Chapter 99: Want to…

By | June 30, 2017
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Chapter 99: Want to Kill Him

Gu Yanhao’s abyss-deep eyes became obscured, shifting to gloomy and solemn.  Regardless of whether she would shoot or not, with that arrowhead and those kinds of eyes aimed at him, it was enough to make him feel like a thousand year sinner.

Two pairs of eyes met, and in that he saw her feelings of despair, sorrow, and coldness only increased.

Without warning, a lingering spasm of pain pierced his heart. At this very moment, from her eyes, he saw nothing but hate inside, not a trace of love or affection…

A deep frown appeared on Gu Yanhao’s handsome face. Did she not love him very much? Why would one car accident turn her this way?

Could it be… she no longer feels any love towards him?

At the possibility of her not wanting him anymore, Gu Yanhao felt as if someone tore his heart out. This feeling was sorely unpleasant.

Mu Gu was standing side by side with Gu Yanhao; the storm of emotions in her eyes was clear to Mu Gu as well.

The mischievous light in his peach blossom eyes and the ever-present smile on his lips were gradually replaced with a solemn expression. An eyebrow rose in surprise. That look on Song Wuyou’s face made hearts sink with heartache, like she had gone through unimaginable suffering, and as if… there were no words for him to fully describe this feeling.

Mu Gu had come across many women, many kinds of women… their crying, their sadness, but none of them disturbed his heart like she did now. The Song Wuyou before him jolted him at his core.

Suddenly, he felt an impulse to know more, to explore…

“Song Wuyou, put the arrow down, you will hurt Young Master Gu like this.”

Noticing the indifference in Gu Yanhao’s expression, only staring deeply at Song Wuyou instead of getting angry, Song Jiuyue became anxious. Why doesn’t he come up to stop Song Wuyou and smack the life out of her? From his attitude, it was like he was not afraid the arrow would injure him.

A cold eerie smile crept up Song Wuyou’s face upon hearing Song Jiuyue admonish her: “Not only do I want to hurt him, I want to kill him.”

Gu Yanhao showed a mysterious look at her answer, and an eyebrow rose up.

Mu Gu, Song Jiuyue, and Song Jiumei were stunned, unable to believe what their ears had heard.

What did they hear?

Song Wuyou said she wanted to kill Young Master Gu?

Song Jiumei blurted out, “Are you an assassin?”

As Song Wuyou remembered many more events, the look in her eyes grew colder, icier, totally immersed in the memories. Standing in front of her was no longer Gu Yanhao, but that heartless man of her past life.

Everything snapped, her fingers released the string, the arrow flew out.


Song Jiumei watched as the arrow was let loose from the bow string, shooting out like a leopard pouncing on a prey towards Gu Yanhao. She let out a shrill shriek, “Young Master Gu!”

Song Jiuyue never imagined that Song Wuyou would really shoot. She was shocked! It did cross her mind, however, to attempt a ‘beauty saves the hero’, to block the arrow with her own body. Unfortunately, the arrow was too fast. She only saw a blur before her eyes and felt a small gust of wind against her face that left her petrified on the spot.

She really shot an arrow?

Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu frowned slightly as they watched the arrow come whistling in their direction. Neither moved an inch. Facing this arrow, there was no panic and no fear in the two men, only unperturbed calmness, waiting…as if this arrow was not aimed at them but at an enemy.

Nerves tensed!

Watching the arrow get closer to Gu Yanhao, Song Jiuyue, and Song Jiumei’s hearts leapt into their throats.

Song Wuyou’s hand fell to the side, holding the bow. She was still looking with absolute hate at Gu Yanhao.

“Ah~~~!” Song Jiumei screamed again.


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