Chapter 87 – Weeping

By | April 12, 2017

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“Leave!” a white ceramic cup flew across the room onto the man.

The man was ready for this, he seized the cup but was pushed a few steps behind due to the strength, his feet were numb from the force.

He scoffed at the thought of him busting his plan and now Ou Yang was raging.

“Ou Yang, since you have your lover in there, I won’t disturb you then, see you tomorrow!” The man teased further and walked away. He had to spend time alone since his friend engrossed more on his love life rather than friend.

As soon as he heard the light footsteps walking further, Ou Yang’s face loosened and he looked down at Murong Xue. She was sleeping soundly on the bed, her face was blushing slightly, her long eyelashes were closed tightly, creating a soft shadow on her cheeks, she looked so peaceful and still.

Ou Yang moved his fingers slowly to her blouse, he tugged on the ribbon gently and it fell of instantly, her faint blushed belly and skin was driving him crazy, he felt the satisfaction as he looked at the love bites on her neckline.

Ou Yang pulled up a layer of blanket to cover her body and lied beside her, pulling her closer as he did.

The soft touch of her body felt tremendously comfortable, Ou Yang held her tightly and hid his head in her neck, sleeping at the scent of her aroma.

He wanted to make Murong Xue his forever, but she was too young for that, and she did not like him yet, he could not bear to hurt her!

The huge bedroom came to a silence, it was heartfelt as the sunlight shone upon them through the checkered windows!

Compare to the disordered situation at the courtyard of Zhen Manor, Xiao Yao Manor was much more serene.

Song Qingyan sat by Madam Du’s bed, crying out, “grandma, you have to take your side on me this time!”

Madam Du could not even got down from her bed, she was frustrated enough, “what happened?”

“Mother went into the prison because she cheated the money from our nephew, now my uncle, aunty and cousins hate me very much, even the maids and stewards were teasing me when they saw me, I am the eldest daughter in the house but I no longer have power in the family…”

Song Qingyan howled pleadingly, Madam Du squinted her eyebrows when she heard this, “are you blaming your mother for putting you through this by breaking the law of Qing Yan?”

“No, no…” Song Qingyan shook her head in fear, “I just want to invite you over to Wu An Manor to explain for me, so that they will not bully me…”

Madam Du comforted her and said, “I am the lady of Zhen Manor, how can I go over and threaten them in Wu An Manor? You go find your father and your grandmother, ask them to stand on your side, then nobody will ever criticize you again…”

“Sob sob… Father is always busy, he hasn’t come back home for days… Grandmother would glare at me and scold me when she sees me… She will never protect me… I have no choice but to find you now…” Song Qingyan covered her face in her silk hanky, her body trembled as she wept.

Madam Du’s face sunk immediately, “Rou Er cheated Murong Ye’s money for everyone in Wu An Manor, now that she was busted and was captured in jail, they did not only refuse to help her, they even bullied you, they are too much!”

“I know, mother took the stuff for everyone in Wu An Manor, they received everything she gave to them, now when she was revealed, they treated her as if she was dirt!” Song Qingyan would never let them go easily for what they had done.

Madam Du looked at her and said, “you should stay here for the next few days, wait till your uncle is back, I will ask him to go over to Wu An Manor with you…”

“Thank you, grandma!” Song Qingyan sighed in relief, she dared not to go back to Wu An Manor alone, her grandmother’s decision was perfect for her current situation…

“Madam, bad news, bad news, the masters were injured…” a steward panted anxiously as she ran forward to report.

Madam Du exclaimed, “what happened?” Why there were two people getting injured all the sudden?
“According to second master, it was Murong Xue!” the steward shouted loudly, she could not care less by now since everyone in this house were under Madam Du.

Madam Du clenched her fist in fury, Murong Xue had always been the one who bring misfortune to her family, “was it serious?”

The steward replied, “the old master was wounded all over, his limbs were hurt as well. Second master was unconscious as his elbows were shot by arrow…”

Madam Du was astonished, “that was serious! Bring the doctor, faster…”

“The second lady has already done that…” the steward replied politely.

Madam Du shouted in rage, “they are both injured, one doctor is not enough, get another one…”
“Yes, yes, yes!” the steward nodded quickly and ran out.

“You guys, carry me now, I want to see Jian Er and Ji Er!” Madam Du commanded. Her beloved son and grandchild were severely injured, she had to go see them right away.

“Yes!” the maids and stewards started to gather around her to assist her in her clothes and hair, it was a chaos!

Song Qingyan stood in the corner and looked at the furious old lady, she raised her eyebrows and walked out of the room. Murong Xue was the one who caused her to be humiliated by her own family members, she wanted to get revenge for herself and mother, therefore she came here today asking for her uncle to torture Murong Xue without mercy.

She never thought that Uncle Jian and Cousin Ji were already wounded by Murong Xue and laying unconscious before she could see them!

Apparently, Murong Xue was very powerful, it would not be easy to get rid of her…
“I can help you to get rid of Murong Xue!” a feminine voice came from behind, Song Qingyan jumped at the voice, “who is it?”


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