Chapter 88: Not…

By | June 22, 2017

It’s Xixi’s Birthday! (Psst! She’s a big girl now xoxo)

Chapter 88: Not Stimulating Enough

It was oblivious to her how much damage she’d dealt to Gu Yanhao with that slight movement.


Being brushed against, the ‘little guy’ turned tyrannical in ‘his’ demands, becoming hotter, thicker, and harder. An inexplicable tinge of pleasure made Gu Yanhao sucked in a sharp breath.

“Don’t move or tamper with me!” Gu Yanhao warned Song Wuyou through gritted teeth as he suppressed the evil heat twisting in his groin.

“Who is the one that was tampering?!” Song Wuyou mumbled wryly, finding the situation funny.

“What to do?” Gu Yanhao’s hoarse voice whispered as his forehead furrowed deeply.

Song Wuyou retorted, “What ‘what to do?’

“It feels so…extremely uncomfortable.” This was the most difficult moment in his twenty-seven years of life.

“………..” Song Wuyou of course understood which aspect of uncomfortable the man was referring to.

“Song Wuyou, help me.”

Song Wuyou’s face froze, and she asked stiffly, “How am I supposed to help you?”

“Hand is good, mouth is fine too.”

Hearing this, Song Wuyou suddenly felt…queasy. Song Wuyou turned over abruptly, facing Gu Yanhao with a sly smile on her face, “Really, really uncomfortable?”

Her smile was beautiful…yet it gave off a feeling of danger.

Gu Yanhao, however, practically had sperm invading his brain cells at the moment and neglected the signs, noticing only the beauty and charm. He nodded enthusiastically, his sultry, gravelly voice sounding spoiled, “En, uncomfortable… very uncomfortable.”

“I have a sure-fire, stimulating way to take away this uncomfortable feeling. Do you want to give it a try?” Song Wuyou’s smiling face became the sole focus in his eyes, as if all of his senses had flown out of the window in the face of her enticing charm.

Gu Yanhao’s lit up brightly and a trace of anticipation flashed in them.

Song Wuyou asked again, “Do you want to try it?”

“What do you think?!” Gu Yanhao’s cocked eyebrow, a hint of dissatisfaction in his voice at her delaying tactics.

“That means you want to try?” Song Wuyou flashed a million-watt smile.

“Quick, I’m dying here.”

Women would never understand the torture men suffer holding themselves back at times like these.

“Okay, coming right up…”

As she spoke, Song Wuyou positioned both her hands behind her, and when the word ‘up’ came out from her lips, her legs shot out with a double kick.

One foot struck Gu Yanhao’s chest and the other leg coincidentally slammed directly on the ‘little guy.’

“F*ck! Shhh~~!”

Gu Yanhao‒who had all his defenses down, tumbled awkwardly, rolling off the bed and onto the floor.

His scream was not due to Song Wuyou’s kick, but when Song Wuyou’s foot kicked the little guy, a sharp pain shot through him…followed by a flow of pleasure.

This scream of his was of pain intermingled with unexpected pleasure.

“Song Wuyou—!!!”


Song Jiuyue was just passing by their door when Gu Yanhao’s scream and Song Wuyou’s giggle came from behind the doors. As if roots grew from her feet, Song Jiuyue seemed rooted on the spot, raising her head in the direction of the door.

What are they doing inside?

Song Wuyou, that slut actually laughed so happily?

The most important point was, Gu Yanhao’s hoarse scream sounds like…sounds like they are doing that!

“Did it feel good?” Song Wuyou’s voice sounded.

“Not good enough,” came Gu Yanhao’s reply.

Song Wuyou: “Not pleasurable enough?”

Gu Yanhao: “Damn. woman!”

Song Wuyou: “You were the one who said you wanted it?”

Gu Yanhao: “This is the stimulating part?”

Song Wuyou: “Is it not stimulating enough?”

Gu Yanhao: “Don’t you have some fresher ideas?”



Eavesdropping on their banter, Song Jiuyue cursed Song Wuyou many times over in her heart.

Song Wuyou, this slut, actually dared to give Gu Yanhao a stimulant here?!



Which of these do men dislike?

Song Wuyou uses such obnoxiously low tricks to lure Gu Yanhao?



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    I imagine for some people anyone who thwarts their desires is a slut/bastard/whatever. It does get tiresome as a mental insult, though. Don’t these antagonists (or possibly authors?) know any other way to verbally express displeasure and disdain?

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