Chapter 95 – Dying Alone

By | May 9, 2017

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A gush of fresh red blood seeped out from her wound, staining her long sleeve, her arm was in piercing agony, Qing Yuyuan looked up and stared at Murong Xue in hatred, her eyes were flaming with rage, “Murong Xue, I curse that you will die grief!”

“Don’t worry, you’ll die sooner than I will, even if I did die in grief, you won’t be able to see it!” Murong Xue smiled, she was so happy with her deed, she pushed down her sword again and again, piercing Qing Yuyuan’s arm for multiple times, her wound was getting larger and the blood stained her sleeve even more.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Qing Yuyuan screamed in pain.

“Murong Xue, I will kill you!” Qing Yuyuan’s eyes were turning red, she could not care less about her condition and dashed towards Murong Xue.

Murong Xue felt a sense of disgust and shifted her body slightly to avoid her attack, then she kicked furiously on her back, making her fell three metres away, Qing Yuyuan fell hard on the cold hard ground, she could hear buzzing sound in her ears as she hit her head…

Murong Xue walked closer to her, her footsteps were ringing in Qing Yuyuan’s ears, she bit her jaw tightly, she had arranged professional spies to kill Murong Xue, but Murong Xue had better plan to kill them all, now she even wanted to kill herself, Murong Xue was indeed cruel, she was the noblest Princess of Mo Bei, how could she die in Murong Xue’s hand?

Qing Yuyuan took a glimpse and grabbed a long sword from the ground, she dashed it towards Murong Xue.

Murong Xue sneered at this, she was trying to kill her with this lousy sword? That was a foolish move.

She dodged the attack by shifting her body to aside, Murong Xue continued to walk towards Qing Yuyuan, her long sword was still dripping with her blood from earlier attack, drip by drip, it spilled on the dusty ground…

The hint of blood covered the whole place, Qing Yuyuan was not shaken by that, she was fearless, the corner of her mouth raised slightly and she hit on a small round rock by the rocky wall beside, suddenly, the sturdy ground split into half and Murong Xue fell right into the hole, not knowing what just happened…

Qing Yuyuan was tripped on that small rock when she first came in, she had noticed it earlier, it was connected from the rocky wall to the ground, at first she assumed it was for decoration purpose, after some detailed observation, she knew it could be her chance of getting rid of the enemy.

The maze of treasure was usually trap, this was to prevent seekers from getting into the treasure place, therefore she activated the trap and got rid of Murong Xue.
“Xue Er!” Ou Yang saw the whole incident and jumped along with Murong Xue into the pithole, while jumping down, he waved his hands and a mighty net covered Qing Yuyuan, pulling her down into the trap as well.

“Yuyuan!” Ye Yichen leaped into the rocky hole along with his scream just as the opening of the trap was about to close, his face was as dark as the hole, his fist was clenching under his sleeve. No matter how fast he was, Ye Yichen was still too late.

“Guards, find the trap immediately, open up this trap!” Ye Yichen ordered with a strict tone, the temperature in the area was declining.

“Yes!” The guards answered and scattered away, trying to find the trap opening.

Xu Tianyou’s eyes sunk as he rushed forward, “master, from what I know, the treasure’s opening can be only open once at a certain time, the opening has just closed, even if we could find it, we had to wait for a period of time…”

Ye Yichen squinted his eyebrows when he heard this, “then what should we do now?” Yuyuan had tricked Murong Xue and Ou Yang, now she fell into the pit with them, she must be tortured by them now, he had to find her quickly to prevent any unhappy ending.

Xu Tianyou stated firmly, “those traps in the treasure area are all connected, let’s find in other places, if we can find the opening and go into the trap, we’ll definitely find Princess Qing!”

“Makes sense, let’s go!” Ye Yichen took a step forward…

Back in the trap where Murong Xue and Ou Yang fell, he held onto Murong Xue’s tiny waist, hugged her tightly in his chest.

His musky scent traveled to her nose, his warm breath exhaled on her earlobe, Murong Xue felt a sense of comfort. She noticed someone in the net with them in her corner of eyes, she smirked and kicked with all her might to shove Qing Yuyuan down.

With a loud “pang!”, the three of them fell hard on the gorund below, Qing Yuyuan was unfortunately the flesh cushion for them as they fell, she vomited blood with a “pfft” and lied on the ground, the slight movement on her chest indicated that she was still alive…

Murong Xue was on the highest, she was completely uninjured. When she stood up, she stomped on Qing Yuyuan again: this wicked woman had fell into her own trap, served her right.

Qing Yuyuan closed her eyes and did not move a single bit…

Murong Xue glared at her and turned around, she glanced over the place, realizing they were in a closed space, the whole area was covered with rocky walls and there was a tiny tunnel that could only fit a person in front of them.
“Shi, let’s go in front!” She heard Ye Yichen’s voice when she was falling, she knew that he would have ordered his people to dig up an exit to find Qing Yuyuan, they would not stay here forever and die.

“Alright!” Ou Yang nodded and grabbed her hand tightly, they walked towards the tunnel slowly, when he noticed the unconscious Qing Yuyuan, he asked, “what about her?”

Murong Xue glared at Qing Yuyuan with disgust and replied nonchalantly, “she’s already half dead, it would waste our energy to bring her with us, it’s better to leave her here and let her die alone.”

Qing Yuyuan wanted to kill them so badly, of course she would not let Qing Yuyuan go, it would be too easy for her if they just kill her with a sword, she rather tortured her to death, this was the best punishment for her.

Qing Yuyuan was already wounded from the start, moreover she pierced her wound multiple times just now and let her be their flesh cushion when they fell, she was truly deathly wounded.

It was icy cold, dark and moist in here, there were no food and water, not to mentioned medications, after a period of time, she would have died if there was no proper treatment.

“Alright!” Ou Yang nodded again and pulled Murong Xue into the tunnel.

As they dissapoeared into the dark, Qing Yuyuan opened her eyes and scowled at the tunnel opening, her eyes were cold staring with hatred: they wanted to leave her here to die alone, continue to dream on, she would not let their wish come true.

She had to keep up with them and kill them when the time was right, so that she could take revenge for how they embarrassed her!

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