Chapter 92 – Tricked By The Black-Hearted

By | April 20, 2017

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Murong Xue ran to her room and took out a piece of sheepskin from the tiny slot in her wall. She fixed the two pictures together and lo and behold, a complete image appeared in front of her eyes. In huge letters “Treasure Map” was clearly visible on the sheepskin as she pieced it together.

Now she knew why Qing Yuyuan became a nt maniac when she took away the sheepskin. This was the precious treasure map from the former dynasty. Qing Yuyuan had spent a long time finding this map, so of course she was furious when Murong Xue stole it effortlessly.

But then, how was the other half of the map in Murong Ye’s purse? And it was the purse that had been passed to him by Madam Shen…

Murong Xue was confused. She opened her room door and walked out, seeing Ou Yang sitting alone at a table by a tree. Elegant vibes surrounded him in his white robe, but Mu Liufeng was nowhere in sight.

She blinked her eyes in curiosity, “Where is Mu Liufeng?”

“He has gone back to Cheng Manor.hy do you want to find him?” Ou Yang asked, the steam from his cup rising to cover his face as he drank his tea.

Murong Xue shook her head, “Nothing, but I do have something to discuss with you.”

“What?” Ou Yang raised his head.

Murong Xue sat beside him, whispering mysteriously, “Are you interested in treasures?”

She was certain that this treasure was nothing trivial if Ye Yichen was so keen about it. She was not a materialistic person, but she was willing to do this if it would be a hindrance to Ye Yichen and Qing Yuyuan!

Sadly, troops from Zhen Manor could not defeat Jing Wang Manor’s. If she finds the treasures with her guards, Ye Yichen would steal everything from her without doubt!

Therefore she had to work with someone.Ou Yang was the strategist and intellect in the city, he must have a lot of strong warriors under him, making him the most suitable candidate for this trip.

Ou Yang felt her warm breath on his neck. He turned to look at her, “You know where the treasures of the former dynasty are?”

Murong Xue smiled and put the two sheepskin fragments on the table, “If I’m not mistaken, this is the route map to the treasures, the landmarks are dotted in detail. If we follow this, we will find the treasure.”

Ou Yang looked at the curves and drawings on the map unconcernedly, “Where did you find this? Are you even sure it’s real?”

Murong Xue smiled in delight, “I got this by luck. These sheep skins are faded, so I assume it is very old. As for the routes and symbols, we have to explore for ourselves to see if it’s true.”

“If this map is fake it would be just a waste of our time and we’d lose nothing. But if it’s real, we will be filthy rich.”

Ou Yang raised his eyebrows, “You love money that much?”

“Money will never be enough.” Murong Xue quoted Mu Liufeng and smiled at Ou Yang, “Ou Yang, I give you the map, you give me your men, we split the money half each after everything, alright?”

Ou Yang looked at her weirdly, “Half each?”

“Then… how about I get forty, you get sixty. That’s the final deal because half of this map was my mother’s, and  I almost got killed because of the other half.”

Murong Xue was not really interested in the treasure.She wouldn’t even care even if she didn’t find it, but since Madam Shen passed the map to Murong Ye she probably she wanted him to have part of the treasure, therefore she had to leave some to Murong Ye when she found it.

Ou Yang looked at her as she was thinking, “You found the map, you should keep the treasures. I wanted to offer some of my troops to help you, without any return, but since you plan to give me sixty percent of it, I will not refuse …”

Murong Xue was flabbergasted, “…”

Free help! He should have said so earlier! She did not intend to give him sixty percent! When she suggested half each, she saw his weird expression and thought that it was too little…

This black-hearted man, she was tricked again…

Ou Yang grinned when he saw her gloomy face. He flattened the sheepskin and studied it, “It’s late now, let’s do some research on the route first.This is about my sixty percent treasure, we cannot be careless…”

Murong Xue, “…”

He did this deliberately. He wanted to spark her anger and show her how imprudent she was for giving him the sixty percent!

A black shadow  quietly passed by outside of the room…

In Jing Wang Manor’s study room:

Ye Yichen sat at his study table with his arms leaning against it. He stared deeply at the framed painting frame on the wall. The painting was not of nature. Instead it showed a young man who was shot by three arrows on his arms and head! The man in the painting was none other than Murong Ji!

Three arrows in a row was the famous tactic used by the Murong family. Every generation in the household knew this skill, but to shoot right in the heart with all three arrows was incredibly difficult and the person who knew how to do this was really prevailing. The only person who could master this skill was Murong Yue. His arrow shooting could hit different major arteries of the enemies. He was the expert!

The arrow shooting scene was painted perfectly without flaws. Even though he did not witness this with his own eyes, he knew how astonishing it was when Murong Xue shot the three arrows…

The gentle fiancée in his mind vanished at this thought, or it was probably because of the limited interaction he had with her, perhaps that was why he did not know this side of Murong Xue… He changed his perception of her strength, toughness, and intelligence …

“Yichen, Yichen…” a feminine voice broke his thoughts. He pulled down the painting and faced towards the door.

Qing Yuyuan wore a purple sheer dress. She walked into the room gracefully and smiled sweetly at him, “Yichen, let me share some good news: I’ve found the other half of the treasure map!”

Ye Yichen eyes widened, “Really? Where is it?”

“It’s with Murong Xue!” Qing Yuyuan said.

“You mean Murong Xue has the complete map?” Ye Yichen confirmed her statement.

“That’s right, she has discussed it with Ou Yang and they are on their way to find it now.” Qing Yuyuan continued, “We have to stop them.”

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