Chapter 9.2

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Carefully bring the bowl of porridge to the living room, Ah Yao blew into Mo Zhen’s ears, “Mo Zhen, get up to eat.”

Mo Zhen’s eyelashes trembled and finally opened his eyes and stared at the enlarged face in front of him, “too close.”

Ah Yao gave a cry, and took a step back, “Eat it while it’s hot, or else you’ll get stomach pain again.”

Since he had just taken stomach medicine, the stomach pain had already eased a lot, Mo Zhen slowly sat up from the couch, and stared at the hot bowl of porridge floating in front of him silently.

“Uh … …” Ah Yao floated a step back, her eyes glancing around the room, “Do not judge this porridge for looking ordinary, it actually tastes very good ah!

Mo Zhen lazily lifted his eyes to glance at Ah Yao, could not help but chuckle, “You are a genius chef?”

“No, but I am the small head of the household!” Ah Yao said this with an authorative tone as if she was really a small head of a household.

(Meaning, she is kind of the authoraitive figure in her family despite being young)

Mo Zhen chucked as he bent down, picked up the spoon to eat up. Ah Yao carefully watched Mo Zhen’s expression and finally nervously asked: “how does it taste?”

“Not bad.” Mo Zhen said honestly, this ghost had some merit at least. Hearing Mo Zhen’s praise, Ah Yao floated around the living room a couple times happily.

“How did you scare away Xiao Xi today?” Mo Zhen continued to eat his porridge and looked up to stare at Ah Yao.

“Ah, this ah!” Now that they were talking about this, Ah Yao became very excited, “This is it!” The TV screen turned on and the living room light started to flash erratically.

Mo Zhen’s mouth twitched, “That’s enough, thank you.”

“Oh.” Ah Yao stopped with a disappointed look on her face, but in not even two seconds, her spirits picked up and she excitedly exclaimed to Mo Zhen, “You should’ve seen her frightened state, shouting “GHOST” as she ran out as if something was chasing her Ha ha ha ha! ”

Mo Zhen looked at the proud expression on Ah Yao’s face, unknowingly, the ends of his mouth were raised as he lowered his head to continue to drinkt he porridge.

When Mo Zhen finished the bowl of porridge, he had originally wanted Ah Yao to wash the dishes, after all, she was free-loading off of him, people need to earn their keep.

He raised his head to look at Ah Yao, his brow was subconsciously wrinkled, “What’s wrong?”

“Well … …” Ah Yao looked down at her body, it was transparent to the point where it looked like it almost disappeared, “Nothing, just a little tired.” Today, scaring Xiao Xi and making porridge for Mo Zhen had consumed too much strength, she could barely even stand up in this state.

“If I take a break I’ll be fine.” Ah Yao said as she floated to the side of the sofa and curled into a ball.

Mo Zhen looked away for a while, and saw her eyes closed as if she was in a deep sleep, he gently got up from the sofa, carrying the bowl to the kitchen.

These pots and pans, tomorrow he would call Tang Qiang to clean them.

# Get up every day to see Tang Qiang being ridiculed_ (:  “∠) _ #

(This is sort of a pun, because the word for ridicule in pinyin is also Tang Qiang)

Mo Zhen took a bath, the pain in his stomach had completely subsided by now. He changed a set of new pajamas and walked down to the first floor, Ah Yao was still curled up in the corner of the sofa, her eyes closed as she was fast asleep.

Silver moonlight quietly spilled from the window and casted a silver halo on Ah Yao’s sleeping head. Her thick eyelashes were dyed silver from the light and the long hair ran down her shoulders, laying starkly contrast to the pale white arms, and down to her waist.

This scene made Mo Zhen remember the Sleeping Beauty fairytale, it was as if he was a prince, as long as you kissed her, you could wake the sleeping princess.

Mo Zhen bit his lip, cursing the image that was reflected in his heart. He had such a ridiculous idea! He had just wanted to kiss this ghost!

It was most likely because the ghost was too beautiful that it enticed him! Using beauty to confuse him, it was simply too evil!

Mo Zhen turned to go to the second floor, quietly shutting the door.

In the living room, Ah Yao woke up from her slumber and slowly opened her eyes. She glanced at the second floor, yawned from the sofa and sat up.

It was very quiet at night, even the sound of insects could not be heard. Although the ghost has been floating around for a very long time, but in the dead of night, it was inevitable that Ah Yao would feel a little bit lonely.

She idly floated around the living room for a few laps, and finally opened the laptop that was sitting on the computer table.

Thinking about the photo of the fruit pudding that Xiao Xi had posted this afternoon, Ah Yao opened the browser and directly went to the Cape Forum.

When she arrived on the home page, her suspicions were confirmed the post  “Mo Zhen really is the fruit pudding powder, there are pictures of the truth,” was straight on the front page.

But because this post was on the home page, and it was only a picture of fruit pudding it could not really explain anything. And the other members who had come in later could only use the keyboard to type LSZB rapidly, so that the post had become buried deep.

(LZ means the user that posted, and ZB means stupid, they are basically cursing the user who had posted the picture)

But it was now busy in the forum, thanks to the owner of the picture had posted another reply at a later time.

“There’s a ghost in Mo Zhen’s house ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can feel Mo Zhen warming up to our little ghost, what did I say, food is love, love is food, even if it’s porridge ah.

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