Chapter 90 – Meeting Mu Liu Feng For the First Time

By | April 15, 2017

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“It’s me!” A young man drifted down in front of Murong Xue and replied in a high-spirited tone. He was wearing an elegant ebony colored long robe, the sleeves of which were embellished with a floral pattern.  His chest muscles were exposed a little as the sleeve slightly opened.

He was smiling amorously, and his perfect facial features made people go wild. His dark hair was combed to the back, making him truly mysterious and sexy. He was scrutinizing Murong Xue, and it was obvious that he was gallanting her!

“Who are you?” Murong Xue scowled. He seemed to be very close with her as he spoke, but she could not remember him in her memories.

“I forgot to introduce myself. I’m the prince from Cheng Guo Gong, Mu Liu Feng. You can call me Liu Feng or Feng!” Mu Liu Feng narrowed his eyes and smiled as he looked at her, his tone ambiguous. Murong Xue knitted her brows, “Prince Mu, I think we are not that close!”

Mu Liu Feng snapped closed his folding fan and looked at her in disagreement, “Our families are old family friends. Furthermore, my father and your father were best friends. Both of us can be considered childhood sweethearts, how can we be not close?”

“Bang!” Ouyang ShaoChen waved his hand and smashed Mu Liu Feng into the wall. He stood in front of Murong Xue and stared at him coldly, “Mu Liu Feng, you’re talking nonsense today!”

Mu Liu Feng turned around and rubbed of the blood from his nose with his handkerchief, as he said in a careless manner, “This is the first time I’ve met Murong Xue officially. I’m just a bit excited!”

Ouyang ShaoChen’s face darkened, “Yeah, you even talked about being childhood sweethearts with her…”

“Take it easy, even though we are childhood sweethearts, I will not steal her away from you…” Mu Liu Feng said in a low voice as he patted Ouyang ShaoChen’s shoulder to comfort him.

Ouyang ShaoChen frowned a little. He gave Mu Liu Feng a cold shoulder by beating away his hand, “Why did you come here and not stay in the house of Chen Guo Gong?”

“That’s obvious:  I am here to see your little wife, and tell you an important issue as well!” Mu Liu Feng said in a mysterious tone. He went to look for Ouyang ShaoChen in the house of Xiao Yao Wang, but since Ouyang ShaoChen came to the house of Zhen Guo Houhe followed him here.

Ouyang ShaoChen took a look at him, “So you’ve seen her. Now let’s discuss on the important issue.”

“It’s about Prince Jing, Ye Yichen.” Mu Liu Feng lowered his voice, stealing a look at Murong Xue.

Murong Xue knew she should not be there during the discussion, so she said sensibly, “You guys have a chat, I’ll ask the servants to get us some tea!”

Ouyang ShaoChen grabbed her hand as she was about to leave, and he looked at Mu Liu Feng briefly, “Xue Er is not an outsider, just go ahead and speak what is on your mind.”

Ouyang ShaoChen honestly trusted Murong Xue wholeheartedly as he chose to discuss her fiancé right in front of her. Since Ouyang ShaoChen did not bother doing so, Mu Liu Feng would not mind as well.

“The spies in the house of Chen Guo Gong have found out that Ye Yichen has been mys very mysterious recently. He’s looking for the treasure left by the royal ancestors.” Mu Liu Feng said seriously in a low voice.

“Treasure left by the royal ancestors?” A thought flashed across the mind of Murong Xue, it was so fast that she could not catch it in time. “Prince Jing has such a noble status. He’s filthy rich and living a luxurious life for generations. Why does he need to spend great effort to look for treasure?”

“No one will be contented with the money he has!” Mu Liu Feng said arrogantly, his eyes shining brightly. Ye Yichen is an overweeningly ambitious man. He is expanding his power silently and he seems to be unsatisfied with only being Prince Jing of Qing Yan.

Murong Xue blinked her eyes, “According to history, the previous Emperor was dissolute and debauched. He spent lavishly and made the country poor which resulted in the sufferings of the citizens. He was such a prodigal Emperor, how could there be any treasure?”

“That’s something you don’t know. Someone who could squander that much would definitely be in love with searching for gold, silver and jewelry. He will keep them in his vault quietly without being noticed. As a result, there must be a trove of priceless treasures!”

Mu Liu Feng continued his words, “Ye Yichen is a smart man, and he will not simply believe in rumors and do something meaningless. Since he sent his men to look for the treasure, it provens that the treasure truly exists…”

“You guys really have courage to block my way, get aside now…”

“I’m sorry, but there’s order from Ms. Murong. Without her permission, no one can enter her front yard…”

“All of you… I have something urgent that I need to see Prince Ouyang about right now. If anything goes wrong, are you going to bear the responsibility?”

The intense argument can be heard from inside. Murong Xue was speechless as she looked at the sky. The admirers of Ouyang ShaoChen came to her Luo Xue Ge to look for him, that was really too much.

She raised her brows as she stared at Ouyang ShaoChen, “Prince Ouyang, aren’t you supposed to go out and meet her?”

Ouyang ShaoChen said without any emotion, “I’m not free to see her, you go and bundle her off.”

Murong Xue’s face had grown murky, “She came here purposely for you, why am I the one to bundle her off?”

Ouyang ShaoChen took a look at her and said naturally, “This is your Luo Xue Ge. I am the guest here and you’re the host. I am being disturbed by other people at your place. Don’t you think you have the responsibility to solve the problem for me?”

This evil-hearted guy dared to ask for favors in such a logical way. That was abominable! If he wasn’t the guest of her house, she would certainly ignore him. If there is a next time, she will teach him a lesson for sure…

She glared at Ouyang ShaoChen as she walked out from the room unwillingly.

Staring at Murong Xue’s back, Mu Liu Feng showed his respect to Ouyang ShaoChen, “Prince Ouyang, I have to salute you. Both of you have not married yet and she’s beginning to chase other girls away from you. You’re truly capable…”

“To be honest, the position you hold, the good-looks you own, and you’re such a brilliant man with extensive knowledge… these attributes will attract girls to you. If Murong Xue was to marry you, she would have to continue to chasing girls away from you. It’s good for her to practice earlier on.”

Ouyang ShaoChen’s face had grown gloomy, “Do you think I am a flirty man?”

“You’re not flirty, but those girls like to stick themselves to you!” Mu Liu Feng narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Just like the one waiting for you outside Luo Xue Ge, she suddenly came here just for you…”

“Erm?” Ouyang ShaoChen looked straight at Mu Liu Feng, his gaze like an arrow shooting right towards Mu Liu Feng.

Mu Liu Feng was frightened. He could feel the chill flowing in his heart and he shivered a little. He coughed to camouflage his uneasiness, “I think…it’s better for us to continue on our discussion about Ye Yichen and the treasure…”

Ouyang ShaoChen answered him briefly and glanced at Murong Xue. She was walking out from Luo Xue Ge and raising her brow as she looked at the person waiting out there…

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