Chapter 9.1

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Ah Yao quickly cleaned up the mess she had made, and dug up all the cameras and bugs that were hidden, just in time to see Mo Zhen coming back home.

“Your assistant is two-faced ah, she secretly installed a camera and a bug in your bedroom and she even held onto your quilt and rolled in your bed!”

Mo Zhen’s raised his eyebrow when he heard this, “What did you say?”

“I said that Xiao Xi is two-faced ah!” Ah Yao waved her hand as all the cameras and bugs came flying over, “Do you see?! This is the evidence of her committing the crime!”

Mo Zhen saw the floating thing in the air and held one in his palm. Taking out his cell phone, Mo Zhen directly dialed the phone and waited. The phone had only just rung twice and was immediately connected, “How are you, Emperor Mo? Your food should’ve been already taken care of by Xiao Xi.”

Hearing Xiao Xi’s name coming from Tang Qiang’s mouth made Mo Zhen frown: “Xiao Xi installed cameras and bugs in my room.”

“What?” The voice on the other end of the phone exclaimed in surprise, Tang Qiang cautiously asked, “How did you find out?”

“How I found out is none of your business, the main point is that I did find out.” Mo Zhen’s voice sounded extremely unhappy, “How do you intend to deal with this?”

Tang Qiang frowned for a moment and asked: “She did not take anything, right?”

Mo Zhen replied, “Most likely not.”

“That’s good.” Tang Qiang let out a sigh of relief, “I’ll have to deal with this then, where is Xiao Xi right now?”

Mo Zhen looked Ah Yao.

Ah Yao blinked innocently, “I accidently scared her away.”

Mo Zhen exhaled and answered: “Don’t know.”

“Alright, I’ll take care of it, you do not have to worry about it anymore.”

“En.” Mo Zhen finished, and hung up the phone quickly.

He searched the room again, from the carpet to the bathroom ceiling, when Mo Zhen had determined that there was nothing else hidden, he asked Ah Yao who was standing behind him: “Did she touch anything else?”

Ah Yao pointed to the big closet in Mo Zhen’s bedroom, “Your clothes.”


Mo Zhen’s veins on his forehead bulged as he walked up to open the closet, “Which one?”

“This one.” Ah Yao pointed to the pair of pajamas that Mo Zhen usually slept in.

Mo Zhen pulled out the pair of pajamas, and disgustingly thrown it into the trash can.

Ah Yao looked at the behavior of Mo Zhen and kindly reminded him: “She also slept in your bed.”


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Mo Zhen’s annoyance doubled as he said angrily, “I don’t want this bed either.” These economic losses were all going to be placed onto Tang Qiang’s head!

Ah Yao, listening to Mo Zhen, widened her eyes in surprise,”Then where will you sleep tonight? ”

“Room!” Beside Mo Zhen’s master bedroom was a small guest room that was unoccupied, it would’ve never been thought that it would finally come in handy at a time like this.

Mo Zhen decided to stay in that room until his new bed arrived.

He worked busily like this until it was 10 o clock at night. The stomach suddenly came a burst of colic, reminding Mo Zhen he did not eat dinner – and because it had too much gas, he could feel the pain in his stomach.

Watching as Mo Zhen’s face had suddenly turned pale, Ah Yao was extremely started, “Are you okay?!”

Mo Zhen frowned, but did not answer, leaning on the handrail of the stairs, he went down to the second floor. He poured a cup of hot water and sat on the sofa breathing heavily a few times, but the pain in his stomach did not get any better.

“What’s the matter with you? Is it a stomachache?”

“Do not move, your shaking makes me dizzy!”

Ah Yao obediently stopped and looked helplessly at Mo Zhen.

“There is medicine in the second drawer on the left side of the TV cabinet, help me get it.” Mo Zhen leaned on the sofa, his forehead has been exuded a thin layer of thin sweat.

“Ah!” Ah Yao turned to the TV cabinet, found the drug, floated worriedly in front of Mo Zhen, and handed him a cup of hot water, “Quickly eat the medicine.”

Mo Zhen’s left hand clutched his stomach as he sat up from the sofa, took out a few tablets of medicine, and then arranged in accordance with the size of the pills in order, swallowing them.

Ah Yao: “… …”

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is really a great disease; it was even more important than stomach pain.

Mo Zhen ate the medicine, and lay down on the sofa. Ah Yao looked at him as she wrinkled her eyebrows, and drifted into the kitchen to make some dinner.

Since he had a stomachache, she should make something that was easy to digest; Ah Yao opened the refrigerator and looked at all the ingredients and finally came to a decision- she would boil porridge.

Fortunately, Tang Qiang came regularly to Mo Zhen’s house to deliver rice. Ah Yao quickly found the location of the rice bags, and started to boil the water.

Listening to the clunking of pots in the kitchen, Mo Zhen opened his eyes slightly, and then looked at the pots and pans in the kitchen floating by themselves, and then silently closed his eyes again.

Ah Yao was busy in the kitchen for half an hour, and finally presented the porridge to Mo Zhen.


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