Chapter 99 – Rescue By The Bank

By | May 19, 2017

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Ou Yang continued on, “The button that Qing Yuyuan pressed was not the trap, but a secret tunnel that lead directly to the mansion. Even though the passage was narrow, moist, dark and stinky, it did not have any traps. That was why we were ahead of you and reached the mansion safely!”

Qing Yuyuan’s intention was to trick them into the trap to injure and kill them, but instead she created a shortcut for them, letting them escape through the tunnel and steal all of their treasures!

They had becomea laughing stock!
Ye Yichen’s face plummeted. He looked at Qing Yuyuan with his dark eyes, not saying a single word. Nobody knew what he was thinking!

“Master Jing Wang, the people you’ve chosen so carefully have created more troubles for you instead of lightening your burden. They were utterly useless. Your taste is so terrible that I cannot respect you!” Ou Yang scowled at Qing Yuyuan and mocked them harshly.

Ye Yichen was furious, “Ou Yang, you have no rights to tell me what to do!”

“It’s your issue, I’m not interested!” Ou Yang replied coldly. He turned and looked at Murong Xue, then said in a tender voice, “It’s getting late, let’s go back to the city.”

“Alright!” Murong Xue nodded and strolled forward. They had finally gotten the treasures, so there was no need for her to stay here any longer. As for Ye Yichen, she did not care if he lived or died!

Seeing her unwavering shadow, Ye Yichen squinted his eyes. He did not listen to her, but he had to admit that even though Yuyuan was the princess of Mo Bei, she could never compete with Murong Xue!

Especially on the aspect of adventures, because Murong Xue was born observant. Even he could not compete with that.The fact that Ou Yang was able to get his hands on the treasure was also because of her!

Murong Xue was his fiancé. If he did not allow Yuyuan to participate in this treasure hunting, but chose instead to work together with Murong Xue, he would be the one who owned those jewels…

“Master!” A familiar yelp called out to him. It was Xu Tianyou, along his wounded guards. They were limping towards him, looking quite puzzled when they saw the injured Ye Yichen who was covered in smoke.

Ye Yichen ignored their stares and ordered, “Back to the city!” Those jewels were taken away by Murong Xue and Ou Yang; it would be useless for them to stay here.

“Yes!” Xu Tianyou replied with a low voice, and started to give out commands to the guards.

Ou Yang looked afar and told Murong Xue who was beside him, “The treasures have been placed in the carriage. Do you want to send your share back to Zhen Manor?”

Murong Xue shook her head, “Not right now, just put it together with yours. I’ll go get it when I need it.”

Ye Yichen longed for those precious jewels; if she took them back to her home, Ye Yichen might send his spies to steal them., She knew their manor was no competition for Jing Wang Manor. It would be a waste if Ye Yichen stole all of her treasures after she’d risked her life to find them!

“It’s better that way.” Ou Yang nodded in agreement. His eyes were staring into space deeply, “The amount of treasure is massive. It would gain attention no matter where we carried it. I’ll ask my guards to store them in a safe place first, then we will bring it back to Xiao Yao Manor secretly.”

“Alright.” Murong Xue was pleased with this plan. She knew that those treasures would stay safe under the care of Xiao Yao Manor’s guards, so it did not matter where they kept them.

A gentle breeze blew across the land, carrying a rotten scent along, Murong Xue was startled by it. She sniffed her sleeve and collar, then she frowned:

Although this secret tunnel was safe, it had been abandoned for so many years. The ventilation of the passage was bad; therefore, the stench had gotten onto her dress during her journey.

She did not realize the condition of the tunnel until the wind blew. That stench was really horrible…

“Is there any water around here? I want to wash… my hands!”

Ou Yang smirked when he saw her darkened face, “There’s a river after this mountain on the left!”

“Thanks!” Murong Xue increased her speed towards the river’s direction. Her dress smelled dreadful, she could not wait to have a wash…

After they had exited the mountain, they saw a river that was extremely clear. The bank of the river had lush green grass, and the air surrounding it was so fresh…

Murong Xue rushed to the stream and cupped a handful of mountain water in her palms. She washed her hands and her arms, but even though the stench was slowly fading with the rubbing, the reek was still there. She frowned and started to undo her waistband, buttons, and then she took off her long dress and washed both in the water.

“What are you doing?” A man’s clear voice could be heard from afar, as a musk scented long robe was thrown at her, covering her naked body.

“This is wilderness. How could you simply take off your dress? What if you met with some perverts?” Ou Yang’s face sank when he saw her, but with his long white robe swaying in the breeze, he looked so elegant!

Murong Xue did not think that much, “I’ve checked through the area, and there’s no one around except you!”

Ou Yang was perplexed, “You… undid your dress for me…?”

Murong Xue frowned even harder, “Stop thinking nonsense. It’s because of the stench on my dress. I just want to take it off and wash it…”
She was wearing a pair of white innerwear. Not even a single piece of skin was showing. It was like the way people wore a white shirt and a pair of jeans in modern era; it did not matter if people saw her.

“Really?” Ou Yang smirked.

“Why would I lie to you… I… I’m not going to wash my dress anymore!” It was useless for Murong Xue to explain herself. She grabbed her dress from the water furiously and was about to leave when suddenly she noticed a faint red color in the water.

Stunned by that sight, she stopped her movements and went forward to take a good look. It was then she saw a man was lying dead by the river, with his upper body buried in the bushes and his lower body in the water. A gush of red blood was seeping out as the small waves flushed his body…

“I thought there’s nobody around?” Ou Yang saw this and he asked in a serious tone.

Murong Xue, “…”

This man was covered and half buried in the grass, how could he blame her if she did not notice this corpse?

Moreover, shouldn’t he had go ahead and check if he was still alive? Why did Ou Yang care for something else?

Seeing her confused look, Ou Yang replied, “I’m not interested in a half-dead man!”

“But we shouldn’t just leave him to die here!” Murong Xue ignored him and walked towards the man. She grabbed his shoulders to turn him around. A pale face greeted them as she did so; his face was porcelain-like and fine-looking.

“It’s him!” Ou Yang recognized him and he grimaced.

Murong Xue blinked her eyes and looked at Ou Yang, “You know him! Who is he?”

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