The Demon God

The Demon God Pesters: The Ninth Lady of the Doctor




“Lady, your husband has fallen ill! It’s lovesickness and he’s terminally ill, it’s a disease with no cure. Please save him!”

“Someone come here and help him, your Lord has fallen sick, bring the silver needles!”

“Silver needles won’t work, only you can cure me my dear, your husband is lying in bed already.”

She was a ruthless doctor, after transmigrating into the body of a extreme waste, she endured and strived for an ambitious future,

“Out of the thousands of lives that were missing, the one thing she did not lack was a man!”

He was the black-bellied Emperor, an indifferent smile on his face, but hid the ruthlessness in his heart. He pinched off her peach blossoms one by one while he slowly untied his belt:

“Your husband alone makes up for ten of them, you’re welcome to personally inspect the goods!”



By 银瓶

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