Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease!


Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! (邪性老公,别撩!)
Author: A Trace of Warmth (一缕温馨)


Translator: Woodear
Editor: Ocelot




“Is this man not going to divorce me? Why does he still ask me to warm the bed every night?”

A certain man said this was due to the winter being too cold. However, when summer finally arrived, she still needed to warm the bed, thus a certain girl could not take it anymore:

“I want a divorce!”

A certain man only smiled wantonly and said, “Divorce? Sure, as long as you agree to two conditions of mine.”

“What conditions?”

“Either you pamper me or I pamper you, the duration is ten thousand years…..”

**Chapters from this series averaged around 700 words.
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Chapter 01: She Loved the Wrong Person
Chapter 02: I Will Sign It
Chapter 03: She Despises Him
Chapter 04: Fulfill Them
Chapter 05: Thinks It Isn’t Enough?
Chapter 06: The Distribution of Assets
Chapter 07: To Live Again Is So Wonderful
Chapter 08: You Have Succeeded in Making Me Push You Down
Chapter 09: In Everything, He Has the Final Say
Chapter 10: “Get Out, This is My Room!”
Chapter 11: Stunning
Chapter 12: Can’t Wait for a Divorce?
Chapter 13: You Can’t Afford to Compensate If You Dirtied It!
Chapter 14: SWY, Your Courage Got Bigger!
Chapter 15: I’m Germophobe, Please Stay Away From Me!
Chapter 16: Let’s See If You Still Dare to Act So Arrogant In Front of Me!
Chapter 17: SWY, You’re So Dead!
Chapter 18: He Doesn’t Love You, Don’t Trap Yourself in a Maze
Chapter 19: SWY, not only You’re Jealous, also Ignorant
Chapter 20: In His Heart, She is Garbage?
Chapter 21: SWY, Your Reputation is  Worse than the Smell Coming from the Sewers
Chapter 22: SWY, Let Me See How Long You Can Keep This Up
Chapter 23: A Mysterious Feeling from An Ancient Past
Chapter 24: Don’t Appear In My Line of Sight
Chapter 25: Fully Knew that I’m Annoying Yet Still Marry Me
Chapter 26: Perfectly Enhances Her Beauty
Chapter 27: Left By Imperial Consort Song of X Dynasty
Chapter 28: We Slept Together and I Carried Your Child
Chapter 29: SWY’s Face Suddenly Turned Pale
Chapter 30: The Story About Her and That Heartless Man
Chapter 31: You’re Still Wearing An Outdated Dress?
Chapter 32: Again, Sitting in Such Posture
Chapter 33: Gu Yanhao Gifts the Hairpin to Song Wuyou
Chapter 34: The First Time He Gave Jewelry to A Woman
Chapter 35: “Young Master, Why Did You Give the Hairpin to Young Madame?”
Chapter 36: “When I was Fighting in the War….”
Chapter 37: After Dying Once, I Have Learned to Move On
Chapter 38: SWY, You’re Getting More Audacious!
Chapter 39: Young Master Gu Kisses Miss Song
Chapter 40: WY, You Should Always Dress Like This
Chapter 41: Must Show Her Some Colors
Chapter 42: Looks Like We Must Use the Last Trick
Chapter 43: I Only Know A Little About Zither
Chapter 44: A Cold Sneer Hanging On Her Mouth
Chapter 45: He Stares Indifferently at Song Wuyou
Chapter 46: Miss Song Plays Chinese Harp
Chapter 47: When Did She Learn How To Play Zither?
Chapter 48: Her Body’s Still Recovering, Not Allowed to Drink
Chapter 49: Are You Suddenly Concerned About Me?
Chapter 50: It’s Hot in Here
Chapter 51: There’s A Problem With That Glass of Liquor
Chapter 52: This Kind of Pain, He Will Endure It
Chapter 53: He….He Kisses Her Again
Chapter 54: She’s Not As Annoying As They Rumored Her to Be 
Chapter 55: “You Were Checking Out My Wife?”
Chapter 56: SWY Brew Tea
Chapter 57: My Life’s Favorite
Chapter 58: Your Attitude that Made Me Disheartened and My Heart Grow Cold
Chapter 59: My Love For You, Died
Chapter 60: Doubts
Chapter 61: It Help Bolstered Our Feelings
Chapter 62: The Man Was Extremely Good Looking When His Lips Curved Up.
Chapter 63: He Has Song Jiuyue, He Doesn’t Need Me
Chapter 64: Behave, Don’t Move
Chapter 65: I Can Support You
Chapter 66: I’ve Figure it Out. It’s Time to Let Go of Some Things and Some People
Chapter 67: This Body Is Too Weak
Chapter 68: Young Master Gu’s Special Instruction
Chapter 69: She Said, She Doesn’t Like Him Anymore
Chapter 70: Must Not Fall for Him
Chapter 71: Gu Yanhao’s Face Turned Increasingly Cold
Chapter 72: Something Stirred the Heart
Chapter 73: Young Master Gu Distress for Miss Song?
Chapter 74: It’s All Your Fault He Fell For Song Wuyou!
Chapter 75: Fashion Design Competition
Chapter 76: Saw an Immortal Fairy on Earth
Chapter 77: Competition Result (1)
Chapter 78: Competition Result (2)
Chapter 79: Why Are You Looking at Me Like That?
Chapter 80: I Have Always Been Proud and Arrogant
Chapter 81: You Have Always Liked Her, Haven’t You?
Chapter 82: Bringing SWY Everywhere
Chapter 83: SWY Could Not Help Blushing, Heart Rate Accelerated
Chapter 84: It Was His First Time Seeing Her Shy Look
Chapter 85:Performing…

Chapter 86: Her…

Chapter 87: Don’t Fiddle

Chapter 88: Not…

Chapter 89: Their Relationship…

Chapter 90: Let’s Have A…

Chapter 91: Want to See… (1)

Chapter 92: Want to See…(2)

Chapter 93: Shoot…

Chapter 94: Galloping Forward…

Chapter 95: You Want to …

Chapter 96: Two Hits…

Chapter 97: Memories

Chapter 98: Hate…

Chapter 99: Want to…

Chapter 100: Is She…?

Chapter 101: She Actually Lost…

Chapter 102: I Haven’t.

Chapter 103: Run…

Chapter 104: He Wants to…

Chapter 105: You…

Chapter 106: Let Her…

Chapter 107: Beg You…

Chapter 108: Song Wuyou Won’t…

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