Chapter 94: Galloping Forward…

By | June 26, 2017

Chapter 94: Galloping Forward, Riding Double on the Horse with Wife

Moreover, his actions seemed deliberate, as if his entire person was leaning into her.  Does teaching archery involve so much skinship? Doesn’t he know that his body temperature is horrifyingly hot?

Gu Yanhao did not insist or force her, but before he left, he playfully nipped her earlobe with his teeth before letting her go. A shiver ran down Song Wuyou’s spine. Even her goosebumps made a show of coming out. If it was not for the fact that she wanted to annoy Song Jiuyue and get her to fall into the play, she really would have jammed her elbow into his ribs.

“Ah Hao, don’t abuse dogs here anymore, my eyes are nearly blinded.” Mu Gu whined but still smiled sweetly. Even with her back to them, Song Jiuyue’s heart once again bled hearing Mu Gu’s teasing words.

Could it be that Young Master Gu… kissed Song Wuyou?

She quickly turned back to look at Gu Yanhao, but he’d already stepped away from Song Wuyou, saying to Mu Gu, “There will be more things to blind your eyes later.”

Mu Gu’s peach blossom eyes narrowed upon hearing Gu Yanhao’s implication. Complaining grumpily he sulked, “Don’t remind me, Ah Hao.”

Song Jiuyue’s big eyes glared at Song Wuyou—icy, cold, gloomy, and dead jealous. Her eyebrow rose in suspicion: Young Master Gu really kissed Song Wuyou just now?

At the moment, Song Wuyou was ‘diligently’ focusing on improving her archery skills, but her actions with the bow and arrows looked clumsy.

Seeing the ruddy glow on Song Wuyou’s face underneath the sunny sky, Song Jiuyue gritted her teeth vehemently.

Bitch! Song Jiuyue cursed inwardly.

With such intense gazes directed at her, how could Song Wuyou be ignorant of the burning hatred the sisters held for her? She purposely turned, facing Song Jiuyue with a shy and helpless expression, “My husband taught me so many times yet I still can’t do it properly. Looks like I won’t be able to have a match with you.”

When the words ‘my husband’ floated through her lips, Gu Yanhao’s pupils darkened. He looked over at her, the corner of his lips curved up as he watched her with increased interest. Coming from her lips, he liked hearing those words:’my husband’.

“It’s alright, I haven’t played for a long time. I’m somewhat rusty, so we can practice together.” Song Jiuyue said, displaying a kind and generous smile on her face.

“Even online games you were able to play so well. Your skills must be great in real life, too.” Song Jiumei jumped in to ‘support.’ Inside, Song Jiumei wished nothing more than to see Song Wuyou running laps beside a naked Mu Gu.

“Then womenfolk practice here. We’ll come back to watch the match in a bit.” Mu Gu winked at Gu Yanhao, sending a signal, “Ah Hao, let’s go and look at the new batch of horses I brought in.”

Gu Yanhao looked at Song Wuyou instead, wanting to teach her more, “What’s there to see about a horse?”

“You’ll see when you get there,” Mu Gu shot him a mysterious smile, “Pick a good horse, then you can gallop through the fields with your wife.”

Gu Yanhao cocked an eyebrow after hearing this suggestion. It sounded good. Just imagining the picture of them flying across the field on a horse, together, was enough to make his mood better.

“Be good and practice here. I look forward to you winning the match.” Gu Yanhao’s hand reached out, lightly caressing Song Wuyou’s hair as he muttered in a low voice to her.

Song Wuyou raised her head, a sweet smile on her face as she nodded docilely, “En…”

After Gu Yanhao left, Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei’s pretense cracked and crumbled in an instant.

“Song Wuyou, do you feel very blissful at the moment?” Song Jiumei stepped forward, that fierce expression on her face looking as if she wanted to beat Song Wuyou up.

Her tone was cold, barely hiding her fury.

Song Wuyou pretended like she did not know what Song Jiumei was talking about. Confused, she looked at Song Jiumei, “Why are you so fiercely asking whether I’m happy or not?”

Song Jiuyue also looked at Song Jiumei in surprise. Why was her reaction more intense than her own?

“I can’t stand your little vixen demeanor!” Song Jiumei fumed.

Song Wuyou stuck out her tongue naughtily, “As long as Gu Yanhao likes it, it has nothing to do with me if you can’t stand the sight of it.”


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