Chapter 86 – What’s Done Is Done

By | April 7, 2017

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Ou Yang’s scent made Murong Xue felt suffocated, she shuddered at this and pushed him away anxiously.
Ou Yang hold her wrist calmly, but she could not move with his firm grips around her wrist, so she kicked him instead.

Ou Yang avoided her attack, he turned her around on a cotton rug, he gazed at her hazy eyes and panting face, he hugged her into his chest and starting exploring her mouth. The kiss was gentle and passionate, she was fascinated by it and finally she let herself loose.

Murong Xue was held down tight and could not move a single muscle, the passionate kiss was like a storm, flooding her lungs and eating up her soul. She was woozy and almost suffocated, her cheeks were flushed in red.

As Ou Yang kissed intensely, he slowly made his way down to her neck, he sucked on her soft skin and red patches of love bites gradually tinted on her neckline.

Abruptly, drops of tears fell on his cheeks, Ou Yang stopped his act and saw Murong Xue’s eyes were filled with tears, he was taken back by this, “what’s wrong?”

Murong Xue pushed him aside and started punching him with her strength, “I lost my parents since small, Ye Yichen bullied me, Madam Du and her daughter bullied me, now, even you bullied me… Sob sob sob…”

Ou Yang did not fight back, his chest felt a pang in grief, he held Murong Xue’s waist and explained, “I’m sorry! It was unintentional!”

He just wanted to show her how he felt towards her, but she would never understand in this situation…

“I want to go home… I want to go home…” Murong Xue cried out as she continued hitting him on his chest. Her loose blouse unfastened inadvertently, showing off her fair belly and skin.

Ou Yang adverted his eyes and pulled back her blouse.

“Alright, I will take you home, please don’t cry!” Ou Yang cooed her and wiped off her tears with a handkerchief. She was still a crying baby like how she was, she did not change at all.

The carriage halted progressively, Wu Heng reported in polite, “sir, we have arrived!”

Ou Yang helped Murong Xue down from the carriage and walked her to the main door of his house.

Murong Xue followed his lead as they went along, she stopped as she saw the big signage on the door, “this is not my home, we came to the wrong place!”

Ou Yang looked at the signage and continued on, “it’s also four letters, not much difference from your house.”

Wu Heng grinned at the side, Zhen Manor and Xiao Spirit(s) Manor were indeed four letters, but they had a completely different meaning, and they represented two different households!

“This is really not my house.” Murong Xue stated firmly, she held on the door knob tightly, not wanting to let go. Her household’s surname was ‘Hou’, but this was ‘Wang’.

“We’ll arrive there soon!” Ou Yang lied as he tried to flick off her fingers from the door knob.

She thought to herself, her parents were dead, the only brother had already gone into the army camp, there was nothing left for her to stay at Zhen Manor. Furthermore, with her current state, it was better to stay here and rest!

Murong Xue’s head was still whirling, her body was weak and frail, Ou Yang finally freed her grasp on the knob and led her inside the house. She murmured faintly as she trotted, “this isn’t my home, I don’t want to go in…”

A man in tan clothing walked towards them, he accused Ou Yang when he heard her, “Ou Yang, what are you trying to do? Taking advantage of a poor lady?”
Murong Xue’s eyes were getting heavier as she walked, she surrendered to her weak body and leaned against Ou Yang’s chest.

Ou Yang stopped and carried Murong Xue in his arms as soon as he heard her steady breathing, he stared at the man and said, “do I still need to take advantage of girls?”

The man in tan clothing coughed to cover up his embarrassment, indeed, Ou Yang was tall and handsome, tons of women were lining up to be with him, there was no need for him to initiate the move. However, the girl in his chest did not look like she was interested in him.

“Who is this lady?” The man asked anxiously as he glance over at Murong Xue, but her face was buried completely in his chest.

“She’s from Murong’s” Ou Yang replied, continuing walking speedily with Murong Xue in his arms.

“Murong’s? Which Murong’s?” The man was puzzled.

“How many Murong family do we have in this city?” Ou Yang snapped.

The man was astounded, “she is… Murong Xue from Zhen Manor.”

Ou Yang acknowledged him by nodding slightly and walked away.

The man recalled his memory of her arrogant face in the colosseum, he proceeded with great interest, “are you… serious about her?”

Ou Yang looked at the man and exclaimed, “do I look like some phony swindler?”

The man dry laughed a little, “she is the fiancé of Ye Yichen, now she got into this intense fight with him, you might get labelled as ‘pervert’ if you got too close to her…”
“Pang!” the main door was slammed loudly in front of him.

The man did not expect such response, his nose was bleeding due to the slamming on his face, two streams of blood ran down his nostrils. He quickly took out a handkerchief from his pants and stared angrily at the door, he was merely advising him, why would Ou Yang got so mad at him?

“Ou Yang, I have something important to tell you, come out now!” The man banged on the door with his fist. He was too concentrated in making fun with Ou Yang and had totally forgotten about the important matter.

“Tell me tomorrow, I want to rest now.” Ou Yang said coldly.

The man joked, “Murong Xue is the one who got drunk, not you, what rest do you need…”

An idea flashed through his mind all of the sudden, he suddenly realized, “Ou Yang, are you thinking of… taking advantage of her?”

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