elder. He then personally assigned her a place to live. However, what he couldn’t understand was that Xu Ziyan didn’t choose the best house rather chose one far away from the clan in the mountains. Not only that, but she had also informed him that she didn’t want people to go there.

She was going to go get her parents, but when Xu Haoran heard this, he insisted Xu Ziyan to bring four Lingqi layer cultivators at the fourth level to protect her and even ordered six disciples of the clan to bring the carriage to get her parents. However, Xu Ziyan didn’t want her parents to be recognized by the people within the clan and so she chose a remote place to live. Through her father’s few words, she had already discovered that he had been mocked by the clan members. For the fear that it would happen again, she wanted to train to a higher cultivation base and become her parent’s pride before then introducing them officially to the clan. And so, she rejected Xu Haoran’s arrangements. In the end, Xu Haoran was forced to accept. However, after Xu Ziyan left, he still ordered the four Lingqi layer cultivators to secretly protect her. He did not want a rare talisman expert to experience some unfortunate accident.

Xu Ziyan looked at the large entrance to the Xu clan and sighed. She never would have thought that she would have developed connections with the clan so quickly. She didn’t know whether or not her father’s identity would be found out but she knew that she wouldn’t be able to hide it much longer.

“Ai… However long I can hide his identity, I’ll do so!”

Snowflake flowers fell from the sky. Very quickly, the whole area became white. She walked within the blizzard as the floating snowflakes landed on her body.

She could see her parents in the distance standing by the door hoping to catch a glimpse of her. The moment they saw her silhouette, they quickly went forward to welcome her. Xu Ziyan felt her heart warm as she saw them. But at the same time, she was a little nervous. She didn’t how they would feel when she told that she had just become a Keqing Elder in the clan.

Her parents walked to her side, while her mother, warmly brushed off the snowflakes on her shoulder, affectionately saying: “Yan’er, you came home so late. You walked a day, you must be so tired!”

Her mother rambled on as she entered. Her father silently stood by her side. Even though he didn’t talk, his eyes were filled with affection. Xu Ziyan looked at her loving parents, and her eyes couldn’t help but show guilt: “Today…today…”

Her mother pursed her lips and then smiled: “Yan’er, is it that there isn’t enough money? Don’t worry! Today I found a job. I’m sewing clothes in clothes shop. Today I sewed together 5 shirts and earned 15 coppers! Your father also found a job at the wharf. He earned 20 coppers. Just wait until we earn enough money and then Yan’er can make pills and talismans.”

Zu Ziyan looked at both her parents’ warm expressions and their excited tone, her heart felt sorrow and grief. She gave a forced smile and said: “ Father and mother are both so amazing! I’m so useless…”

The couple still held warm expressions: “Yan’er, you’re our daughter. Us helping you is what parents should naturally do. It is also not you that is useless, but us. If our family had enough money, then you wouldn’t have to work so hard.”

Xu Ziyan’s lonely heart suddenly stirred up. She couldn’t resist hugging her mother. In her two lives, this was the happiest she had ever men. Meanwhile, when Xu Shi held Xu Ziyan in her embrace, she felt content and satisfied.

After a long time, Xu Shi lightly stroked Xu Ziyan’s hair and quietly said: “Yan’er, are you hungry? Quickly sit. I’ll go make some rice.”

When they finished eating, Xu Ziyan told of today’s happenings to her parents. When they heard that Xu Ziyan became the clan’s Keqing Elder, the couple was extremely happy, however, when she said that they had to move to the clan to live, Xu Guang’s expression wavered: “Yan’er, going back to the clan…it won’t be possible to hide my identity from the Patriarch and there is also my second ge there.

Xu Ziyan smiled bitterly: There’s no other option. It’s not possible to not go to live in the clan. If the Patriarch and second bo recognize you, then you can only admit it.”

In the night, Xu Ziyan lay on the bed listening to the sounds of her parents in the next room moving around and being unable to sleep. She quietly sighed. Who knew what this sort of situation would occur once they returned to the clan. It was only until midnight until she finally slept. She didn’t know that outside her house, there were four fourth level Linqi layer experts protecting her.

The next day, when Xu Ziyan and her parents finished eating, they left to go to the clan. The three originally didn’t have a lot of belongings and so they only took a bundle which was being carried by Xu Guang.

Behind them, when the four Xu clan experts saw Xu Ziyan and her family’s destitute appearance, their eyes showed a sliver of astonishment. They couldn’t understand how a peak first degree talisman exper could be this miserable. One of the four nodded to the other three and then disappeared toward the clan to report to the Patriarch that Xu Ziyan was already heading towards the clan.

Xu Haoran still looked favorably upon Xu Ziyan. He respected not only her being a peak first degree talisman expert but also her age. A 15-year-old girl already had the skill of a peak first degree talisman expert, which is a level many people couldn’t get in their whole life! After 5 years, 10 years, what would Xu Ziyan become? This made Xu Haoran become extremely excited and expectant. Last night, he thought the whole time on how he would have Xu Ziyan permanently join the clan.

When daylight streamed in through the window, Xu Haoran got up from the bed and hurriedly ate breakfast. He sat in the study room nervously waiting. When he heard that Xu Ziyan was coming, he instantly ordered clan members to stand by the doors. When Xu Ziyan came, they would then immediately report back to him.

And so, when Xu Ziyan’s silhouette had just appeared at the end of the road, Xu Haoran already received the information. Bringing his second di, Xu Haobo, he promptly stood by the main set of doors At this time, Xu Ziyan and her family had just arrived by the entrance.

Xu Haoran and Xu Haobo invited Xu Ziyan over smilingly. Xu Haoran’s gaze quickly passed over to the couple. From the reports given, he knew that these two people were Xu Ziyan’s parents. His believed that since Xu Ziyan was a first degree talisman expert, then, her parents must not be normal either. However, once saw Xu Guang’s face, his froze mid-step. His eyes flashed with confusion and he couldn’t help but blurt: “You are…”

Xu Guang’s expression was that of a bitter smile. He knew he was recognized by his elder brother and so he lowered his voice and said: “Let’s talk once we enter.”

Xu Haoran, with his experience as a Patriarch, immediately recovered his original expression. He gave a warm smile at Xu Ziyan and went with her to the place she would live in. However his heart was churning with emotions: “Xu Xiyan’s father is my eleventh di? The piece of trash that left the clan came back! He even brought his talented daughter back! Right, since Xu Ziyan is my eleventh di’s daughter, then she is our Xu clan’s people, hahaha….”

Xu Haoran was filled with happiness. However, he slightly frowned again: “But why didn’t Xu Ziyan admit that she was from the clan? Could it be because of her father? What should I do? If I give my eleventh di an important position, the other people the clan won’t comply, ai… I’ll just try as best as I can to give eleventh di a good position.”

Very quickly, the group of people came to Xu Ziyan residence. When Xu Guang saw that Xu Ziyan chose such a remote place to live, he understood her thoughts. However in his heart there was still a bitter smile. He wouldn’t have thought that his elder brother would attach so much importance to her that he would personally come to greet her. Which then in turn meant that everything that Xu Ziyan had done was useless. *


*Xu Haoran personally going to welcome her means that many Xu clan members would also see that Xu Ziyan was somewhat special and pay much more attention to her. In that case, her choosing a remote place to live would be useless as she had still garnered attention.

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