Chapter 91- Scalded Song Qingyan

By | April 18, 2017

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Song Qingyan wore a plum coloured off-shoulder dress. Her fair neck and shoulders were proudly displayed, showing off her delicate collarbones which could be seen under the sheer cloth.The dress was embellished with shining diamonds and crystals. It sparkled under the beaming sunlight.

Murong Xue sneered upon seeing her pretty dress. Song Qingyan must have had other intentions., Too bad! Her effort was in vain since Ou Yang did not even cast a glance in her direction. “Song Qingyan, this is Zhen Manor, not Wu An Manor, what kind of  commotion brings you here?”

Song Qingyan hid her disappointment when she saw there was nobody behind Murong Xue, “Murong Xue, where is Ou Yang?”

“He does not want to see you, just leave!” Murong Xue expelled her without even thinking. She was too lazy to talk to her now.

Song Qingyan’s face dropped at the news. She stared at Murong Xue angrily, “Did you say something to him? That’s why he doesn’t want to come out and meet me?”

“Song Qingyan, do you think I can order him around? He doesn’t want to see you because he’s fed up with you. That has nothing to do with me, stop being so imaginative…” Murong Xue retorted proudlyas a light breeze blew across her hair, showing off the love marks on her neck.

Song Qingyan saw that and was manic! Murong Xue and Ou Yang had been so intimate with each other, and now she was telling her that she had nothing to do with him? “Murong Xue, don’t you ever forget that you are engaged. Even though you gave yourself to Ou Yang, he will never be yours, so stop day-dreaming…”

Murong Xue’s face sunk. Song Qingyan was too much, and her words were as sharp as knives, “Song Qingyan, leave Luo Xue Ge immediately, you are not welcomed here!”

“What if I don’t want to leave?” Song Qingyan pestered, her eyes were filled with fury!

“Then I will ask my guards to send you out!” Murong Xue snapped determinedly.

“Don’t you dare!” Song Qingyan could not take it any longer.

“Guards, send my cousin back to her room.” Murong Xue commanded without care. She would let Song Qingyan know who was the powerful one and that she was in charge here.

“Yes!” Two strong nannies, one on each side, began to carry Song Qingyan as they walked out.

Song Qingyan could not feel her feet on the ground. She tried to escape from their grips as she shouted angrily, “What are you doing? Let me down!”

The nannies ignored her yelping, they continued on with Song Qingyan firmly in their arms. Song Qingyan could not escape no matter how hard she tried, “You two old hags, you’ve disregarded my commands!I will let grandmother sell you off if you don’t put me down this instant…”

“I’m sorry, my lady. Our contracts are with Miss Murong Xue. The madam has no right to sell us.” The two strong nannies popped her bubbles and continued walking.

Song Qingyan felt helpless as she turned and stared at Murong Xue…

Two maids sashayed courteously towards Luo Xue Ge. Passing Song Qingyan, they were holding a bowl of soup in their hands.

Song Qingyan suddenly thought of an idea. She kicked the bowl of soup from the hands of the maid with might., The bowl flew towards Murong Xue with that one kick.

Murong Xue saw the bowl from the corner of her eye as she was about to leave. She quickly grabbed a wooden stick from beside her and with no options decided to swing it hard. The bowl then flew towards Song Qingyan’s shoulder, spilling half of the boiling hot soup on her.

“Ah!” Song Qingyan cried out in pain as the burning sensation hit her.

Murong Xue watched  as Song Qingyan escaped from the nannies. She was wiping her neck and shoulder furiously while screaming to the maids and stewards, “It’s hot, it’s hot… Call the doctor, go call the doctor…”

“Yes!” the stewards and maids nodded and walked away quickly.

Song Qingyan glared at Murong Xue with hatred, “Murong Xue, you tricked me again!”

“You are the black-hearted one. You intended to scald me with that bowl of soup, but your plan backfired. You can’t blame me… If you insist on accusing me, I don’t mind scalding you again…” Murong Xue said casually as she took the other bowl of soup from her maid.

Song Qingyan shuddered at this. She knew how cruel and heartless Murong Xue could be. She knew in her heart that  if she disgraced her once again, Murong Xue would definitely burn her once more!

“Murong Xue, you win this time!” Song Qingyan shouted angrily, glaring at her and walked back to her room, with her steward lifting her injured arm.

The soup was indeed boiling hot! She had to clean herself up immediately; she could not let it burn through her skin!

Song Qingyan would remember what Murong Xue had done to her forever. She would return twofold the revenge when the time was right, leaving Murong Xue no choice but to beg her for mercy!

Song Qingyan walked to the end of the path and disappeared as she turned in the corner.

Murong Xue shook off thoughts of her as soon as she saw Song Qingyan walk away., By chance she noticed that the  golden purse on her waist had been drenched in soup!

She quickly took the purse from her waist and wiped off the damp filth using her handkerchief. She tried to be as careful as she could when she hit the bowl earlier, but still she could not a spill. Luckily it was on the purse instead of her skin…

This golden purse was given to her by Murong Ye. She had been so caught up with her work after the returning from Yushan that she kept forgetting to return it to him.  She wondered if the amulet inside the purse was wet too?

The amulet was passed down to him from their  mother, making it even more precious and valuable. Hopefully nothing would happen to it…

Murong Xue opened the purse at this thought and removed a thin piece of paper from inside. The paper was clean and there was no water stain at all, but wasn’t the amulet drawn on normal paper? Why was this on sheepskin?

Murong Xue opened up the amulet, feeling puzzled The sheepskin was old and had faded into a yellowish tone. She felt somewhat familiar with the black-inked letters written on it…

Murong Xue scrunched her eyebrows and tried to recall a  memory; the half picture she had stolen from Qing Yuyuan was similar to this, so what could it be…

Murong Xue’s eyes lit up as if she knew something. She clutched the sheepskin securely and ran to Luo Xue Ge…

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