Chapter 9: Robe Men (Part 1)

By | December 29, 2016

No matter how many times I asked him this whole morning, Hei Wa didn’t say anything. I got angry a little and told him that in these past few days grandmother was always asleep, so no one talks to me. And now, even him began to turn mute, I don’t even want to go to school today.

Having said that, I pretended to be angry and turned away. Hei Wa gently put his hand on my shoulder and then whispered nine words in my ear. Although it was only nine words, but I got a cold sweat.

I got stunned and stared back at Hei Wa: “You… you, why do you say that?”

Hei Wa pursed his lips and looked around. When he saw that all of our classmates are busy to play in the classroom, Hei Wa said that he will tell me the reason after the morning class.

“Mmm.” I nodded my head, it’s better if others will not hear this kind of thing.

After morning class, Hei Wa and I quickly come out of the classroom.  The two of us didn’t immediately go home but rather went to the back of the vegetable garden and talk.

“Hey, why are you saying that Teacher Chen is not a human?” I looked at Hei Wa and asked.

Yes, the nine words that Hei Wa whispered in my ear back then are: I suspect that Teacher Chen is not a human!

“Xiao Xi, that day in the mountains, I encountered a wounded serpent. That snake wants to attack me, so I grabbed a branch and stab it.” Hei Wa’s face looks calm and has dignified expression.

“Serpent? I also encountered one, but why is that related to Teacher Chen?” I asked suspiciously.

“Listen to me finish.” Hei Wa interrupted me and said: “After I stab that serpent, it suddenly disappeared. So I got scared and run desperately, but I felt that there was someone following behind me. When I looked back I saw Teacher Chen and her neck was bleeding. “Hei Wa said, his voice was trembling.

My eyes got wide and can’t say a word.

Hei Wa has a serious expression. Certainly, he is not joking with me because I vaguely saw that serpent woman’s face. And indeed, her face look a bit similar to Teacher Chen.

“Xiao Xi, your grandmother knows many things. Let’s tell her that so she can take a look if Teacher Chen is not really human.” He looked straight at me and suggested.

I immediately shook my head because grandmother’s body is getting worse. I don’t want to give more trouble to her.

When Hei Wa saw that I was shaking my head, he asked: “Is it because of me that’s why your grandmother’s body collapse?”

He lowered his head and blame himself. I tried to explain, but we heard a strange sound.

“Oh, I can’t wait. It’s very rare to have this opportunity.” Hei Wa and I heard a movement. Hei Wa raised his head and look toward the teacher’s office.

At this point, when the class ended, the teachers will also return to the teacher’s office.

“It sounds like the principal’s voice.” Hei Wa looked at me and said.

“Let’s go back first. We can’t let the principal see us here in his vegetable garden.”

“Mmm,” I nodded in agreement.

Our School Principal is only forty years old. Every Monday, he will stand in the school podium and delivered his self-righteous speech.

In fact, he didn’t even graduate from elementary. But because he has money, he built a school in the village. Since then, he considered himself as a first-class lecturer.

If he found out that we haven’t left the school, he will surely lecture us and won’t give us lunch meal tomorrow. So Hei Wa and I got up and patted the soil on our school uniform and ready to go.

“Hahaha, what’s the rush?” A woman’s delicate voice came into my ears. I immediately recognized that it was Teacher Chen’s voice.

Hei Wa and I look at each other. Then, the two of us crept towards the side of the window and didn’t leave.

Near the window, I really wanted to peep so I leaned back to look. Hei Wa who felt nervous keeps looking from the left and right side and didn’t peep.

Inside the office, I saw the president’s fat and short body was sticking close to Teacher Chen. I think I have seen this scene before, it was the same scene with Zhao Long and Liu Xiuli.

But, Lili was hysterically crying, while Teacher Chen is laughing. The principal’s face turn pink and his beard got wet from sweat, while Teacher Chen’s hands are tightly holding his fattened short neck.

“Xiao Xie?” Hei Wa who keeps looking around, finally gotten up the courage to look toward the office, but immediately covered his eyes.

In the office, the principal growl and release Teacher Chen. She then slowly sat above the desk and her eyes looked directly at me. I was caught from peeping.

I got startled and my body froze, but Teacher Chen raised the corner of her lips and seductively smile at me.

At that moment, I don’t know why I didn’t felt fear, but rather felt being oppressed by death. And this feeling made me suffocate.

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