The Mighty Female Immortal Chapter 4

By | November 12, 2016

Xu Ziyan froze in shock as she saw the paper talisman. The talisman the middle-aged man held was only a first degree paper talisman. But even this talisman was worth 500 silvers. Not only that, but the talisman wasn’t even a peak first degree talisman. It could only barely be called superior. Once she got her inheritance, she had practiced the first degree talisman art countless times. Even though Xu Ziyan didn’t have a pen or paper for making talismans, even though she never personally made a talisman, she was sure that with her comprehension of it after making it millions of times in her consciousness, she would definitely be able to produce a talisman better than the one she the man showed her. And so, once Xu Ziyan clearly saw the paper talisman she couldn’t help but show an expression of disdain: “I would steal this type of paper talisman? I could make one myself.”

The kneeling Xi mei* exploded in anger once she heard Xu Ziyan’s words: “Nonsense! Do you know that in the capital the only one who can make this type of paper talisman is second bo**!”

Second bo instead of being angry, was instead amused. He laughed and said: “Girl, if you can make even a first degree talisman no matter if it’s a bad quality one, I’ll admit that you aren’t a thief.”

“Good. Untie me!” Xu Ziyan readily said.

“Untie her!” Second bo said.

The two who were standing next to her hid their ridicule as they untied her. Xu Ziyan moved her two wrists that had been tied up. Suddenly, she realized that she didn’t have the paper nor pen for making talismans. She blankly stood there. When Xu mei saw Xu Ziyan standing there blankly, she thought that Xu Ziyan definitely didn’t know to make talismans and was lying, so she immediately spoke up: “What? Did you need people to prepare the paper and pen for making talismans?”

Xu Ziyan nodded her head in embarrassment and then said to the second bo: “I don’t have the materials to make talismans.”

Second bo’s expression didn’t seem to change. He waved his hand at Xi mei’s fourth uncle saying: “ Fourth di***, give her the materials.”

A shop of the Xu clan definitely could buy pen and paper. The fourth uncle went to the counter and took out a pen and paper. He placed it on the paper and looked at Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan slowly walked towards the counter and picked up both the pen and the paper. She sighed and closed her eyes. She let her heart calm down. And then in her consciousness, she replayed the process of making a talisman. When she opened her eyes again, they were clear. She transferred some of her cultivation energy to the pen and then rapidly without the slightest pause, drew a spiritual talisman. The shimmering paper talisman had a little cultivation energy flowing through it. Xu Ziyan lightly sighed. She silently checked herself. With her first level of Linqi layer cultivation base, a first degree talisman used up a tenth of her cultivation energy. And so, she could only make 10 first degree talismans a day.

Seeing Xu Ziyan was not satisfied with her talisman and was sighing, second bo’s eyes nearly fell out. He is Xu clan’s top talisman expert. How could he not know that the talisman Xu Ziyan made was a peak first degree talisman?

Second bo’s shaking hands picked up the paper talisman on the counter. He carefully looked at the talisman again and now was absolutely sure that it was a peak first degree talisman. He excitedly stared at Xu Ziyan and then let out a long sigh. He placed the talisman back on the counter and then respectfully said to Xu Ziyan: “Great master, this one is Xu clan’s talisman department’s leader, Xu Haobo. What is the great master’s name?”

“Elder, junior does not deserve the title of master. Junior is called Xu Ziyan.”

When Xu Haobo heard Xu Ziyan’s name, his eyes lit up. He observed her up and down and then puzzledly asked: “Your surname is Xu? Are you one of Xu clan’s people? Which department’s younger generation? How come I’ve never seen you?”

“I’m not from the Xu clan.”

Xu Ziyan immediately rejected Xu Haobo’s words. She didn’t want to work for the Xu clan without having the power to fend for herself. Plus, she also didn’t understand the clan very well. An outsider has far more freedom than someone belonging to a clan.

“Then…where does the great master come from?”

“Very far!” Xu Ziyan ambiguously replied.

“Oh…” Xu Haobo wasn’t able to tell where she came from but still politely and respectfully said: “Great master, are you thinking of staying in the capital?”

“I did actually want to, however, settling down in the capital is not safe.” Once she finished speaking, Xu Ziyan sent a hateful look at the kneeling Xi mei.

At this point, everybody could tell that to them, Xu Ziyan was a talisman master. Someone who is so proficient in making talismans couldn’t possibly go to steal talismans. The kneeling Xi mei shook, while her face paled. She was extremely clear that earlier she had just framed Xu Ziyan and she had even slapper her. Then as she proceeded to think about the 50 talismans that she lost, she fainted.

Xu Haobo looked at the fainted Xi mei and then at the diffident fourth uncle. He coldly snorted. The fourth uncle’s body began shaking and his forehead was covered with cold sweat. He hurriedly said to Xu Ziyan: “Great master, I don’t have eyes. Earlier, I offended the great master. Please forgive me.”

“Earlier it seemed as though it was you who ordered them to tie me up? “Xu Ziyan angrily said.

“Great master,” Xu Haobo said: “earlier us Xu clan offended you. We are willing to make that up. Would you please consider staying at our Xu clan as guests?”

Xu Ziyan raised her head and looked at Xu Haobo. Through her calculations, it seemed as though in the capital, those who could create first degree talismans were few and needed. Xu Haobo would be willing to spend a large amount of money in order to get Xu Ziyan to stay. However, if Xu Ziyan were to refuse, Xu Haobo would definitely kill her in order to prevent other clans from getting her.

When she thought up to this point, she sighed lightly in her heart. Those without power will always feel helpless and sorrowful. Once she had thoroughly analyzed the situation, she knew that no matter what she had to join the Xu clan. However, she didn’t want to easily accept. In fact, she didn’t have any feelings at all for the clan. The reason she didn’t want to join the clan was actually because she didn’t want to get bound to it.  Now that she was forced to join, she still wanted more freedom. And so, she acted as though she hadn’t seen Xu Haobo’s complicated expression and said: “How would your Xu clan make it up to me?”

When Xu Haobo heard Xu Ziyan’s relaxed tone, he hurriedly said: “Great master, I’ll give Xu Ximei**** to you. You may use her however you want. As for my fourth di, Xu Haomiao, will help you do things. We, the Xu clan, are willing to pay 50,000 silvers for your forgiveness.

The fainted Xu Ximei had awoke around the time Xu Haobo had said this. When she heard it, her heart sank and she began trembling all over. IN her heart she knew that with her low position in the clan, and so, if Xu Ziyan wanted her dead, the Xu clan would do so easily. She quickly climbed over to Xu Ziyan and then slapped herself on her face viciously. Kneeling, she said: “Great master, have mercy! Great master, have mercy!”

Seeing Xu Ziyan hit herself until her face turned purple and her a streak of blood ran from between her lips, Xu Ziyan frowned in disgust. She beckoned at Xu Ximei with her index finger. Xu Ximei stood up and stared at Xu Ziyan with hope. Xu Ziyan viciously slapped Xu Ximei. The force of the blow cause Xu Ximei to turn and then fall on the ground. Xu Ziyan then lightly waved her hand, saying: “Slapping you by myself felt the best.”

Xu Haobo’s eyes flashed. He could sort of understand Xu Ziyan’s personality. He could not help but feel worried. He sincerely wanted Xi Ziyan to join the Xu clan. If she did, the Xu clan would grow in strength exponentially. A first degree talisman master would greatly increase the battle strength of the Xu clan and would also bring about a large amount of money. However, if Xu Ziyan joined another clan, it would pose a large threat. The Xu clan was not the only clan in the capital. There was also the Xiao clan and the Wu clan. After Xiao clan and Wu clan’s recent marriage they faintly showed the intent of destroying Xu clan together. Xu Haobo decided that if he is unable to recruit Xu Ziyan, he would kill her and not let her join the Xiao clan or the Wu clan.

At this time, Xi Ziyan looked towards Xu Haomiao. Xu Haomiao felt his heart tighten. His eyes showed dread. Xu Ziyan said: “You think with my abilities, I will lack money?”

Actually Xu Ziyan did lack money. She lacked a lot of money. However, she didn’t want to show it. She wanted to seem stronger in order to gain more benefits for herself. When Xu Haomiao heard this, he felt even more nervous. He was afraid she would also hit him in public, which in this case, he would lose a lot of face. Xu Haobo felt very embarrassed. If Xu Ziyan were to hit his fourth di, even if it was only a slap, he couldn’t stand it. The feelings between he and his fourth di had always been good. The two’s eyes met. Xu Haobo thought, if he were to lose a talent like Xu Ziyan, he would immediately kill her on the spot. Xu Haomiao on the other hand, contemplated whether or not he should slap himself in order to gain Xu Ziyan’s forgiveness. Just when the two were in a difficult situation, Xu Ziyan’s voice rang out: “If you want me to join the Xu clan, it’s not impossible!”


*mei – ‘little sister’

**bo – ‘father’s elder brother’

***di – ‘younger brother’

**** Xu Ximei is a name. Xi mei is not the same. Xu Ximei is formal, whereas Xi mei is only used on a friendly basis. Also, the ‘mei’ in Xu Ximei is simply part of the name, while the ‘mei’ in Xi mei means ‘little sister’.

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  1. Anon

    Not from a clan, ok, but haven’t they considered that a Talisman Master might just have some kind of powerful backing? An organization, indebted powerful figures/friends, or perhaps a teacher?

    God damn, use your head. You don’t straight up kill someone important after meeting them. You could try to gain their favor, or at least have a third party quietly kill them later on, and then dispose of the third party. He wants to just kill her on the spot, what a fucking idiot.

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      The Xu clan is in the capital. It is just that the Xu clan is not the only clan in the capital. There are three clans there total: the Xu clan, the Wu clan, and the Xiao clan. 🙂


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