Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

The crew had prepared a room to be used as Jiang Yi’s private lounge. Unlike yesterday’s office that was used to shoot his scenes, this room was a private area. Jian Wei subconsciously held her breath when she went inside.

However – probably because he had just joined the crew – there wasn’t much of his personal stuff inside the lounge. At that moment Jian Wei suddenly perceived an acrid smell. Sher looked up and saw Jiang Yi standing near the window, taking a call with a cigarette in his hand.

Although Jiang Yi usually showed an indifferent attitude, in many aspects he was also quite headstrong. For example, although smoking was considered to be taboo and many male stars  tried not show that side to the public as much as possible, Jiang Yi was not the same. He seemed to be unconcerned about losing fans because of it. He even took a photo and confidently put it on his Weibo with the caption, ‘I like to do this ’.

Because of that, Jian Wei had known from early on that Jiang Yi was a smoker. As it was the first time that she had seen it with her own eyes, she couldn’t help but look at the scene curiously. A faintly smoking cigarette was sandwiched between the man’s slender fingers. He was silently listening to the person on the phone before he finally couldn’t tolerate it anymore and interrupted, “You said you can’t do anything about it,  so I don’t have to put up with your nonsense any longer.”

Jian Wei was biting her lips and she could feel her heart beating so fast that she couldn’t breathe. (*/w\*)

Jiang Yi hung up the phone call, then extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray before he turned to look at Jian Wei. Originally she was just letting her imagination running wild, but just a look from him caused her to become nervous once again.

He called her name, “Jian Wei.”

Jiang Yi’s voice was deep and low, his chest slightly reverberates when he speaks: the perfect bass sound.

Jian Wei never thought that her name could cause her to feel this jittery.

“Here! Lin Hao ge said, you have something to ask me?”

In fact, she’s a little bit confused. What could he ask her about? Is it…

Jiang Yi: “Did you meet with Zhou Peipei yesterday?”

Sure enough, Jian Wei nodded, “Yes, how did you know?”

Because of the hotel employee assumed that Zhou Peipei had forgot to bring her room card, he had helped her open the door and retrieve the cat.

He didn’t answer and kept stroking his chin. Seeing this, Jian Wei seemed to understand his intention and obediently told him, “Yesterday evening, I met with Zhou laoshi inside the elevator. Turns out she had already guessed that I was hiding under your desk in the office yesterday morning…”

Lin Hao was surprised and  asked, “You were hiding under the desk? Why would you hide under his desk?”

Jian Wei suddenly remembered that there were still other people inside this room and that her own words were rather ambiguous. Her face turned red. Lin Hao turned to look at Jiang Yi in disbelief, as if he was seeing a beast.

Jiang Yi met his eyes with a faint smile, “Now, do you want to ask the questions, or should I ask?”

Lin Hao waved his hands, “Of course, you should ask. It’s not appropriate for me to ask about it.”

Jian Wei: “…”

She tried to give an excuse, “Lin Hao ge, it’s not` what you think…”

“Don’t bother about him. You can continue,” interrupted Jiang Yi.

Jian Wei: “… Oh, okay.” Following her idol’s order, she immediately concentrated on recalling the event, looking just like when Yuan Gulu was staring at an incense jar, unmoved no matter how many times she called the cat. “Back then, Zhou laoshi misunderstood my relationship with you and she also saw my face. After we separated, I found out that the cat was missing, so I went to her room to find her.”

Jiang Yi squinted his eyes and with his hands inside his pockets, he went to stand in front of Jian Wei, “And then?”

The man was so tall that Jian Wei’s height only reached his chin. When he looked down, she suddenly felt an infinite pressure. She didn’t dare say anything else and cleanly confessed, “But she was already gone. Not only that, there was a smashed vase inside the room. Didn’t Zhou laoshi come back last night? Otherwise, I’ll worry that something might have happened to her…”

Jiang Yi didn’t speak for a few seconds after listening to her words. He walked back to the desk and picked up a cigarette. The next second, he suddenly realized that the there was a girl inside the room, and put the cigarette back.

Realizing that Jian Wei was also looking at him, Jiang Yi lounged against the table with his hands on either side of him as he smiled and said, “You guessed correctly. Zhou Peipei is gone.”

Two hours ago, Lin Hao received a call from Bai Lu, saying that Zhou Peipei didn’t return to the hotel since last night. Originally, she had given a call to Bai Lu, saying that she had important things to deal with and suggesting that Bai Lu should help her deal with the crew here. At that time Bai Lu agreed to do so, but as time passed, she still hadn’t returned and her phone didn’t connect, so Bai Lu finally panicked.

She didn’t dare immediately alert Zhu Jing, so she went to Jiang Yi first. After all, although there had been some conflicts between them, they were still from the same company and would always give help.

Everyone understood that if Zhou Peipei didn’t show up at the awards ceremony this evening, it would create a big problem.

Jian Wei was a little bit surprised that her own premonition was actually fulfilled: Zhou Peipei really did run away?

The next second, she suddenly reacted. If Zhou Peipei wasn’t found, what they were going to do about this evening thing?

My gege would go to the red carpet with whom?!

Lin Hao scratched his head worriedly, “Yi ge, there’s no other way. We’ve asked everywhere, no one seems to know where Zhao laoshi is. I think we should let Jing jie know about this matter. This thing is too big, there’s no way we can handle it…”

“Tell me about what?” The lounge door was opened, and the short middle-aged woman  standing in front of it coldly asked the question.

Lin Hao shivered nervously, “Jing…Jing jie! How come you are here?!”

The woman was indeed Zhu Jing. Originally Lin Hao had thought that she was at the company, and never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that she would appear directly in the studio. And from the look on her face, it seemed clear that she was already aware of the Zhou Peipei matter.

Sure enough, Zhu Jing took a big step and with a ‘SNAP’, she slammed her handbag on the table. “You really have great courage, even daring to hide this thing from me! If Bai Lu didn’t tell me about it on the phone, I’d be kept in the dark until the end!”

Bai Lu ah Bai Lu, you really are not reliable! We even helped you to hide the secret, so how could you drop the bomb first?!

Lin Hao cursed in his heart while giving Zhu Jing a pleasing smile, “We were afraid that you would rush over here, so we tried to solve it first before notifying you.”

“So, did you find the solution?” mocked Zhu Jing.

Lin Hao was speechless.

Jiang Yi: “Jing jie, even if she doesn’t go to the awards, I can go by myself.”

Zhu Jing instantly became furious, “Do you know what you’re talking about?! She has to go, how can she  not go?! The organizing committee has already informed me that tonight she will receive two awards. If she is absent, how should I explain it?!”

She stared at Jiang Yi, as if completely unable to understand his line of thought, “You clearly know that she is going against me intentionally, that she had no intention to stay? You like being fooled by her like this? The news that you two will walk the red carpet together tonight has already been released. If there is suddenly a change, how do you think the media will write about it? You don’t feel any shame, but I have to save your face, ah!”

She was a head shorter than Jiang Yi, but when she scolded him, she was absolutely  imposing. Lin Hao, who was watching the scene, was determined to help at first, but didn’t dare in the end and could only send a silent prayer towards Jiang Yi.

Don’t spill oil on an open fire ah…

“Miss…Miss Zhu, this…this thing is not related to Jiang laoshi,” suddenly said a weak voice.

Lin Hao, whose soul instantly returned, spun around and looked at Jian Wei who had held a hand up. Although she looked a little scared,  she still mustered the courage to look at Zhu Jing, “It’s all my fault. Yesterday, when I found out that something was amiss, I should have informed you right away.”

Because Zhu Jing had come in anger, and because Jian Wei was blocked by a cabinet, she had failed to realize that there was a third person in the room. She turned around in surprise. Although she was originally angry,t looking at Jian Wei’s face, she hesitantly asked, “Peipei? You come back?”

There was a flash of surprise in her eyes. She immediately tried to get close, but Jiang Yi reached out and pulled Jian Wei to stand behind him. Zhu Jing was puzzled and a little bit angry to be stopped by him, “Jiang Yi, what are you doing? Go away. I have something to talk about with her.”

“You look carefully. She is not Zhou Peipei.”

Zhu Jing’s brows were twisted, apparently finding what he said to be ridiculous. She looked past his shoulder to see Jian Wei and her eyes open wide in shock as she said, “You…you are not…but your face…”

She was suddenly speechless and became stiff for a while before she  uttered through clenched teeth, “In the end, what is this darned thing all about?!”

Jian Wei felt that the look that she gave her was like being pricked by needles. Just now, she had thought that there was no need to cover her face. There were only a few of them here, so Zhu Jing knowing about her presence wouldn’t have any big impact. Besides, who knew – maybe the next day Zhou Peipei might tell them know about her.

Jiang Yi explained, “Jing jie, this is my fan. She just happens to look a little bit like Peipei. They don’t have any relationship with each other.”

Zhu Jing’s expression was stiff as she struggled to digest the information. After a moment she raised her hand, preventing Lin Hao – who had opened his mouth – from speaking.

Lin Hao: “…”

She stared intently at Jian Wei as if she was examining something. Her face was void of any expression for a long time before she finally spoke: “You really aren’t Zhou Peipei?”

“I am not,” Jian Wei shook her head.

“Don’t know her?”

“I know her, but just as an ordinary person’s view of the star. We don’t have any special relationship with each other.”

Zhu Jing let out an “Oh” sound of understanding. She looked over at Jiang Yi and suddenly smiled, “You called this ‘looks a little bit like’?”

Jiang Yi shrugged, “They really just look a little bit similar. You’ll be able to distinguish them soon enough.”

In just an hour, Zhu Jing’s mood could be described as having gone up and down several times. The news about Zhou Peipei’s disappearance had caused her to want to stomp her feet in anger, but after seeing Jian Wei , she’d originally thought that Zhou Peipei had returned due to her conscience, that perhaps she had decided to return to end this predicament. Didn’t expect that she had celebrated too early.

At the moment, she no longer has the energy to be angry, walking over to have a seat at the desk, “What did you say just now? Yesterday, when you found out something was wrong, you should have informed us when Zhou Peipei first went missing?”

Hearing Jian Wei’s explanation, Zhu Jing couldn’t help but to sneer, “Of course she’s mad at you. Does she think that she can’t be replaced? Her face is not rare to come across. If I can create a star from it the first time, there’s no problem to create a second one!”

Jian Wei: …You cut Zhou Peipei, and I’ll provide a good cutting knife!

Zhu Jing said these things with a fire in her heart. Zhou Peipei disappearing at this point in time was definitely because she wanted to rebel against her. Zhu Jing didn’t think about what to do about the event tonight. Instead, she began to think of how to make Zhou Peipei regret her decision. She’s going to let her understand that even if she was popular, in the end, her agent was still the one who had the final say.

Zhu Jing stared at Jian Wei, her fingers unconsciously playing with the key. Really looked alike ah. Actually, she could easily tell that she was the wrong person because of the hairstyle, not the face. Zhou Peipei had long, waist length hair while this girl had shoulder-length hair.

If the hair was also changed…

An idea suddenly crossed her mind. In the next second, she suddenly clenched her fist, her palm feeling pained because of the key.

Jiang Yi suddenly said: “Jian Wei, you go out first. We will deal with this.”

“Wait a minute,” Zhu Jing raised her hand to stop her.

Jian Wei was a little hesitant. She didn’t know who to listen to at the end.

Zhu Jing smiled and asked, “Ah Yi, you said just now, this lady is your fan?”

Jiang Yi didn’t answer. Afraid that Zhu Jing would feel embarrassed, Jian Wei took the initiative to say: “Yes, I am Jiang laoshi’s fan…”

“Oh, how much do you like him?”

Jian Wei’s cheek became hot, “Quite a bit…”

“In that case, are you willing to help me…no, to help him?”

Jian Wei looked confused. Jiang Yi once again said, “Jing jie, let her go out first. Let’s talk privately about what you have in mind. Lin Hao, take her away.”

Zhu Jing said with a smile, “Don’t be nervous. It is just an idea. What do you think, if we let her attend the award ceremony instead of Zhou Peipei, will people recognize her?”


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