Chapter 94- Fights

By | April 22, 2017

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“Look out!” Ou Yang pulled Murong Xue from behind. He flicked his fingers again and a swift wind shot from his fingertips, spreading to all corners and hitting the steel bed. The nails fell from the bed with a “peng, peng, peng” sound…

A loud sweeping sound was heard abruptly. Before Murong Xue and Ou Yang could comprehend, a huge net was thrown over them.

Murong Xue reacted rapidly by pulling out her sword and slicing towards the net. A bright light flickered as her sword touched the net.The net was not torn, but instead, she was forced backwards and her hand was numb from the force.

“This net was made by the mighty silk from Mo Bei; it’s unbeatable by anything. Murong Xue, Ou Yang, don’t waste your energy,” A soft female voice came from above.

“Qing Yuyuan, you deceived us.”

“There was no deception. There’s only one treasure: you want it, we want it too, sowe are fighting to get it…”the feminine voice said cheerfully. Murong Xue replied ironically, “True enough. Princess Qing is known for getting what she wants no matter what. You must have planned in detail to get this treasure. Just bring it on, we are not afraid.”

Murong Xue was implying that she was a cold-blooded wicked person indirectly!

Qing Yuyuan’s temper rose, “How dare you! Since you’re asking for it, I will destroy you!”

As soon as she finished her sentence, she rolled a few odd-looking balls towards them and they spread gas all over the couple.

Ou Yang covered his face, “This is poisonous gas… stop breathing!”

Murong Xue quickly stop her breathing, but was too late. She had breathed in a bit of the smoke and started to feel wobbly. She could not feel her legs and she slowly collapsed to the ground.

“Watch out!” Ou Yang grabbed her by the waist, took out a white handkerchief and covered her nose.

Murong Xue smelled a gust of a scented aroma and started to regain her consciousness. She looked at Ou Yang curiously, “This handkerchief can detoxify?”

Ou Yang nodded his head and said, “This handkerchief was soaked in numerous herbs, so that it can release body heat, stop blood clot, and detoxify…”

“I see, Ou Yang has done a lot of homework before finding the treasure.” Qing Yuyuan walked over with her guards by her side, looking at the both of them.

“I’ve always brought along my handkerchief with me, it’s not some planning, but your thorough plan is quite impressive.” Ou Yang teased sarcastically..

Qing Yuyuan ignored his tone and said, “Ou Yang thank you!”

The steel net trapped Ou Yang and Murong Xue tightly, and Qing Yuyuan felt the satisfaction in her heart. Who cared if he was the master from Xiao Yao Manor, she still caught him after all. How exciting!

The steel net was so durable and tough that Murong Xue could not even slice it open. She threw off the handkerchief in frustration, “Qing Yuyuan, how did you know we came here?”

They had abandoned their horse and used the flying skill. Those spies could not even chase after them, but now Qing Yuyuan managed to find her way to them with her guards. There must be something wrong.

“I’ve dropped a tracker on your body, so I can find you easily no matter where you go. Those spies were used to divert your attention so that you would not notice the tracker…” Qing Yuyuan explained with pleasure.

Murong Xue was trapped by her plan, there was nothing she could do now…

“So it is!” Murong Xue understood now. She recalled that morning as she left her house There was a maid who was carrying a bowl of soup, walking in a hurry.It was probably dropped on her that time.

“You have even placed your spies in Zhen Manor? You are good.” Murong Xue scoffed.

Qing Yuyuan continued, “I have put in a lot of effort into getting the other half of the map, how could I let it be stolen by some cunning crook…”

Murong Xue fought back, “Stop trying to take all the credit. If not because of my mum, you would not have found the map…”

“Stop your nonsense, Murong Xue. Thanks to you, I’ve found the place of the treasure. You can leave after I’ve stored all of it!” Qing Yuyuan hinted at her guards.

The guards understood her and ran towards them with their swords.

Qing Yuyuan was pleased with herself, “this secret should not be leaked out, so I’m sorry to you two.”

Murong Xue smirked at this, Qing Yuyuan trapped both of them in this steel net so that she could get the treasure, she even ordered her guards to attack them from everywhere, she was indeed heinous…

“Qing Yuyuan, you want to kill us, just look at yourself.” Ou Yang flicked his fingers and the steel net was turned inside out and flew over to the guards.

The guards were caught off guard and were trapped inside the net, they tried to free themselves and Ou Yang flicked his fingers again, blowing the guards away, causing them to hit on the wall and fell to the ground. They moaned and groaned in agony as they felt their bones were broken, they could not get up…

He had settled the guards, now it was time to wipe the enemy off!

Murong Xue looked at Qing Yuyuan, “Qing Yuyuan, it’s my turn to kill you!” She then stretched out her swords and threw it to Qing Yuyuan…

Qing Yuyuan was shocked and tried to ran away from the attack. Her steel net was known to be impeccable, but it did not stop Ou Yang’s plot, she should have known it was not that easy to deal with him…

Not now, she could not run away just like that!

Murong Xue leaped and stood in front of Qing Yuyuan, she pulled out her sword and stabbed her arms, blood was spilled everywhere!

“Ah!” Qing Yuyuan cried out in agony…

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