Chapter 82 – Challenging Murong Ye

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“I’ll send you to the army camp!” Ouyang ShaoChen said briefly as his strong arms went across the sides of her body and held her in place. He took the reins from her.


Murong Xue’s back was stuck closely to Ouyang ShaoChen’s chest. She can still see his face no matter if she raises her head or lowers her head, hence she avoided his gaze uneasily and kept a distance from him quietly, “I know how to ride a horse, and I don’t need you to send me.”


“You sure about it after you fell down from the cliff?” Ouyang ShaoChen glanced at her scornfully.


Murong Xue’s face was darkened, she said angrily, “That’s just an accident. Do you understand?”


“If I were to let you ride alone to the army camp, another accident will occur!” Ouyang ShaoChen was making fun of Murong Xue. He pulled the rein, and the horse sprinted in the forward direction.


The light blue dress that Murong Xue was wearing fluttered elegantly and Ouyang ShaoChen was wearing a snow white colored long robe. It was truly a picturesque scene.


Ge Hui looked at the rising sun expressively and said, “Sit still, Xiao Hou Ye.” He whipped the horse and it spread its legs and moved forward at maximum speed.


Murong Jian stood rooted to the ground. He was staring at the horse that was getting further and further away. He squinted with his piercing eyes: Ouyang ShaoChen knows Murong Xue? He seems to be very close to her…


Looking at his unfathomable expression, Murong Ji asked carefully, “Dad, are we still going to the army camp?”


“Yes. Definitely we are going.” Murong Jian said loudly. Cai Jin is in coma now and he also had a serious injury. They must achieve their initial goal after paying such a great price – there is no way for them to quit halfway!


Ouyang ShaoChen had great horse riding skills so Murong Xue did not really feel any jolts or bumps. She could smell the familiar scent of Mo Xiang when the wind was blowing. The scenery changed rapidly in front of her, and she narrowed her eyes and enjoyed the sight.


“I’ll place some bodyguards with you.” Ouyang ShaoChen said suddenly, his eyes dark.


“It’s not necessary!” Murong Xue shook her head and continued, “I can handle Murong Jian and his son.”


Ouyang ShaoChen took a look at her, “If you really can handle it yourself, you wouldn’t have fell down from the cliff. It’s a coincidence that I passed by and saved you, and you’ll not be so lucky next time. You’d be smashed to pieces if you fell down from the cliff.”


Murong Xue’s face darkened and she glared at him fiercely, “I’ve told you that it was an accident, can you stop mentioning on this matter?”


“Your enemies are not only the family of Murong Jian, there are still the house of Du Shang Shu and the house of Wu An. You sure you can handle them all by yourself?” Ouyang ShaoChen said in a low voice, his eyes were filled with anxiety.


Murong Xue raised her eyebrow. She was left alone now; if all her enemies were to cooperate to combat her, she will not have a high chance of winning.


However, if she accepted his bodyguards she would owe him a big favor. She did not know what to do to pay him back in return, “Let me consider for a moment!”


“Alright!” Ouyang ShaoChen nodded, relieved. “But you better not to take too long. When your enemies attack you, they will not even give you time to think.”


“I understand.” Murong Xue nodded. There were fencings and army tents in front of her, so she was delighted,: “We have reached the army camp!”


Ouyang ShaoChen answered her briefly and stopped the horse. Murong Xue jumped down without any hesitation. He was a bit disappointed as she was instantaneously far away from him and the refreshing smell of Fire Lotus Seed had disappeared. He came down from the horse and handed the reins to Xun Feng. He strolled forward and held Murong Xue’s hand, they walked together side by side.


General Zhang was a thirty year old man. He had a cold expression, a moustache on his face, and a pair of piercing eyes. He was training the soldiers and was taken aback when he saw Ouyang ShaoChen. He left the soldiers and walked toward Ouyang ShaoChen, “Prince!”


“General Zhang!” Ouyang ShaoChen replied gently.


“General Zhang, I’m not late, right?” Murong Ye ran toward them hastily, with sweat on his forehead.


General Zhang looked up to the sky, “No, you’re not considered late. Have you brought everything with you?”


“Yes! I can be a soldier immediately!” Murong ye took his baggage from Ge Hui and raised it up highly with a broad smile on his face.


General Zhang nodded, “You can immediately…”


“General Zhang, it’s been a long time since we last met. How are you?” a happy voice came from a distance. Murong Xue raised her head toward the direction of the voice and she saw Murong Jian was walking toward them with his face wreathed in smiles. He had changed his attire, he combed his hair nicely and applied cream to the wound on his face. If he wasn’t walking with a limp, no one could actually tell the he was injured.


General Zhang was very observant, “Master Murong, what happened to you?”


“I was careless and fell down.” Murong Jian said naturally. He glanced at Murong Ye and said, “Ye Er is a mischievous kid, General Zhang must keep an eye and take good care of him in future.”


“Don’t mention it, Master Murong!” General Zhang was being polite to Murong Jian, but he had the intention to keep his distance from Murong Jian.


Murong Jian scowled a little in his heart but he was still wearing a smile on his face. “Ye Er is still very young, I don’t really feel comfortable to letting him enter the army camp alone. I propose to let Ji Er accompany him, can General Zhang recruit him as well?”


“To be honest, every soldier team has their own codes. This year is not the recruitment year, so I cannot bring in anyone as I wish. I can keep Murong Ye because an old soldier has passed away and Murong Ye can substitute his position.” General Zhang explained in detail.


“Oh, so that’s the situation.” Murong Jian nodded and smiled embarrassedly, “Sorry for taking up your time, General Zhang. Ji Er, let’s go back!”


He stretched out his hand to hold Murong Ji but Murong Ji pushed him away. He straightened his body and walked toward General Zhang and said in a serious manner, “General Zhang, the soldiers in the army camp have been trained for a several years, I believed that they can battle right now. For the new soldiers, it would be better if they have great shooting skill and martial art skill!”


General Zhang looked down at him from a height and asked, “What do you mean?”


Murong Ji lifted his chin high and said arrogantly, “Since my cousin Ye and I want to become soldiers and there is only one place left, we should have an archery competition. The person who wins get to stay.”


Murong Xue smirked. She knew it, Murong Jian and his son came to the army camp with purpose.


The father Murong Jian had snatched Hou Wei from Murong Ye, now the son Murong Ji was about to steal his place in the army camp. This father and son were truly bad. She wondered how General Zhang will settle this case.


General Zhang’s face had grown murky. He looked coldly at Murong Ji, “Your suggestion is good, but I’ve agreed to keep Murong Ye. I’m a man of my words.”


Murong Ji blushed in embarrassment as he was rejected in public; it was truly disgraceful. If the news spread out, he will be the joke of the town  – and he did not want to be made fun of by others.


Murong Ji suddenly had an idea and looked straight at Murong Ye, “Murong Ye, I challenge you. The person who wins will enter the army camp, the person who loses will leave. What do you think?”

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