Chapter 97 – Abuse of Qing Yuyuan’s Smoke

By | May 12, 2017

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“Ah!” Qing Yuyuan cried out in pain yet again as she tried to crawl away from the water, dragging her bloody and decaying leg behind her.

Seeing that she was escaping, Murong Xue walked slowly towards Qing Yuyuan and stood on her chest…

When Xunfeng and Wuheng rushed into the mansion, Qing Yuyuan and Murong Xue were struggling with each other by the water. Yuyuan’s dress and hair were messy, her arm and leg were eaten up by the water, and blood and soft flesh could be seen all over the floor.

“Ah… ah… ah…” Qing Yuyuan shouted loudly. Her scream could even be heard from the hall of the mansion. It was terrifying.

Murong Xue continued kicking her, ignoring her agony.

Wuheng cringed when he saw her heartless expression: this Miss Murong Xue was getting… out of hand.

“Shi, Miss Murong!” Xunfeng greeted them politely. Murong Xue stopped what she was doing and looked up. She saw twenty to thirty guards in black outfit and black masks standing in front of the door, their stares both icy and fearless.

“You all came? Take all of these things back!” Murong Xue was delighted.

“All?” Wuheng looked at the treasures lying around, his eyes widening at the idea of it. There were so many treasures, when would they be able to carry all of these things out?

“Correct, don’t leave even one behind!” Murong Xue made herself clear. The treasures were found by her and Ou Yang, so of course they owned them. Ye Yichen and Qing Yuyuan would never get a single cent of it.

Wuheng looked towards Ou Yang, but he was only standing still on the side, not saying anything. The way he looked at Murong Xue was so gentle, as if it was hinting that he would follow whatever she said.

“Yes!” The guards replied firmly and walked into the mansion. They tidied up the jewels on the floor and put them into the boxes, then they carried those boxes out.

After that, they carried the golden throne down and opened up the golden stairs. Once they filled the boxes with the golden tiles, they moved them out.

There were the pearls on the walls as well, so along with the golden walls, they cracked them and filled boxes with these riches…

Qing Yuyuan leaned by the water. Her dress was unkempt and her hair was a mess, her arm and hands were torn apart, and she had almost lost consciousness. Despite her blurry eyesight, she saw the guards carrying out box after box. The mansion was emptied instantly and it was no longer sparkling.

Xunfeng, Wuheng and few other guards were chopping down the golden pillars with axes, piles of gold falling down each time they chopped…

“Miss Murong, these four pillars are used to support the mansion. If we chopped all of them down, wouldn’t the mansion collapse?” Wuheng asked worriedly as he saw the pillars were getting thinner.

Murong Xue did not care much, “Don’t worry, I’ve checked it. These four pillars are only for decorative purposes., They are not being used for support, so the mansion will still stand without them.”

“Really?” Wuheng doubted.

“Of course, why would I lie? If the mansion would collapse without them, I would’ve run by now. I wouldn’t have stood here watching you chopping them down!” Murong Xue glared at her guard.

It did make sense! Wuheng nodded and breathed out in relief. He continued waving his axe and chopping down the golden pillar. The golden fragments fell piece by piece, the brilliance of it all blinding them…

Qing Yuyuan’s face went dark as she clenched her fist tightly. These treasures belonged to her and Yichen, but they were all stolen by Murong Xue without hesitation. How awful! She would never forget Murong Xue and her guards…

Qing Yuyuan reached for her inner sleeve with her bloody hand. She took out a packet of explosives and a match. When she was about to light it up, a slim figure showed up in front of her and kicked her explosives and match away.

Qing Yuyuan was shocked! She looked up and saw Murong Xue’s cold expression, “I see. Princess Qing hates me so much that she wanted to blow me up. I have the same thought as princess, too.”

Murong Xue grabbed her by the collar and pulled Qing Yuyuan to the front.

The sturdy rocks shredded Qing Yuyuan’s dress, and her silky smooth skin was scraped against the harsh ground., Qing Yuyuan sensed a bad omen so she began to struggle as she screamed, “Murong Xue, what are you doing… Let me go…”

Murong Xue ignored her plea and pulled her over the bridge, then she continued on into the mansion and tied her up to a golden pillar.

Qing Yuyuan hated her guts and wanted to kill her more than anything, therefore Murong Xue did not want to let Qing Yuyuan live anymore in case she came back from the brink of death again to cause her troubles.

“Princess Qing came this far to find treasures here in spite of your injuries; it was indeed a tiring journey. It would be a shame if you did not get anything, so I’ll give you half of this golden pillar. Let it be part of your burial!”

The sound was piercing through the wind, making Qing Yuyuan shudder. Looking up at Murong Xue, she glimpsed merciless emotion in her eyes. She knew then that Murong Xue was not lying: she was planning to kill her this time.

Terror exceeding her emotions, Qing Yuyuan shouted with fear, “Murong Xie, how dare you kill me?!”

“You dared to kill me, why wouldn’t I? Qing Yuyuan, remember this: this is Qing Yan, not Mo Bei. Don’t act all stuck up here!” Murong Xue warned her for the last time. With a single hand movement, Xunfeng, Wuheng and the other guards backed off a little.

Murong Xue walked around the mansion swiftly. She was facing away from Qing Yuyuan, therefore whatever she was doing could not be seenng, but she knew it was not something good.

The uneasiness was getting stronger. Qing Yuyuan struggled her way out and scolded angrily, “Murong Xue, let me go this instant… Otherwise, I will chop you into pieces…”

Murong Xue ignored her again, and after completing one round of the mansion, she pulled Ou Yang outside. Xun Feng, Wuheng and the rest followed behind.

Qing Yuyuan then realized she was all alone in the massive mansion.

‘Hong long long…’ The rock door began to close. Murong Xue stood outside the door and smiled at her while waving, “Princess Qing, I’ll leave the rest of the golden pillars for you. I hope not to see you again!”

‘Peng.’ The rock door closed completely, with Murong Xue standing outside of the mansion. The place was so quiet all of the sudden that Yuyuan could clearly hear her own heartbeat. Fearing the place would collapse, Qing Yuyuan was sweating hard: what kind of place was this? Who would come and save her?

‘Sou sou sou-’ A loud voice came with the breeze. Qing Yuyuan raised her head and saw multiple feathered arrows were shooting from the wall, and each of them was pointing towards her…

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