Chapter 9: Robe Men (Part 2)

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I pulled Hei Wa and started running all the way to the fork road. At the side, Hei Wa breathlessly asked: “What’s wrong? Why did we run?”

He didn’t see anything that’s why he got confused and just stared at me. But, I wasn’t able to say a word for a long time.

“Nothing, I… I, I just wanted to go back home soon so grandma won’t get worried. And about Teacher Chen, let’s not worry about her for now.” Although I honestly want to figure out her real identity, but my intuition tells me that she is a very dangerous being. So, I don’t want to get close to her.

Hei Wa looked at me in dazed and scratches his head. I didn’t try to explain too much, but I think that should be enough for now. Then, Hei Wa and I went to our house.

In these past few days, Hei Wa’s mother always come to our house to take care of grandma, so Hei Wa also comes here every day and then they will go home together.

Today at the door, I saw my grandfather was sitting in the hall, he was eating and drinking. He saw me and Hei Wa but he didn’t even greet us and just continue eating. Hei Wa’s mother always cook delicious food.

“I’ll go and see my grandmother, I’ll come back to eat.” I put down my bag and went in the backyard.

I haven’t gotten near in the threshold of the backyard, but I can already hear grandmother’s severe cough. My heart tighten when I heard it.

I went close to the backyard and saw Hei Wa’s mother come out of the room. The expression on her face is very ugly and when she saw me she said: “Don’t go in, your grandmother just fell asleep.”

“Aunt, how’s my grandmother?” I look toward the wooden door and felt uneasy.

Hei Wa’s mother reluctantly smiled and said that grandmother is feeling much better. She pulled me back in the house and we all eat dinner. Grandfather kept his silence, in front of other people he acts like a gentleman. But when Hei Wa and his mother left.

Grandfather’s face change and said: “You are not allowed to go to the backyard.”

“Why? Grandmother is ill, so I’m going to take care of her.” I frown and glared at my grandfather.

Ever since grandmother got sick he didn’t take care or look at her, he only keeps saying hurtful words.

“You’ve heard the village doctor’s instruction, right? He said your grandmother need a good rest. Do you think your grandmother can have a good rest if you go there everyday?” Grandpa’s tone strangely got a little soft.

So I just listened and didn’t say anything.

“Don’t worry, grandpa will go and see her at night. And Hei Wa’s mother will take good care of her everyday. So you don’t have to worry.” Grandpa said while drinking a mouthful of alcohol.

Although grandfather’s words sound very reasonable, but I’m still worried. Sot hat night, I went outside my room to go and see grandma.

In the backyard, I saw grandmother’s door is open and I can vaguely hear a cry.

Is grandma crying? I walk fast and went near the door. Through the backyard’s lights, I saw two people standing inside the room dressed in an ancient black robe.

Grandma is actually kneeling and excessively crying in front of them. It’s the first time that I’ve seen grandma cry so sadly.

“Grandma!” I called out.

As a result, the two men in ancient black robe turned their head and look at me. The moment I saw their face, my vision turn black and I fell to the ground.

When I woke up the next day, no matter how I tried, I still can’t remember the two robe men’s appearance. I only learn that they are high-class spirits and because of them grandmother was miraculously healed.

Now, I felt happy that grandmother is healthy again. But after she finished washing the laundry and finished cooking dinner. She told me that she will go to Secretary Ji Kang’s house.

I heard that Ji Chuan Cheng got sick. Grandma said that it was because he went inside Hei Wa’s room last time and the evil spirit rushed in his body. And now is the time to face the consequences of his actions.

However, Secretary Ji Kang refused to let my grandmother enter their house. As if my grandmother will only cost harm to his son.

So we went back home.


“Grandma, don’t worry about them. Your illness just got healed, so don’t force yourself.” I got worried that her disease will reoccur.

Grandmother said that Ji Chuan Cheng is innocent. He is still a kid just like me, so if something really happened, it would be too poor. When grandma said these words, she reached out her hand and touched my cheek, her eyes look very complex.

“Xiao Xi, we are running out of time. So if I can, I want to help more people.” her eyes flash with dismay.

“Grandma,  you can continue helping people when your body got healthy for a long time.” When I heard her words, I don’t know why I felt sad.

Grandma holds my face and smile. She also said that time sure passed by and she only realized now that I’ve grown big.

“Grandma, what are you saying ah?!” I covered grandmother’s mouth and felt shy.

Grandmother laughs and pushes my hand gently, she said: “Xiao Xi, grandmother is old now, so illness and death are normal.  But, you have to remember, when grandmother die you have to stay in the village.”

“What are you saying? Stay in the village just like you?” Grandpa on the side was drinking his alcohol, he lifted his disdainful eyes and retorted grandmother’s words: “Can you earn big money if you stay in the village? Xiao Xi, you should go the town and help your grandparents to live a good life.”

“No matter how good the outside world is they still have some flashy activity. Xiao Xi, just stay in the village and live in peace.” Grandma said it in a serious expression, so I cannot object.

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