The Mighty Female Immortal Chapter 1

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An earthquake never seen before in all of history exploded on Gobi Desert. The earthquake drove a large crack in the planet which formed the largest, deepest ravine.

Half a year later, a team comprised of people from different countries went to the ravine in order to find more information about it. However, fire suddenly arose and burned the majority of the team to death. The few ones left had lost contact with the rest of the world.

In the moment that the fire arose, Xu Ziyan had been pushed into a cave by someone. The cave have steep landslides, which caused Xu Ziyan to roll down deeper and deeper. She fell for a long period of time before eventually, she lost consciousness.

The faint crying noises caused Xu Ziyan to awake. Her eyelids seemed heavy and she had trouble opening them. The sound of a woman crying and a man dejectedly sighing reached her ears.

Xu Ziyan’s head hurt terribly. She attempted to recall the events that had happened before. She remembered that she had been pushed into a cave and that she was rolling down the landslides before falling unconscious. In her muddled consciousness, she recovered enough to find that she way lying on a bed. In front of her, there was a blurry image of a tall female. The image of the female suddenly let out a bright light which glowed on her own body. In her awareness, she realized she inherited something. Soon after, she fainted again.

Then, where was she now? Who were the crying female and the sighing male?

Xu Ziyan wanted to open her eyes, however, her body didn’t even have a sliver of energy. After lying there for a long time, she could finally open her eyes into a small slit. The room was very dark. She couldn’t see anything, except for the faint silhouette of a middle-aged women who sat at her side, crying.


Xu Ziyan heard the door open. A group of dark silhouettes flashed inside.

An old voice resonated in the room: “Xu Guang, since Ziyan has already died, according to the rules in our tribe, the three acres of land that was once hers will be given to the tribe tomorrow.”

The male who had been sighing earlier said in a resigned voice, “Alright. We’ll do what the village chief has said to do.”

“Ai…” The old man sighed and then shook his head before leaving the room.

Ziyan? And also the surname Xu? The same name as me?

Fragments of memories flowed into Xu Ziyan’s mind. These memories were not hers. After Xu Ziyan finished viewing the memories, she finally realized that she had transmigrated into a fifteen year old girl’s body.

This world was not the same as the one she came from. This world was one that allowed for cultivation. The body of the girl she was in was also called Xu Ziyan. The Xu clan is one of the great powers on the Xiu Zhen continent. However, even great clans had their own hardships. Both of Xu Ziyan’s parents could not cultivate, and thus, they were chased out of the main family and sent to a faraway branch. After coming to the branch, they were basically the same as having been thrown away by the clan. Even if the next generation in the branch could cultivate, no one from the main family wouldn’t know, and consequently wouldn’t care. Who would care about the offspring of people without spiritual roots?

In the memories, the original owner of the body was bitten by a rabid dog while she was passing over a bride, thus causing her to fall into the river. After she had been saved, she had already died. Who would have known that her soul would enter this body. At this moment, Xu Ziyan had recovered enough energy. She slowly opened her eyes and slightly turned her neck to the side. She saw the crying middle-aged woman as well as the middle-aged man who was sitting farther away on a chair.

The old and worn out bed made creaking noises as Xu Ziyan turned her head. The noise caused the middle-aged woman to look up in shock. The woman’s body stiffened and then after a while she softly called out: “Yan’er?”

Xu Ziyan felt very awkward. She didn’t know what to call the person in front of her and so she could only smile slightly.


The middle-aged woman tightly hugged Xu Ziyan and cried loudly. Her cries were heartbreaking. Xu Ziyan felt sour. He heart had already broken in sympathy. In her previous life, she was an orphan, and so, she had never experienced parental love. After being hugged and cried for by this woman, she felt extremely moved. Her eyes could not help but moisten.


The man was already by her bedside. His pair of large hands shook while his face was covered with tear stains.

Xu Ziyan wanted to comfort the crying parents, however, her body felt extremely weak. He eyes rolled to the back of her head and she passed out again.

After she woke up again, she could faintly tell someone was feeding her a bowl of congee, but she fainted yet again. She finally woke up again to find that the sun was already shining brightly in the sky.

The room was quiet. Xu Ziyan’s parents had already left to do work. Xu Ziyan struggled to get from the bed to the ground. She felt as though she had recovered a lot. The looked around. Her heart felt bitter. There was nothing in the room except for an old bed. Just one look and she could easily tell that they were extremely poor. Holding onto her hopes, Xu Ziyan pushed opened the door and left the room. She entered the room across from hers and found that the other room was empty also. At this time, four words ran through Xy Ziyan’s mind: 一贫如洗(basically means extremely poor).

The door to the yard opened. A middle-aged couple walked in. The moment they say Xu Ziyan, they immediately threw down the objects in their hands and walked forward to her. Her mother hugged Xu Ziyan to her chest, and said mournfully, “Yan’er, you have not yet recovered from your illness. What are you doing here? You should be sleeping on the bed.”

After hearing such caring words, Xu Ziyan felt very warm inside. She softly said, “Mother, I’m fine!”

“Yan’er, when you fell into the river you were in the cold waters for such a long time. You should rest. Don’t ruin your body.”

Xu Ziyan’s father stood to the side, his hand resting on her shoulder as though silently telling her to comply with her mother’s words. Xu Ziyan lightly nodded her head, “En.”

The days slowly passed by. Xu Ziyan’s body had completely recovered. In the day, she helped her parents to work, then after she would lock herself in her room to cultivate.

Xu Ziyan could cultivate because she held two different sets of memories. The memories from her previous life on the planet which had a large ravine gave her an inheritance. Xu Ziyan could tell that the inheritance was called the “Dan Fu Zong” and was left by the Zong Sect. Other than the “Water Ice Manuever” skill, the “Dan Fu Zong” only contained pill formulas and talisman templates.

Xu Ziyan’s soul strength was not in any way lacking as she had the soul strength of two souls. Her strong soul strength allowed her to quickly enter a meditation state. However, what excited Xu Ziyan the most was that she could cultivate the “Water Ice Maneuver”.

Based on this, Xu Ziyan was sure that she had spiritual roots, and water spiritual roots at that. Or else, she wouldn’t have been able to practice water skills like the “Water Ice Maneuver”. Another shocking discovery that Xu Ziyan had made was that her spiritual roots were not low grade ones, as she found that she could advance in cultivation very quickly.

In three months time, Xu Ziyan already reached the first stage of the Lianqi Layer.

On this very day, Elder Wang of the branch came to their house and began discussing things with her mother in an enclosed room. After Elder Wang left, Xu Ziyan’s mother came into her room with a sullen expression on her face. Her mother tightly gripped Xu Ziyan’s hand and said: “Yan’er, the village chief wants you to marry his second son.”

Xu Ziyan was shocked. She lifted her head to stare at her mother and then her father who was standing by the door entrance. Her heart felt painful. She knew what type of person the village chief’s second son was – a nearly mentally retarded youth.

“I have to marry that idiot? I have to stay in this bleak village for my whole life? No! I don’t accept this!”

The more she thought about it the more determined she became. She quietly said to her parents: “Father, Mother, I don’t want to marry!”


Xu Shi sighed, while Xu Guang’s face turned dark. The couple clearly didn’t want their beloved daughter to marry a mentally retarded person, however, they had no power to do so! Seeing the expressions on her parents’ faces, Xu Ziyan felt her heart move. She was someone with spiritual roots and was at the first stage of the Lianqi Layer. On the Xiu Zhen continent, respect was determined by power. All the people in this branch were all given up by the Xu clan as they could not cultivate. Even the village chief was only at the eighth stage of the Houtian layer. She contemplated whether or not she should tell her parents that she had spiritual roots and then go with her parents to leave the village.

However, Xu Ziyan’s heart moved yet again. When she came to this world, she suddenly had gained parents. Even though their care for her made her extremely moved, Xu Ziyan still hadn’t officially accepted them. She wanted to use this situation to test her parents’ love her her. And so, Xu Ziyan quietly but determinedly said: “Father, Mother, I won’t marry!”

The atmosphere in the room darkened. It seemed as though the air had become stagnant and the pressure was so high that it could prevent one from breathing. Finally, Xu Shi softly said: “Husband, see?”

“Ai… Since Yan’er doesn’t want to marry, then she doesn’t have to marry! The only problem is that we probably won’t be able to stay in this village any longer.”

“The village chief will remove us from the clan?” Xu Shi asked in shock.

Xu Guang’s face darkened, “I’m afraid that its not only just removing us. Remember our neighbors, the Zhang family?”

“Then..are they going to kill us because of that matter?” Xu Shi’s body began trembling.

“Ai…The lives of people like us who don’t have any ability to help the Xu Clan are basically worthless. The village chief is like the skies. As long as he wants to do something, none of us will argue. Alright, lets immediately pack our things. We’ll escape tomorrow.”

“But, will he let us leave?” Xu Shi worriedly asked.

“We’ll wait until midnight to attempt to escape. Whether or not we’ll be able to will all depend on luck.”

Once he finished speaking, Xu Guang pulled Xu Shi out of Xu Ziyan’s room and began to pack their things. As Xu Ziyan watched to two’s backs as they left the room, Xu Ziyan was extremely moved. She had completely accepted them as her parents now. However, the future would undoubtedly be filled with danger.

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