Gifting You With A City that Will Never Be Isolated


Title: Gifting You with a City That Will Never Be Isolated (送你一座不孤城)
Author: 师小札

Synopsis (Courtesy of dramasbooksandtea)

In a quiet and secluded corner of this world, the ordinary and unspectacular sparklers which you held in front of me was the single, most romantic experience I had ever encountered in my entire life.
You gave me a city that would never be isolated; in return, I would gift you with a simple and quiet eternity.

“Gifting You With a City That Will Never Be Isolated details the romance between an awkward, quiet, introverted and socially handicapped female lead and a good-natured and sweet male lead.

Their romance, in fact, is a steady stream that flows unnoticed slow if one doesn’t pay attention.

This novel isn’t the most exciting, nor the most captivating – but it’s a sweet, lovely novel detailing the sweet and ordinary love between two common folks, and perhaps best expresses what healthy, ordinary relationships should aim to be like. It’s a story about growth, about trust, and about how a healthy relationship can really help one to change for the better.”

TN: There is no heaven-defying, earth-splitting, seas-flipping, or mountain crumbling love that requires the main characters to slaughter out a path.

What it is though, you can decide after reading 😉

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Translator: Woodear
Editor: ChocolateMorn