Chapter 92: Want to See…(2)

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Chapter 92: Want to See Him Run Naked (2)

Gu Yanhao’s appearance was flawless. Even his sense of style fit perfectly  with his body, but neither Song Jiuyue nor Song Jiumei had ever seen him without clothes on. Gu Yanhao’s villa has a swimming pool, and at the old house there was a hot spring. Whether he wanted to swim or soak in the hot springs, he could do it on his property.

A man who loved both cleanliness and himself, even with the entire M City’s women coveting him, none has ever seen him in his birthday suit.

Song Wuyou casually picked up a bow, flipping left and right as if studying it. Towards Gu Yanhao’s cool actions in archery she directed only a cursory glance or two, not showing much interest at all. Her brothers in the army barracks looked much cooler than he did when shooting an arrow. Once they stepped onto the battlefield, that sharp edge and coldness, accompanied by the killing intent and will to kill the enemy…

That was the true sense of cool and handsome!

Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu were just little kids playing. What’s the use of noble and dignified actions? It lost the gripping tension of being in a battlefield.

“Tsk tsk…” Mu Gu observed Gu Yanhao’s handiwork on the target, exclaiming his praise, “Good skill!”

Gu Yanhao’s lips revealed a proud smile, “Do you want to continue?”

“Of course!” He was the one that suggested a bet. If he doesn’t continue at a time like this, doesn’t that mean he admits his lost?


But the results were truly…disappointing!

This was Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei’s inner thoughts, because Gu Yanhao won, and Mu Gu was the one who lost.

Gu Yanhao put down the bow down and said indifferently, “Strip yourself and run…”

He did not want to have to undress Mu Gu with his bare hands.

Ai……..” Mu Gu shook his head wryly. Well, he must keep his promise as he’d lost the bet, so he could only undress.

Just as Mu Gu moved onto his pants, Song Jiuyue suddenly suggested, “Why don’t the woman also play a game?”

Mu Gu’s actions abruptly paused halfway as he looked at Song Jiuyue in amazement, “You would like to strip and run as well?”

Song Wuyou that was fiddling with a bow paused for a second, smiling to herself inside as she looked over at Song Jiuyue.

Song Jiuyue laughed dismissively, “A woman must be reserved. Of course we cannot undress and run laps.”

She turned to Song Wuyou, “Wuyou, do you want to play with us? The loser will run ten laps around the archery range.”

Gu Yanhao’s brows tightened as he heard this, and his gaze shifted to Song Wuyou. She had no idea how to shoot an arrow. He thought Song Wuyou would decline, however…

“Great ah!” Song Wuyou agreed, full of enthusiasm and excitement, but in the next moment she was crestfallen, “But this kind of bow, I’ve never them used before.”

The bow was very light, the arrows sharp but not durable. The bows and arrows she used in her past life were made of cow horns, and the arrowheads were molded from iron. The elasticity and flexibility were many times better than the one in her hand.

Mu Gu broke out in laughter after hearing her words. Peach blossom eyes were shining as they looked at Song Wuyou, “Then what kind of bows have you used?”

Before Song Wuyou could answer for herself, Song Jiumei grabbed the spotlight, “She’s only played online games.”

Gu Yanhao raised an eyebrow at the information, profoundly looking at Song Wuyou.

Mu Gu used his trademark devilish smile, “Online games and real life are very different. This is more exciting.”

Song Wuyou’s small face looked even sadder, mumbling softly, “But, I’ve never used this type before.” Her expression entered Song Jiuyue’s eyes, and her heart was bursting with joy at Song Wuyou’s woe. Never played before means she’s absolutely going to lose. Let her run beside a naked Mu Gu, that would definitely be interesting to watch!

“How about I teach you?” Song Jiuyue ‘generously’ offered.

“It’s very easy.” A deep, magnetic voice came beside Song Wuyou. Gu Yanhao was already standing behind her.

Song Wuyou was startled as his warm breath breezed from her back.

His long arm reached over Song Wuyou’s body, his actions extremely affectionate as if he were giving her a back hug



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