Chapter 81: You Have Always…

By | June 12, 2017

Crown of Thorns

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Chapter 81: You Have Always Liked Her, Haven’t You?

Gu Yanhao retorted, “Would you rather I accompany her?”

Song Wuyou’s laugh was detached, “You have always liked her, haven’t you?”

Gu Yanhao’s eyes were sharp with coldness, staring at Song Wuyou, “Did I ever tell you with my own mouth that I like Song Jiuyue?”

“………” Song Wuyou was stumped, quickly searching through the original host’s memories.

It seems…he had never said it himself.

Gu Yanhao likes Song Jiuyue. This assumption was formed due to influences from others, and the one person that hammered that ‘fact’ into her head the most was Song Jiumei. But Song Wuyou was not a nosy person, whomever Gu Yanhao likes had nothing to do with her now.

“You really have no plans to sell the production rights for the dress?” Gu Yanhao asked still staring directly at her.


“All of your actions were mainly to change everyone’s opinion of you. Why didn’t you take off your veil in front of everyone and reveal your identity?”

Song Wuyou blinked her eyes innocently, pretending like none of what he said actually mattered. Her attitude maintained a laid-back casualness, “Why must I ‘white-wash’ [1] in front of everyone? Am I very dark [2]?”

The doubts and questions in Gu Yanhao’s eyes thickened.

Song Wuyou smiled sheepishly at him, “You want to buy the rights from me?”

Gu Yanhao pursed his lips without saying anything, making it hard to guess what was going on in his mind.

Song Wuyou grinned, “Anmei Group also wants to buy the rights of my hand.”

Gu Yanhao cocked an eyebrow hearing her words, almost immediately asking “You agreed?”

“If I agreed, what will you do?”

The man sneered, “This is your prerogative, what can I do?”

On the business front, he likes to compete openly. Moreover, the rights were in Song Wuyou’s hand. Who she chose to sell to was her prerogative. In her heart, Song Wuyou was slightly surprised for she really did not expect him to take this stance. In her imagination, he would strangle her to if he found out she was cooperating with Anmei Group, but instead…

“Actually, you can open your own studio.” Gu Yanhao suggested to her.

Song Wuyou was stunned. This ‘suggestion’ was way beyond the scope of her imagination-again. It had crossed her mind that he might force her to cooperate with Gu Group.

“I don’t have the brains for business.” Song Wuyou shrugged. The Song Family in her past life was in the rice business. There was a period of time when the business was at rock bottom, but even as the Imperial Consort she could not think of any solution that could help her family. Arriving in this strange world, without friends or a network, doing business is much harder.

Gu Yanhao simply said, “I can teach you.”

Song Wuyou looked at him, puzzled, “Gu Yanhao, why don’t you just let me enter Gu Group?”

Because there was already a Song Jiuyue in Gu Group?

His eyebrow rose in surprise, “You want to enter Gu Group?”

“I brought it up before, did I not? I want to enter Gu Group but you rejected me.”


“If you let me enter Gu Group, I can lead the women’s retro department.” She wanted to compete with Song Jiuyue.

“Since you insist, I agree.”



Clear skies stretched far for thousands of miles, and hundreds of horses galloped on green meadows that covered the earth like an endless carpet. Mu Gu had been looking forward to Gu Yanhao’s visit to the pasture ranch for a quite a long time…

Today, he finally came!

After the fashion competition ended, he suggested that Gu Yanhao bring Song Jiuyue and Song Wuyou to celebrate at the ranch. Whatever one could want, his ranch had. It would be even more interesting than celebrating in some boring old hotel. And Gu Yanhao actually accepted his suggestion!

By the time Gu Yanhao’s group arrived at the ranch, it was already late night. Before they arrived, Mu Gu had prepared all the ingredients for an outdoor barbecue and horse milk wine. Once they arrived, the barbecue could begin and everyone could chat while grilling food.

In that wide expanse of land, other than the stables, there was only a small chalet.

In front of that chalet was a beautiful clear lake.

At this time, the group was grilling food near that lake.




[1] White wash- a slang. Meaning ‘clear’ her reputation/image.

[2] Dark – this is a follow up pun to the meaning of white wash.


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