Chapter 93 – Danger Ahead

By | April 21, 2017

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Murong Xue trusted Ou Yang so much that she was willing to share this important news with him and find it together, so clearly they must be very close with each other.

Ye Yichen felt his emotion stirring up inside, “Ou Yang is hard to deal with. We need to think of a really a good plan to stop them…”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already placed a tracker on Murong Xue. We can watch their movements twenty-four seven. It will be as easy as ABC to track them…” Qing Yuyuan said with confidence.

Ye Yichen warned her, “Murong Xue and Ou Yang were smart people, we have to be extra cautious with our plans!”

“Don’t be anxious, I know what I’m doing. I have already thought of a perfect plan to defeat them…” Qing Yuyuan smiled.

Murong Xue’s emerald dress was eye-capturing under the rays of the sun.She rode swiftly her horse, speeding with the wind through the trail.

Unexpectedly, she heard a ruffling sound coming from the bush.With a swift throw of a poison needle, a “thud” sound, and a black figure fell from a tree instantly, the man crumpled unconscious on the ground…

Murong Xue glanced at the body while the horse kept going despite what had happened, “Spy sent by Ye Yichen?”

“Exactly!” Ou Yang nodded in confirmation.

Murong Xue smirked. She knew Qing Yuyuan would not let her go so easily after she stole the map from her. With the spy and all, by now Murong Xue understood how she worked things out …

“This spy has followed us since the beginning of our journey. Why didn’t you do anything? Why wait ‘til now?” Ou Yang asked with great interest.

Murong Xue chuckled, “According to this map, we will reach the destination soon. There are a lot of forked roads but only one of them leads to the treasure.  This spy was cataleptic, he could no longer follow us. If Ye Yichen can’t track us, we won’t have any troubles getting the treasure…”

Ou Yang chortled a little, “I don’t think it’s that simple.”

“What do you mean?” Murong Xue was puzzled.

“There’s another spy behind us.” Ou Yang stated.

Murong Xue stunned. True enough, she heard another ruffling sound from the woods. The spies from Jing Wang Manor were so clingy, it was such a hassle to get rid of them…

“Do you have any idea of how to escape them?” Ye Yichen sent them here to find out the exact location of the treasure. How can we get to it with all these spies around?

“Of course.” Ou Yang smirked and leaped over to grab Murong Xue by her waist, he then carried her mid-air and hopped forward.

Murong Xue blinked as she watched the scenery passing by her in rapid motion. Ou Yang’s flying skill was the finest. If he carried her using this technique even Ye Yichen could not get to them, to say nothing of his spies…

He was so brilliant to come up with this idea…

Murong Xue saw a hill from afar. The hill was neither too high nor low, with Flora and fauna covering the landt looked somewhat familiar to her…

Murong Xue landed on the ground and took out the map. She carefully read the symbols and exclaimed, “The treasure is on this hill, let’s go down!”

“Are you sure?” Ou Yang asked.

“Yes, I’m sure!” Murong Xue pointed to the map and said, “Look here, it is all drawn out in this map.”

Ou Yang stared at the map for a moment. He looked up and saw the trees and flowers, but there was no cave or hole in sight.

Murong Xue squinted:The map showed a cave here at this spot, but there wasn’t any cave here?

Freeing herself from his arms, Murong Xue walked slowly to the hill.She simply pulled the leaves in front of her and slowly, a rock door appeared in front of them as she pulled away the leaves.

Murong Xue’s face lit up, “This might be the entrance.Ou Yang, please help!”  

The cave was completely blocked by rocks and stones. hSe did not bring any digging tools with her If she used the tree branches to dig up the door, she would not even finish digging after the sun set.

Ou Yang flicked his fingers and a swift force busted the rocks and the cave expunged tiny bits of stones and dust into the air…

When the dust faded away, a small tunnel appeared before them.It was pitch dark and hollow…

Murong Xue was correct about this, “Ou Yang, let’s go in.”

“Alright!” Ou Yang went in first, Murong Xue followed behind him.

The cave was damp, odours filled the air and beneath their feet were tons of algae. They were certain that no one had walked here for a long time. Murong Xue walked slowly in the darkness, but she still slipped and fell forward.  

“Be careful!” Ou Yang grabbed her hand, locking hers with his tightly, “Hold on to me, don’t let go.”

“I know!” Murong Xue nodded. She did not like physical contact with people, but it was too dark in here and she might fall again if she let go of Ou Yang’s hand.

A glaring light hit their eyes when they walked halfway. Murong Xue looked up and saw ahead of them stood a two-meter tall rock wall, it was as if they went towards to the end.

It might be the door to guard the pathway ahead. If they destroyed this rock wall, they would see the trail!

Murong Xue walked eagerly to the rock as a “hoot” sound caught her off guard. She looked in the direction of the voice and saw a steel bed full of nails was being thrown towards them…

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