Chapter 9 – Duel

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“Teng” “Teng” “Teng”


The ferocious sound of wings hitting the sandy ground was audible. Yun Ye moved slightly and positioned himself in front of Yu Liu, and swiftly punched him hard on his face.


“What exactly happened?” Yu Lui thought as he tried to comprehend what was going on and completely astounded by the strong force that hit him earlier. Only a person who possessed the most vigorous power could defeat him that way. .


This was way out of his league.


“Yun Ye, you’re so arrogant, you’re about to die!” He shouted and rolled on the ground, avoiding Yun Ye’s punch.


Yun Ye was stunned by his action and he saw a shining black emitting from Yu Liu’s hand. It was a sword, a long black sword. The edge of the sword was sharp and it was a three-inch lethal weapon, like a poisonous snake ready to strike.

Divine weapon, this must be a divine weapon.


Each divine weapon was considered precious, even   though it belonged to the disciples of Tian Jian House. He never thought that Yu Liu would own this divine sword, it had an intimidating aura, and powerful magnetic waves could be felt radiating from it.


“Tian Jian House, was indeed famous for its sword. Yun Ye, you must   be aware that this is a divine sword, even though it is of the lowest range, you cannot defeat this. I will let you live, if you kneel down and beg for mercy now.” Yu Liu had to take out this precious weapon, and was almost killed by the strong force just now; he had to gain his confidence back.


Yun Ye’s face darkened, he had only heard of this divine weapon but had never seen one in his life. Rumor had it that this sword could slice off metal like paper, and  with the insertion of its owner’s divine power it  was likely to be ten times stronger .


Divine weapon was classified as first class, mid class and third class, he wondered which category this sword fell, but if Yu Liu could control it with his skilled celestial aura, even   though this sword was of the lowest range, Yun Ye would be half-dead with just one slash.


Yun Ye stared at the sword, feeling its powerful aura. Suddenly, he moved as swift as a lightning as he could not afford to hesitate at this point.


Without any practice of his skill,  Yun Ye pushed himself hard to continue fighting with the transformation of the black and white aura, his speed was limitless.


Within a fraction of a second, he struck Yu Liu with all his might, he did not care whether he was holding the divine sword or not.


Yu Liu felt hopeless, he had the most powerful weapon on earth, yet all he was capable of doing was merely scaring his enemy, since he had no additional power to activate it now.


Yun Ye was so focused, he was completely defeated. He knew what to expect next, when it finally hit his body with great force, it was so strong that it crushed his internal organs and bones, killing him instantly.


“How could this be?” Yu Liu disorderly thought. He was winning previously before Yun Ye dashed forward towards him so fast.


A gust of strong wind blew across as he shouted, “How dare you!” before Yun Ye could make his next move, a strong force fell on Yu Liu’s body.


His body tilted slightly but Yun Ye’s punch still landed on his right arm.


With one blow Yu Liu’s arm was crushed into pieces, it exploded right away, and blood was spilled everywhere.


“How dare you!” shouted someone. This time, it was close; the voice was so loud that it hit hard on their eardrums. The next thing he saw was, few figures falling from the sky, with each of them   holding a long sword.


Three disciples of Tian Jian in black stood in front of them, they were tall and fierce-looking, and their swords were marked with purple to indicate that they were of Tian Jian.


These disciples were not someone who could be fooled around with; they were nearly all as skilled as their masters were. He heard that they had completed their training and all were almost at the same level as the Gods, currently practicing to move to the second stage, which was meditation.


This type of meditation was different from what they had learnt on earth. The earthly fighting skill was to build up their body and bones to be stronger and unbeatable, they could learn up to a point where their bloodstream was free from external substances.


No matter how hard they practiced this skill, it could not be compared with the godly aura. Even if they had practiced to the maximum level, they could only felt tiny senses of the aura in their bodies.


However, Godly meditation was completely different. This skill could bring one up to Gods’ level. The Godly aura would flow into the body through practice, with this; the person could kill anyone from across the place. This skilled warrior could not be defeated easily even if there were hundreds of Yun Ye.


Yun Ye had always thought that these types of students were astonishing yet reasonable.

However, would these people be fair? The three disciples in black stared coldly at Yun Ye.

Yun Ye breathed in hard and felt a sharp tingling sensation across his body.


“What happened?” One of them broke the silence and asked, looking at Yu Liu. Yu Liu felt relieved, he was wounded badly with his arm crushed, his face was pale because of the pain, and sweat was rolling down his forehead. He ignored his injury and replied, “Qing Qianhan brother, I did not obey the command of Dao Liu Lie, and made mistakes several times, I should be punished.”


Qing Qianhan squinted his eyebrows and turned to look at Yun Ye, “What is your name?”

Yun Ye smirked and said, “Yun Ye.” Qing Qianhan laughed out evilly, “You are the disciple of Zha Yi, now you’ve hurt one of our people from Tian Zhu Valley, death is the only solution, we will persecute you now, what do you say?”


Yun Ye stated, “Master Qing, I think you’re missing something.” Qing Qianhan who was taken aback said, “What did I miss?” Yun Ye turned and looked at Yu Liu, “I remember one of the rules is that nobody is allowed to use the divine weapon unless it was a fight in the respective houses. I don’t care which law is that, but he used the divine weapon on me here, it was considered as felony.”


Qing Qianhan squinted even more, and he was boiling inside. He was not of the same status as Dao Lie Liu and Liu Ye, yet they were both famous leaders of the clan, if this news was spread and reached the ears of their elders, his punishment would have been heavier than Yu Liu.


“Yu Liu, what do you say?” he asked. Yu Liu had completely forgotten about this, he shuddered at the thought of breaking the law. “Was he the one who attacked first or were both of you fighting here?” Qing Qianhan asked solemnly.


Yu Liu understood his signal and said, “Brother Qianhan, I was injured earlier so I couldn’t think straight. We were both fighting publicly here, everyone saw that.” “If that was true, it wasn’t really your fault.” Qing Qianhan looked at Yun Ye, “what do you have to say now?”


Yun Ye smiled, “let’s deal with this now.” Qing Qianhan was furious, he could feel the killing aura was releasing from his body, “what did you say?”


Yun Ye did not look at him, he replied nonchalantly, “We will fight this with justice, and leave our lives to destiny.” Qing Qianhan looked at Yu Liu, “if that’s the case, your fight was interrupted because of me just now, that is why you’re injured. You go clean up and continue fighting.”


Yu Liu smirked. He had not yet fully recovered from his injured aura, now that Qing Qianhan had bought him some time to recover, he was sure that he could win this duel and settle Yun Ye with ease!


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