Chapter 84 – Murong Jian losing it all

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“I’m sorry for being careless, it’s just a slip of my hand!” Murong Xue smiled lightly, she was looking innocent.
Murong Jian glared at her with gloomy complexion, she was obviously showing off and challenging him, “Ji Er did not injure Murong Ye, why do you have to be so brutal?”

“If it was not my needles that hit the three arrows, my brother would have died and not standing right here with me!” Murong Xue looked at Murong Jian with cold expression, “Anyhow, it is just because you are not capable enough. Why didn’t you hit my arrows and save your son?”

“You!” Murong Jian pointed his finger at Murong Xue, but he was too enraged to speak.

“What’s wrong with me? I’m not going to the battlefield, so it’s fine for me to be careless when shooting, but for Murong Ji, he was determined to join the army team, if he had a slip of his hand, he would have shot his own allies and that’s a great fault…” Murong Xue was absolutely being sarcastic.

The soldiers had goose bumps when they flashed back the scene which Murong Ji shot the three arrows mercilessly. They looked at Murong Ji thoughtfully : They do not need people who will shoot their own allies, the reason for them to join the army force is to defend their motherland and combat with the enemies. It would be rather baffling to be killed by your own team mate!

Murong Jian glared at Murong Xue vehemently, he was on fire : After being insulted by Murong Xue in such a way, the best skill of Ji Er is the biggest joke now. The shooting skill of Ji Er will also be despised by the others. He will be boycotted and bullied by the others even though he managed to get into the army force. Murong Xue was truly evil-hearted…

General Zhang walked toward them and said, “Master Murong, your son was injured badly, let the military surgeon treat him first!” Murong Ji was injured in the army camp.

Murong Jian recovered from his anger, he almost forgot that Murong Ji was wounded. “Thank you, General Zhang!”

“Don’t mention, Master Murong!” General Zhang was being polite to Murong Jian, he wanted to keep a distance with Murong Jian.

A man in his mid-forty was wearing grey martial attire and holding a first aid box. He walked toward Murong Ji and checked his wound, “The arrow on top of the head went across his hair, not a big problem, and the other two arrows on the shoulder did not hurt his bone. Murong Ji is still very young, he will recover soon after a good rest…”

The military surgeon said confidently and held the arrows in place. He pulled it out in a swift move and the blood was splashing out.

“Ahh!” Murong Ji shouted and fainted instantly, he was looking pale and weak.

Murong Jian was stunned to see Murong Ji in such a condition, he held Murong Ji who was bleeding profusely in his arm, “Ji Er…Ji Er…”

“Master Murong, you don’t have to be worried or anxious, your son was only temporarily fainted, after the treatment and medicine given, he will regain consciousness!” The military surgeon tore open Murong Ji’s shirt and cleaned up his wound carefully. He applied medicine and bandaged Murong Ji.

Murong Ji was looking better after the treatment, Murong Jian was finally relieved, “Thank you for your great effort, doctor!”

“You’re welcome, Master Murong!” The military doctor was being friendly to Murong Jian.

“Ah Shi, bring Murong Xiao Hou Ye to the army camp and put his things!” General Zhang instructed.

Murong Xue raised her brow, because that meant Murong Ye was approved by General Zhang to become a soldier now.

Murong Ji was injured, he would not be able to do archery with short period of time, not to mention to have training in the hall. Now he did not have any way to snatch the quota away from Murong Ye, no matter how infuriated he was, he could only look at Murong Ye enter the army force.

She looked at Murong Jian from sideway, he was incensed!

“Thank you, General Zhang!” Murong Ye expressed his gratitude as he smiled happily. He looked at Murong Xue seriously, “Sister, I wouldn’t be able to go home in near future, you must take good care of yourself!”

He understood now, only his sister was sincere and kind to him in the house of Zhen Guo, his great grandmother, aunty, uncle and cousin, they all wanted him to die. They did not want him there to block their ways.

Now, he was in the army force, they could not scheme against him anymore, so most probably they would release their anger on his sister and makes her suffer.

Murong Xue smiled gently, “No worries, I will take good care of myself. You must do well in the training and work hard, our family will be proud to have you!”

“Alright!” Murong Ye nodded, he promised and pledged, “I will never let you down.”

Murong Ye followed Ah Shi to the army camp, Ge Hui went after them to help. Murong Xue was feeling bored, “Prince, it’s late. Let’s go back to the capital.”

“Alright!” Ouyang ShaoChen nodded and walked in a relax manner : He was here to accompany her, now that she wanted to go back, he certainly will agree.

Murong Jian suddenly remembered that female was prohibited from entering the army camp as he looked at the back of Ouyang ShaoChen and Murong Xue walking together. Murong Xue was not stopped from entering the army camp, was it because of Ouyang ShaoChen?

The well-known Prince Xiao Yao Wang, he was definitely somebody!

Murong Jian narrowed his eyes, his gaze was dark and gloomy.

After walking out from the army camp, Murong Xue strolled toward her horse and untied it, “Uncle Hui was busy right now, Prince you can take his horse, and I’ll send him another one when I reach home later…”

Ouyang ShaoChen listened to her “appropriate” arrangement, he did not say a word but frowned a little. He snapped his finger gently, an internal force was released and hit the horse.

Murong Xue brought her horse out from the fence and was about to ride it. The horse went out of control abruptly and sprinted away from Murong Xue. It did not turn back and left Murong Xue standing behind.

Everything happened in just a blink of an eye, there was not enough time for her to react and the horse had already gone out of her sight.

Murong Xue rubbed his hand that was in pain, she was angry and confused : What was going on? Why was the horse behaved like that? It was normal before this.

Looking at her depressed face, Ouyang ShaoChen could not help to snigger, he was in extremely good mood. He walked toward Murong Xue, “Wu Hen was taking the carriage here, and we’ll just take the carriage.”

Murong Xue looked in the direction of his gaze, an exquisite carriage was parked not far away from them. There was a logo “The House of Xiao Yao Wang” hung on the carriage, his bodyguard Wu Hen was standing right beside the carriage with great respect.

She could smell the familiar scent of Mo Zhu again, it was Ouyang ShaoChen walked past her and heading toward the carriage.

Murong Xue sighed, her horse had ran away without any reason, and she was not sure whether Uncle Hui’s horse was safe. She had no choice but to take the carriage with Ouyang ShaoChen, at least that’s the safest choice!

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