Chapter 89 – Deadly Trap

By | April 14, 2017

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Ouyang ShaoChen was about to leave, but he halted as soon as he heard her words. He smiled softly, “Great!”

Ouyang ShaoChen sauntered into the house of Zhen Guo Hou together with Murong Xue. The faint sunlight enveloped them both.  It was such a picturesque scene.

The servants who were tidying could not help but steal a look at them; they were so well suited to each other. Without anyone noticing,, a servant girl sneaked into Yu Tang Hall and reported the incident to Du Shi!

Du Shi narrowed her shrewd eyes after listening to her words, “Ouyang ShaoChen responded to her invitation and entered our house? Are you sure about it?”

“Madam, I’m hundred percent sure about it!” The servant girl nodded profusely. There is only one man in the world who is this elegant and noble, and he is Ouyang ShaoChen. She can definitely recognize him.

“What’s going on then?” Du Shi knitted her brow tightly. People said that Prince Xiao Yao Wang was a solitary individual. He was even discourteous to the ministers in the imperial court, so how could he respond to the invitation of Murong Xue?

“What could it be? The hero becomes a prisoner of love.” Murong Jian who was sitting beside her spoke suddenly: “can see clearly the tender, loving and care he has for her. I am certain that Ouyang ShaoChen is in love with Murong Xue.”

Du Shi shook her head in disagreement, “Ouyang ShaoChen has been to various countries in the world and seen numerous pretty ladies. How is it possible for him to fall for a fourteen year-old young girl like Murong Xue?”

“You can’t make a conclusion like that. Murong Xue’s features are very like with her mother’s. She is undeniably a great beauty in the world. Even though Ouyang ShaoChen has been to so many places, it’s unlikely that he has encountered  ladies who are prettier than Murong Xue.” said Murong Jian.

Du Shi’s face had grown gloomy instantly. She could not believe but she also could not deny the fact that Murong Xue was honestly good-looking. She was born with nice facial features which would make young men go crazy for her. Sometimes even Du Shi would lose focus when she looked at Murong Xue. If she was not sick and had to stay in Luo Xue Ge all the time, then she would be famous as the exceedingly beautiful lady and would be the talk of the town.

“Ouyang ShaoChen is here to back up Murong Xue. We can’t battle with her anymore, or it will lead to our own destruction.” This evil girl was so innately smart that she found herself such a great support.

“It’s indefinite!” Murong Jian smiled in an unfathomable manner, “Men will always disdain the old one when they get someone new. Ouyang ShaoChen’s attraction to Murong Xue is probably due to the feeling of freshness. If we could find someone to fascinate Ouyang ShaoChen, we could still tackle Murong Xue.”

Du Shi was enlightened, “You mean…”

“That’s right!” Murong Jian nodded, grinning as he looked toward Song Qing Yan,  scrutinizing her thoroughly.

Song Qing Yan felt uneasy and tightened her clothes imperceptibly, “Uncle, why are you looking at me in such a way?”

“Qing Yan has grown up now.” Murong Jian smiled. He had an ulterior motive going on in his mind.

“Well, she is around the age to get married !” Du Shi continued, her face suffused with smile.

Song Qing Yan blushed instantly and spoke in a girlish voice, “Great grandmother, you’re making fun of me again…”

“Great grandmother was only telling the truth!” Du Shi glanced at her flushed face as she asked, “ Qing Yan, do you like Prince Ouyang?”

Song Qing Yan was stunned at the thought. The glamorous face of Ouyang ShaoChen appeared in her mind and she blushed again, but she said in a bitter and astringent manner, “Ouyang ShaoChen is a wonderful man, he is the dream man for every girl – but he would not give me a thought…”

“You’ve not tried before, how do you know he is not interested in you?” Murong Jian interrupted her in a low voice.

Song Qing Yan was lost for a moment, “Uncle, what do you mean?”

“The chemistry between male and female will only be created through daily interaction and communication. You have not even spoken to Ouyang ShaoChen, so how could he get to know you and fall in love with you?” Murong Jian took a look at her, “If you want someone to fall for you, you must talk to him more, create more topics to discuss, let him remember you…”

Song Qing Yan understood clearly now: how did she know Prince Ouyang is not interested in her when she had hardly spoken to him?

“Thanks for your advice, uncle. I have something going on, so I’ll have to leave now.” Song Qing Yan dashed out, her eyes filled with intense excitement and happiness. Prince Ouyang is right here in the house of Zhen Guo Hou. She can approach him straight away right now and snatch him from Murong Xue, giving her a big blow!

Looking at Song Qing Yan’s back, Du Shi was anxious, “Do you think Ouyang ShaoChen will fall for Qing Yan?”

It was not that she looked down on her grandchild, but in fact Qing Yan was indeed an ordinary girl. People hardly ever noticed her…

“Just rest assured, Qing Yan will not disappoint us!” Murong Jian smiled. He was too profound to be understood.

Ouyang ShaoChen had travelled for ten years with so much exposure, but he was not interested in any girl until he met Murong Xue. It was obvious that he liked Murong Xue!

Although Song Qing Yan was not as beautiful as Murong Xue, she was almost same age as Murong Xue. Moreover, she was Murong Xue’s cousin; she must have some common resemblances to Murong Xue. As long as she tried hard enough she could definitely attract Ouyang ShaoChen, make him enter their camp, and become their strong support.

By that time, Murong Xue would be alone and they could do anything they wanted to her. They could get the position of Zhen Guo Hou easily as well.

Murong Xue did not know their wicked plan as she ambled into Luo Xue Ge.

“Wang! Wang!” a white silhouette pounced. Murong Xue wanted to catch it, but it went across Murong Xue and threw itself towards Ouyang ShaoChen. It revolved around him, it was cheered up.

“You’re…very close with it?” Murong Xue raised her brow as she looked at Ouyang ShaoChen. It was the third time he visited her room. The previous times Bei Bei was not there, so how could it be this happy when it sees him now?

Ouyang ShaoChen looked at her confused face and smiled involuntarily. He squatted down and stroked its head, “I think we can be considered quite close. When I got it back to my house, it was just a newborn baby that had fainted at the mountain road. I took care of it for three months until one day it ran out and did not come back again…”

Murong Xue blinked her eyes. She knew the incident that happened after that. Bei Bei was caught and sold to the coliseum, and coincidently she bought it…

“Since Bei Bei belongs to your, you can just bring it back with you.” Murong Xue was loath to part with Bei Bei, but he knew Bei Bei earlier than she did and he was Bei Bei’s rightful owner, so she should come between them.

Looking at her sad gaze, Ouyang ShaoChen lifted the corner of his mouth, “I have many bodyguards with me, so I don’t need it. I think you should have it.”

A lot of things annoyed her at this moment; she did not need Bei Bei with her as well!

Murong Xue was about to speak, but all of sudden she heard a voice. She looked toward the direction and asked, “Who’s that?”

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