The Mighty Female Immortal Chapter 2

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On the mountain roads, three people were quietly using the moonlight to find their way through the night. Those three were precisely Xu Ziyan and her family. As the three looked at the village that was slowly turning smaller and smaller as they walked, they all sighed. Their expressions slightly lightened up.

Since Xu Ziyan’s arrival in this world, this was the first time she went so far. Not only that, but she also didn’t a good understanding of this world at all. At this time, they were already extremely far from the village. Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but quietly ask: “Father, where are we going?”

“We are going to the capital. That is Xu Clan’s ancestral home as well as their main location.”

“Father, will the village chief tell of us escaping to the clan? In that case, wouldn’t we have brought ourselves to a worse predicament than before?” Xu Ziyan worriedly asked.

Xu Guang snorted and then said: “For unimportant people like us, who would care what we do? Even if the village chief did report this small thing, no one would care. In fact, he might even be reprimanded for trying to report it.”

“Then… why would the people in the village continue to endure the village chief forcing marriages, and not leave the village?” Xu Ziyan confusedly asked.

“Ai…Yan’er, you don’t understand. Leaving the village is easy, however, once we leave the village, our lives won’t be so easy anymore. Me and your mother don’t have any skills. I don’t even know how we’ll be able to survive once we leave the village!” Xu Guang’s expression turned dark. In his eyes there glimmered an inexplainable pain.

“Husband, once we reach the capital, what do we do?” Xu Shi‘s face expressed her depression.

“Father, are you familiar with the capital?” Xu Ziyan, filled with hope, stared at Xu Guang.

“I guess it could be counted as rather familiar!” Xu Quang sighed lightly. It could be seen in his eyes that he had recovered some of his spirit. As Xu Guang reminisced in his old memories, he said: “I lived in the capital for 15 years. In the clan, if we did not break through the 5th level Houtian layer, we would be chased out of the inner section. Once in the outer section, we would have to do the work that those in the clan didn’t want to do. Those with even worse aptitude would be send to some faraway branch and would have to fend for themselves.”


“I wasn’t able to break through the 5th level of the Houtian layer and so…. Ai…” Once he saw that his wife and his daughter had both received an emotional impact from his story, he made a strained smile and said: “It’s alright. At that time I was too young and I couldn’t stand others’ ridicule and so I gave up and chose to leave the capital. I still have a rather high standing in the clan though. Your grandfather is the clan’s elder. I also have a couple friends who were able to reach the 5th level of the Houtian layer. After all these years, they definitely have a position in the clan. Once we go back to the capital, I’ll go find them.”

Once he spoke up to this point, Xu Ziyan used the moonlight and saw that Xu Guang’s expression was unnatural – extremely unnatural.

Suddenly, the wind blew past. Unexpectedly, a human-shaped figure stood in front of Xu Ziyan and her family. Xu Ziyan was extremely shocked, but she quickly recovered. As she looked up, the figure was actually the village chief. The village chief had a look of ridicule on his face. Xu Ziyan lightly sighed in her heart. It was a shame she didn’t have a lot of experience. Had she been more careful, with her first level of the Lingqi layer, they couldn’t have possibly been found by the village chief.

At this time, the Xu Ziyan’s parents looked at the village chief. Xu Guang stepped in front of his wife and his daughter in a protective manner. He coldly and silently stared at the village chief. Xu Shi, on the other hand, was scared to the point that she was shaking uncontrollably. Xu Ziyan tried to calm down her rapidly beating heart. She quietly raised the first level of the Lingqi layer to its peak condition while her two hands slowly caused the water vapor in the air to move slightly.

“Xu Guang, you should return to the village. After three days, I’ll have your daughter marry by second daughter. You should give up, else, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

As he finished speaking, his 8th level of the Houtian layer flared up. Xu Guang straightened his back as his aura also burst out. Xu Ziyan was shocked and she silently thought: “He actually didn’t give up cultivation and made it to the 7th level of the Houtian layer!”

The village chief looked at Xu Guang and when he saw that Xu Guang was only at the 7th level of the Houtian layer, relaxed and mocked: “What? You want to rebel?”

Once he finished speaking, he walked towards Xu Guang. Xu Guang stiffened and then threw a punch at the village chief. The village chief laughed and also threw a punch. Just as Xu Guang staggered back, a graceful figure flew past him. A slender and pale hand gripped the village chief’s throat.


Xu Ziyan stopped moving. The village chief’s two hand were covering his throat while blood was seeping out of his mouth as he continuously stumbled back. In his eyes, there was an incredulous expression which slowly turned dull. At long last, he fell onto the ground.

Another who couldn’t believe what was happening was Xu Guang. He froze in shock. It almost seemed like the person in front of him was not his daughter. Xu Guang was so excited that his whole body trembled. His eyes showed his joy, but also his fear – the fear that everything that happened was just a dream. He shakily walked forward two steps and then quietly asked: “ Yan’er, you’re already in the Xiantian phase?”

“Yes, father, I’m already in the first level of the Lingqi layer.” Xu Ziyan tried to suppress her heart’s nervosity. In her two lives, this was the first time she killed someone. She felt extremely uncomfortable.

“Really?” Xu Guang walked forward rapidly and both hands held onto her shoulders. In his excitement, he put so much force that Xu Ziyan felt pain in her shoulders.

“Father, you’re gripping too tightly. It hurts.” Xu Ziyan smiled bitterly.

Xu Guang froze and then ashamedly released both hands. However, both of his eyes were still fixedly staring at Xu Ziyan. His hope was reaffirmed after the words that came out of her mouth. As Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Guang’s lost expression, she lightly said: “Father, it’s true.”

“Show me!” Xu Guang was still unconvinced.

Xu Ziyan smiled bitterly and reached out one hand. The aura of the first level of the Lingqi layer surrounded her. Meanwhile, on her outstretched hand there was water that was moving about. Even though Xu Guang himself never made it to the Xiantian phase, he did survive in the clan for 15 years, and so he did have quite a lot of experience. He knew at once that what he saw was indeed the water skill of someone at the first level of the Lingqi layer. It was confirmed that his daughter had spiritual roots. Xu Guang couldn’t no longer resist. He looked up toward the sky and laughed loudly.

This long laugh seemed to contain his decades of oppression. He could only feel a happiness he had never felt before. Once he finally calmed down, he suspiciously asked: “Yan’er, when did you know that you had spiritual roots and where did you learn these skills?”

Xu Ziyan was already prepared for these questions and said: “Three months ago, I met a female immortal by a river outside of the village. She found out that I had spiritual roots and so she began teaching me some skills.”

“What else did she say to you?” Xu Guang nervously asked.

“She didn’t say anything. She only said that we would meet again by fate and then she picked up her sword and left.”

Xu Guang’s face showed an expression of disappointment, but he immediately grew happy again. He laughed and said: “No matter what, my daughter has spiritual roots and has also broken into the Xiantian phase. We can now openly go back to the capital.”

“Father,” Xu Ziyan hesitated and then said: “I don’t want to immediately go back to the clan. I want to wait until I cultivate to an incredible level before considering this.”

Xu Guang asked in surprise: “Why?”

“I don’t understand our clan well. I want to wait until I am strong enough to be independent of the clan or until I have a better understanding of them first.”


“Father have you yet thought of our lives once we reach the capital?”

Xu Guang had no words to say. His face had long before shown of embarrassment. Xu Ziyan lightly smiled and said: “Father don’t worry. That female immortal taught me how to concoct pills and use talismans. Even though right now I only know a little, however this little can still help our family survive and cultivate.”

“Really?” Xu Guang’s eyes shone in excitement.

“Yes, it really can, father.” Xu Ziyan said with certainty.

Xu Guang’s worries and concerns were all swept away. His backbone unknowingly straightened up. His voice was hearty and full of pride and hope for the future. He waved his hand: “Come, let’s return to the capital.”

The Capital.

Xu Guang rented a small room in the slums of the city for 32 silvers. Nearby there were even a couple meters of a small courtyard. Right now, Xu Guang only had 7 silvers left. Even after all his hard work for those many decades, he only earned a couple tens of silvers. After they settled down in their new home, Xu Ziyan took the 5 silvers that her father gave her to go to a pharmacy and a talisman shop to buy material for pills and talismans which could help improve their home life.

After walking for nearly the whole morning, Xu Ziyan’s head was drooping as she depressingly walked along the road. After going to many pharmacies and talisman shops, she found that 5 silvers were hardly worth anything. If their family wanted to live, they could buy rice and vegetables for a year, however, if they wanted to buy materials for alchemy or for talismans, they couldn’t afford either of them. In fact, just one paper talisman or even one herb was far too expensive for them.

Suddenly, she bumped into someone. The person was extremely strong. Xu Ziyan stumbled back and nearly fell onto her butt. Once she stabilized herself, she looked up only to see a youth smiling at her. His white robe that he wore silhouetted a well-proportioned figure. He was tall and strong with sword-like eyebrows and bright eyes. His face was well-chiseled and he released a heroic, free and wild aura.

Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but think, so handsome! He’s definitely far more handsome than her previous worlds’ most handsome people!

The youth stared at Xu Ziyan. A look of shock shown in his eyes as he looked at her appearance. Even though Xu Ziyan wore simple clothes, but she showed the potential of being an extreme beauty. The youth quickly recovered his original expression and lightly looked at her.

Next to the youth, there stood a rather young female. With her hands on her hips, she angrily yelled at Xu Ziyan: “You don’t have eyes when you walk, or you purposefully bumped into my Lin gege*.”

Once she finished speaking, she saw Xu Ziyan’s beauty and felt jealousy. She purposefully walked forward and waved her hand toward Xu Ziyan’s face in an attempt to slap her.

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