Chapter 85:Performing…

By | June 19, 2017

Chapter 85: Performing Obligations of Husband and Wife

With the grin of a devil, Gu Yanhao whispered, “I want to eat you up.”

Song Wuyou’s brain buzzed the instant she heard those words. Frightened for half a second, she suddenly pushed him away with explosive force: “Don’t mess around!”  Still, the strength she had compared to Gu Yanhao was the difference between the heavens and earth.

He did not budge an inch! Your grandma, why is he so heavy?

Both of Gu Yanhao’s hands held Song Wuyou’s face, forbidding her head from moving around and avoiding his eyes.  “Song Wuyou, look at me!” Gu Yanhao’s deep voice commanded.

Song Wuyou glared at him, defiant and grumpy, “Let go of me!”

“Not letting go.”

“You want to play shameless?”

“That’s exactly what I was planning.”

“If you continue like this I will scream!”

“Song Wuyou, we’re husband and wife.” The man gently reminded her. Isn’t doing this very normal between husband and wife?

“What’s normal? You even gave me the divorce agreement.”

Gu Yanhao’s pupils darkened as he observed her face, “Tear it.”

Song Wuyou sniggered, “On what basis? On what basis must I sign when you tell me to sign or tear it when you say so?”

The smile on Gu Yanhao’s face was like the devil who had the upper hand, “On the basis that I am Gu Yanhao.”

His head bent down, lightly brushing a kiss on her soft lips after his declaration. A electrifying tingle shot through Song Wuyou’s nerves when their lips met, making her shiver slightly. After all, ‘she’ loved him more than the hate she felt towards him.  When the thin cold lips touched her, involuntarily, she blushed. All thoughts disappeared and she stared dazedly at the handsome face so close to hers.

He…kissed her again.

Sensing no resistance from her, Gu Yanhao deepened the kiss. Taking her lips, he bit, nibbled and sucked…

Her lips were inexplicably soft. As he tasted them, it made it harder to let go. The light sweetness fascinated him, pulling him in, drowning him, making him addicted.

Song Wuyou continued to stare blankly.

Perfect chiseled face, deep unfathomable eyes, brows dark as ink, the long fluttering lashes…

Every inch was flawlessly perfect.

“Idiot, close your eyes when kissing.” Gu Yanhao’s lips arched beautifully, giving her an affectionate smile.

His finger softly stroked over Song Wuyou’s brow.

“Gu Yanhao…” Song Wuyou’s gaze bore into him, her voice was soft but clear.

Cupping her face in his large hands, Gu Yanhao was admiring her with unprecedented tenderness.

“The me now… has no desire to give myself to you.” Song Wuyou said without any pretense as she faced him seriously. Gu Yanhao felt a like basin full of icy water had been dumped on his head after hearing her statement. This kind of feeling was the worst, through and through.

His deep, low voice came: “‘Till when?”

Song Wuyou’s answer was honest: “‘Till I fall in love with you again.”

Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrowed, “And when will that be?”

“Don’t know.”

The large hands on Song Wuyou’s face tightened and, looking down, there was only a mere centimeter gap between their faces.

“Song Wuyou, I don’t believe that you no longer love me!” There was certainty in his voice.

“Up to you, believe it or not. That is your issue.”

Gu Yanhao’s lips curved up again, “What has it got to do with whether you love me or not? Even if you don’t love me, you still need to perform the duties of a wife.”

Song Wuyou’s heart tightened, “You…!”

Gu Yanhao lowered his head again, fast as quicksilver, clamping down on her mouth and not giving her the chance to utter a single word.


Song Wuyou felt another bout of shivers running through her body, stronger than before.

All her thoughts and even the air in her lungs was robbed, yet her heart sank deeper as the man deepened his kiss, growing heavier by the second.

His actions were merely ‘performing the duties of husband and wife’?


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    Nooooo!!! SWY resist temptation!!! Make him suffer first before you give in!

    1. exqalph03

      yup, i’m thinking that he should suffer first, be in distress and so on! But ugh… china ~_~.

  2. JinVodka

    Damn it, from what I know if the husband force his wife in doing it without her consent it rape. Guess because it is China. But still this is considered rape. ugh

  3. LaoNiang!

    ML , you are going about this the wrong way….she is going to hate you even more! It would be epic if after he eats her up, she says “Now we are even!” then he can never bring up the aphrodisiac the former her used!

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      No he didnt…
      He treated her like crap, felt disgust whenever he looked at her and was courting other women
      He didnt care when their freaking child miscarried and the first thing he did when she woke up after the accident was give her freaking divorce papers for embarrassing him
      He is a HUGE piece of crap

      1. Som

        The author implied something else was going on, eh, about (rather than inside) their relationship previously. However, the story states explicitly all that admiralen1 mentions. So, he’s a jerk. The author is confused, or at least inconsistent. The girl needs to clock him over the noggin with a heavy-ish anything, and make him learn how to love. (She really needs to buff up a touch, too.)

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    But I will keep reading to see him suffer for your affection, SWY! Don’t give in let him beg for you lolol
    Thank you for the new chapter.

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