Chapter 9 – She Loved to Trample Flowers (Part Two)

By | May 24, 2017

Everyone was leaving. As they were riding on their animal, a raise of dust formed in the air. It was the perfect occasion!

“Ah, it hurts!”


“Uh, this pain!”

Everyone, including Shao Quinrou, fell down from their saddle. Those people, that used to be well treated since birth, were now aching and covered in dust causing them to make a fool of themselves.

Lu Jiuche looked at her hands. She didn’t think it would be so easy, but she had become incredibly precise.

Perhaps, it was the fire of the King of Demons that helped her senses, strength, speed, and endurance to improved considerably.

Clenching her fist, Jiuche began to think.

The Canon of Medicine she used to own in her previous life was not, actually, just a medical book. The part of it that impressed her the most was the “magical needle of a thousand changes”, but she had never understood it before. Now, she thought maybe she did!

Luckily, she had memorized the whole book by heart!

However, the Canon of Medicine that the Lu family owned was only a small portion of the complete text. She didn’t really know the name of the book because her version had no title on it.

When she died, she had the book with her. Now, it was most likely been taken by those scoundrels…

What a pity.

By thinking that Lu Jiuche felt a weight on her chest, but she didn’t have the time to pay much attenton to it because she was brought back by the screams of pain.

“It hurts so much!”

“The pain is killing me! What will I do?!”

“Who did this?!”

Lu Jiuche laughed at the pathetic scene. The spot she hit causes a prolonged pain over a long time. The following day, those people wouldn’t be able to stand on their own two feet. She was wondering how they could take part of the test now.

Shao Qingrou, acting as a leader, was trying to ignore the pain, and she spoke to everyone else, “Don’t worry! We have been poisoned, I have the antidote!”

In saying that, she picked a green flask out of her bag.

Lu Jiuche knew that was Shao Qingrou’s space-bag. That item had a lot of room inside and was very precious.


Shao Qingrou supplied everyone with the antidote, but it didn’t do anything. On the contrary, the pain became even more intense, and some of them were rolling on the floor because of the cramps.

“Why doesn’t in work?!”

“Help me! Help me!”

Everyone was begging Shao Qingrou because they knew she was the only one who could fix the situation.

Shao Qingrou, for her part, couldn’t let them down because she had to keep her prestige intact.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry…”

“Oh, higher disciple, it hurts so much!”

Everybody was trying to cling onto Shao Qingrou, yanking her clothes to the point that her shoulders were being left exposed.


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