Chapter 98 – Explosion

By | May 18, 2017

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“Help… Help me…” Qing Yuyuan did not expect this. She wriggled to free herself, she tried to loosen the knot, but Murong Xue had made an extremely tight loop. It would not fall off, not even a bit.

The feathered arrows were increasing in speed when the rock door opened up suddenly with a loud ‘Hong’. A purple shadow flew into the place, and with this force, the arrows dropped instantly.

The purple robe was like the purple sky. As it landed softly in front of Qing Yuyuan, she took in his handsome face and intense eyes. Qing Yuyuan felt a pang of gratefulness and cried, “Yichen!”

Ye Yichen looked at Qing Yuyuan and saw her torn dress and messy hair. He hesitated for a moment but dismissed the feeling, comforting her with a soft voice, “Don’t be afraid, it’s all done now. I’ll bring you out of here.”

“Mmm!” Qing Yuyuan nodded her head furiously as tears of joy spilled from her eyes and dripped on her face, then onto her wounds. Feeling the sharp pain, she hitched her breath and her eyes were filled with wrath once again: wait ‘til she gets back to the city, she will kill Murong Xue mercilessly.

Ye Yichen tugged forcefully on the long rope until it was in pieces and fell onto the ground. Qing Yuyuan’s leg was injured. She could not stand, she leaned against Ye Yichen.

Ye Yichen cringed when he smelled the dusty rotten scent. and he tried not to push Qing Yuyuan away. He held onto her waist and when they were just about to leave, a ‘ci ci ci’ sound was heard.

What was that sound? Ye Yichen did a quick surveillance of the area and noticed a black thread was hiding in the corner, shooting fireworks.

That was… a fuse.

“Let’s go!” Ye Yichen carried Qing Yuyuan and flew out of the place. All of a suddenl the fuse came to an end and it exploded with a loud bang! The force of the burst through the skies and clouds…
The whole mountain shook, rocks and mud rolled down from the peak, and even Ou Yang and Murong Xue felt it in front of the mountain.

Xunfeng, Wuheng and the rest had to rearrange their position so that they could stand properly. Glancing towards the mountain that had finally stopped shaking, they were relieved that they could still feel their hearts beating. If the whole mountain was shaken by it, that damn thing was indeed powerful.

“How many explosives did you put in the mansion?” Ou Yang looked at Murong Xue and asked.

“Every single one that they brought, I positioned. I put all of them in there!” Murong Xue replied happily.

Wuheng cringed again. They brought those explosives to open up the entrance. There were fifteen huge packets of them that could explode half of a palace, yet she used all against Qing Yuyuan. How deep was their hatred?

Fortunately, they were out of the cave. Otherwise they would have been crushed to death by the falling rocks.

Ou Yang looked at her, annoyed, “Why did you use so much? It was only Qing Yuyuan – one person! Don’t you think it’s a waste?”

Murong Xue could not care less, “We got our treasures. It’s useless to keep the explosives with us, so we might as well finish them all. It would be such a hassle to bring them back!”

As the princess of Mo Bei, Qing Yuyuan should have had numerous guards protecting her. Those black feathered arrows were merely to test her. It would be great if she died under the arrow attack, but if she did not, Murong Xue had prepared plenty of explosives for her. With such a force, she was certain that Qing Yuyuan would be dead by now.

‘Peng!’ A rock was shoved out, creating a hole. A black figure flew out from the hole and landed in a crouching position directly in front of Murong Xue and Ou Yang.

The man was tall and his robe was stained in black. This mysterious figure was looking downwards, therefore they could not determine its identity.

Murong Xue raised her eyebrows. Even if the people in the cave did not die in the explosion, they would have undoubtedly died under the falling rocks in the cave, but this man escaped, shoved a boulder out of the way, and flew out of the cave?! That was really amazing! She wondered who was he?

When she was about to raise that man’s face to have a good look, the man stood up slowly. His decent features were stained with spots of black, but he still he gave off a cool vibe. His dark eyes were as deep as the cave and they were sharp: it was Ye Yichen from Jing Wang.

As he stood up, a woman came into their vision. She was leaning against Ye Yichen’s chest and her eyes were tightly shut. Her whole body was smoky black, leaving them with no idea if she was alive or dead.

Murong Xue squinted her eyes. She was certain that the woman was Qing Yuyuan, who was obviously rescued by Ye Yichen. They managed to survive all those explosives?! They were really lucky…

“The explosives in the mansion were buried by you all?” Ye Yichen asked as he stared coldly at Murong Xue and Ou Yang. Yuyuan fell into the trap with them, so they were the ones most likely to have tied her up and planted the explosives.

“Correct.” Murong Xue nodded and admitted it without thinking twice. Everyone knew the hatred between her and Qing Yuyuan, so it was useless to hide it.

“Those treasures in the mansion were taken by you, too?” Ye Yichen’s stare was piercing: when he reached the mansion, all that was left were the remnants of the four golden pillars and a wounded Yuyuan, who was tied to one of them. The rest of the treasures had been taken away.

Ou Yang glared at Ye Yichen. He did not say anything, but his eyes were mocking him. Wasn’t it obvious? Yet he still asked… what a fool.

“How come you guys weren’t injured?” Ye Yichen blurted in confusion. The treasure’s location was filled with openings and traps, and as is the case with looking for hidden riches, the more treasures that were hidden, the more traps it would have.

When he brought his people along into the cave, he was greeted by traps after just a few steps. Even though he tried to be careful, a number of his men were killed by those traps. Even he himself got slightly wounded…

Murong Xue and Ou Yang had walked through the cave for one round and reached the mansion uninjured. They also managed to get hold of the treasures. Something was not right.

“All thanks to Princess Qing!” Ou Yang threw a glance at Qing Yuyuan, who was still lying senselessly on the ground. He mocked, “If it wasn’t because of her, we would not have fallen into the trap and we wouldn’t have been able to find the mansion so easily.”

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