Chapter 85 – Drunk

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Murong Xue walked towards the carriage moodily, just as she was putting down the curtains in her carriage. She saw a stroller being pushed from the army camp, on top of the stroller was stack of hays with unconscious Murong Ji and depressed Murong Jian on it.

Murong Ji fainted after he was injured, he had to be carried back by carriage. However, there were no carriage that could accommodate people and not a single person were seen around the camp, therefore, they had no choice but to rode on this stroller back to the city.

The striking sun was shining furiously on them, Murong Jian’s injury was serious, he could get heat stroke on his way back.

Murong Xue felt a gush of satisfaction inside when she saw them.

An aromatic scent travelled to her nose, she was awakened by it. She turned around and saw Ou Yang sat by the small table, drinking by himself. The bright sun shone through the window upon him, it smudged out a layer of light on his shadow, hazy, it was an unspeakable beauty.

He poured out another glass of wine using his fair hands, the smell of the wine was fragrant, leaving people wanting more.

Murong Xue felt dryness in her throat, “Ou Yang, is there any tea?” She had not drink a single drop of water since dawn, she was thirsty!

Ou Yang mumbled, “I was in a hurry this morning, there’s no clear water in this carriage, do you want some wine instead?”

“No, thanks.” Murong Xue shook her head as her eyes glanced towards the bottle of wine. She was thirsty, wine could not fulfil her, it would be useless for her to drink it.

The luxurious carriage fled on the rocky road, Murong Xue was bored throughout the journey, she was trying to find something to do when she felt a sift bag beside her.
She looked down and saw a familiar white bag, it was… Ou Yang’s water sack!

Murong Xue took it out and pinched it slightly, there was still half left, it was enough to boil tea, but she could quench her thirst by drinking this.

Murong Xue opened up the sack happily, as the sweet taste touched her lips, she gulped down more and more…

“I thought you did not want the wine? Why are you drinking it like a maniac?” Ou Yang retorted, Murong Xue stopped drinking immediately, “this is… wine?”

“Yeah!” Ou Yang nodded.

Murong Xue was horrified, “why did you put wine in your water sack?” She thought it was pure water, she had gulped down almost everything.

“Who says that I can’t put wine in the water sack?” Ou Yang stared at her and continued, “moreover, wine and water taste dissimilar, a smart person could differentiate it.”

Murong Xue was speechless, “…”

She did not smell and taste any scent of wine, was Ou Yang implying that she was stupid?

Suddenly her head was spinning and her vision went blurry, she could no longer control her body movement, she tried to walk upright, instead her body was swaying from side to side.

“Watch out!” Ou Yang exclaimed as he rushed to hold down her waist, he grabbed the water sack and pinched it, it was almost empty. She drank more than what she could handle, no wonder she was drunk this fast.

Murong Xue’s blushing cheeks stared back at him, he massaged gently on her temples, “are you alright?”

“I’m fine!” his musky scent increased her dizziness, she could not comprehend her thought, “but my head is spinning!”

She was drunk, of course she felt giddy!

Ou Yang flicked her soft cheeks tenderly, he wanted to get the truth from her, “Xue Er, who do you hate the most in this world?” There was a saying of drinking the truth, he wanted to know the answers from her when she was drunk.

Murong Xue glared in hatred, “I hate a lot of people, Ye Yichen, Qin Yuyuan, Madam Du, Murong Jian, Murong Rou…”

Ou Yang smiled with joy as he listened to her naming the list of people she hated.

“What about the person you like the most? Who is it?” Ou Yang’s heart was beating inside as he was eager to hear the answer.

Murong Xue thought deeply, and shook her head, “I don’t think there’s anyone that I like…”

There was nobody that she liked! So she did not like him!

Ou Yang could not believe his ears, he carried Murong Xue closer to him and stared deeply into her eyes, “do you know who am I?”

“Of course I know you, you are Master Ou Yang from Xiao Yao!” Murong Xue traced along his chest with her fingertips, then she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer and said,

“Ou Yang, do you know? Your eyebrows, your eyes, your face, you are the most fine-looking man I’ve ever seen in my life…”

Sincere compliments made his heart leaped with joy, but he was confused, “since I’m so good-looking to you, why don’t you like me?”

“I like you, you have helped me so much, how would I not…” Murong Xue raised her eyebrows, not understanding what he meant.

Ou Yang sighed, he looked at her and said, “I meant the like between man and woman, not between friends, do you understand?”

Murong Xue’s stomach stirred up as she heard this, she was oblivious, confused, skeptical, puzzled!

He knew it, she did not understand him! He did not expect this dumb lady to understand him anyways.

Ou Yang hugged her waist tighter than before, her waist was so slim and soft. Ou Yang could not resist himself any longer, he slowly bent down and pressed his lips against hers.

As his soft and wet lips touched hers, Murong Xue’s eyes went wide in shock. She stared at the beautiful man in front of her, his eyes were so hypnotic and heart-capturing.

Ou Yang’s pupils dilated with this, and he hold Murong Xue even tighter.

At that moment, Murong Xue felt overwhelmed by the kiss, her mind went blank and her heart raced faster.

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  1. joellyanne

    Ahhh…. what a nice chapter… the characters are kissing. Thank you.

  2. crowclown

    I usually enjoy this novel but this chapter is such bullshit, she can’t differenciate water and wine, get drunk in 10s and answer all his questions like she’s under a magic spell, such an ass pull…
    But hey, at least there was a kiss so maybe some progress ?!

    1. shanagi

      Yeah, I enjoy this novel except for the relationship between her and ouyang. Always tricked, going with his wishes, and more. It’s understandable if she is normally like that (in which I won’t read the story at all lol) but it’s only with this one guy. If it’s yichen, I’m 10000% sure she won’t be tricked no matter how complicated the trick is.

  3. sayume

    ….This guy is indeed cunning. He HAS helped her greatly, so she’ll probably forgive him if she remembers he took advantage of her like this, but I at least hope she makes sure to tell him it’s terrible of him to do that…or something. I get that he’s desperate, but she’s not gonna like him any better if he does this to her.

  4. just-lacey-ok

    But will she remember anything when she eventually passed out and wakes up? Cause let’s face it every other time she’s near him she sleeps!

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    Water do not taste sweet! Is she too thirsty? Even then anyone would b able to tell the different in taste. Unless u have no taste buds.

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      maybe he used his powers on her or the tea. Or maybe he put something in hte wine to change its taste


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