Chapter 88 – Crafty Plots

By | April 13, 2017

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“It’s me!” A purple silhouette with an arrogant voice appeared three meters away. She had a perfect bodyline and sharp figure, she was the princess of Mobei, Qin Yuyuan.

Song Qing Yan widened her eyes in surprise. Qin Yuyuan was the noble princess of Mobei and the sweetheart of the knight of Qing Yan, Prince Ye Yichen. Before this, she was totally not related to her, “Princess Qin, why are you helping me?”

“Because I cannot bear the sight of Murong Xue!” Qin Yuyuan said coldly.Yichen gave her the best medicine. Her external and internal injuries recovered at the fastest speed, but she could never forget how Murong Xue had whacked and insulted her. She will only feel relief after tearing Murong Xue into pieces.

Looking at her furious gaze, Song Qing Yan suddenly remembered the incident in which Murong Xue and Qin Yuyuan were having a debate during dinner. Qin Yuyuan was the sweetheart of Ye Yichen, his fiancée was definitely an eyesore to her, and so she was helping Song Qing Yan teach Murong Xue a valuable lesson.

“Princess Qin, what are you planning to do?” She hated Murong Xue very much. She would be overwhelmed with joy if Murong Xue was punished.

“I’m coming up with a brilliant idea to torture Murong Xue and vent your anger, Ms. Song…” Qin Yuyuan said gently with a cold gaze.

“Please do so, Princess Qin!” Song Qing Yan was smiling happily. She had no wayto fight against Murong Xue,and she  was disliked by most of her family, and so she could not take revenge on Murong Xue by herself. Qin Yuyuan was the sweetheart of the knight, Prince Ye Yichen. They had so much manpower that if she wanted to punish Murong Xue, it would be a piece of cake.

Song Qing Yan accepted her help so easily that it was obvious that she loathed Murong Xue very much. Murong Xue must have committed all sorts of wicked actions.

Harshness flashed in Qin Yuyuan’s eyes, “Morong Xue is very smart so we cannot rush. We have to come up with an explicit plan to scheme against her. I’ll think of the most brutal way to torture her. I’ll make her unable to either  live or die, simply to appease your anger, Ms. Song.”

“Thanks a lot, Princess Qin.” Song Qing Yan looked at her with great gratitude.

“Don’t mention it!” Qin Yuyuan looked at Song Qing Yan briefly and said, “I have encountered some difficulties lately, and I want you to do me a favor. Are you willing to do so?”

“What’s that? Just speak what’s on your mind, Princess Qin.” Song Qing Yan looked at her sincerely. She was willing to do anything that would harm Murong Xue and make her suffer.

Murong Xue opened her eyes in a daze, the warm sunlight caressed her face. She narrowed her eyes as the scent of flowers surrounded her. She could not tell why, but she was really refreshed and feeling great.

She lifted her arms out of the blanket and wanted to stretch her body. Her skin felt a chill and she shivered a little. She was frightened at that moment as she realized her arms were naked and she was only wearing her tube and pants.

She could see the sky green colored curtain, the red sandalwood furniture and the exquisite antique vase. She was taken aback and immediately sat up straight: This is not her room!

“You’re awake.” Murong Xue was stunned to hear a man’s voice. Looking in the direction the voice came from, she saw Ouyang ShaoChen coming out from the screen. He was wearing a snow white shirt with a delicate floral pattern on its sleeves. The shirt resonated with his noble status while the steam from his back indicated that he just had his bath.

Murong Xue examined her surrounding and noticed that she was in the house of Xiao Yao Wang. This was Ouyang ShaoChen’s room. She has been here before, but… “Why am I here?”

The silk blanket slipped down and Murong Xue’s pale and moist skin was exposed instantly. Her delicate collarbone was a breathtaking sight to be seen. Ouyang ShaoChen looked away from her in a gentlemanly manner and said, “You were drunk when we were on our way back to the capital from the army camp, don’t you remember?”

Murong Xue blinked her eyes as she recalled that she drank the half bottle of “water”. Her face darkened immediately. People would fill the water bottle with water, but Ouyang ShaoChen filling it with liquor? Tat was seriously weird. “What’s the time now?”

“Chen Shi (7 to 9 in the morning)!” Ouyang ShaoChen said gently.

Murong Xue raised her brow. When she was drunk, it was Wu Shi (11 to 1 in the afternoon), and it was Chen Shi now.  She had been  drunk for more than twenty hours… the aftereffect of Ling Long Zui was indeed very great.

Murong Xue turned around and prepared to dress. She saw her reflection clearly in the bronze mirror not far away from her. Her lips were vivid red in color and her pale neck had some red spots on it. She frowned a little as she stroked the red spots, “Prince Ouyang, there are mosquitoes in your room!”

“Mosquitoes?” Ouyang ShaoChen scowled. His room was filled with extraordinary spices that repelled mosquitoes. It was impossible for mosquitoes to exist in his room, “I think you’re mistaken.”

“How is that possible?!” Murong Xue shook her head and pointed at the red spots on her neck, “Look at it yourself, I’ve been bitten in a few places.”

“…”Ouyang ShaoChen did not say a word.

One night had passed and the red spots on her neck had subsided a lot, only leaving a faint red color. It looked like mosquitoes bites.

The bad thing he did was not revealed, but he was not feeling good. He even felt a bit fretful and his face had grown murky. He looked straight at Murong Xue, “The things that happened after you got drunk, you actually can’t remember any of it?”

Many things happened after she got drunk?

Murong Xue blinked and tried to recall with great effort, but when she recalled some of the memories, the picture would disappear instantaneously.

Staring at her lost expression, Ouyang ShaoChen knew she could not remember anything and it depressed him. He frowned as he said, “Forget about it. I’ll ask the servant to prepare breakfast…”

“It’s okay, I’m not hungry now. I’ll go back to the house of Zhen Guo Hou to have breakfast!” Murong Xue said impatiently. She grabbed her dress and walked behind the screen. It’s just that she could not remember the things happened when she was drunk, so why was he showing his temper? That’s rather baffling! She did not want to stay there any longer.

“I’m going now!” She walked from behind the screen after she dressed. She stomped out of the room without turning around.

Ouyang ShaoChen was down, but he followed behind her. “I’ll send you!” The aftereffect of Ling Long Zui was incredibly great. Although she was conscious, her body was retained much Ling Long Zui; he would be anxious to let her go back alone.

Murong Xue was mute and did not pay much attention on Ouyang ShaoChen who was walking behind her. She followed the path of the green stone road and strolled from the house of Xiao Yao Wang straight back to the house of Zhen Guo Hou.

The door of house of Zhen Guo Hou was wide opened, with two guards standing at each side. They saluted hurriedly when they saw Murong Xue and Ouyang ShaoChen, “Prince Ouyang, Ms. Murong!”

Murong Xue answered them briefly and stepped quickly into her house. After some distance, she slowed her pace. Ouyang ShaoChen did not consume anything and chose to send her back early in the morning. It would be extremely unreasonable if she did not invite him in.

She turned toward the direction of the door and said with little feeling: “Prince Ouyang, come in and have a cup of tea!”

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