Chapter 81 – The Enemy Lives

By | March 30, 2017

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“Father…..father…….father……..” Murong Ji kneeled at the cliff’s edge crying.


His wailing echoed forlornly in the abyss, seeing him filled people with grief.


However, Murong Xue wasn’t moved. Murong Jian had brought this upon himself and had died falling. He had no one else to blame but himself.


“I…..I’m alright……..” a frail voice echoed from beneath the cliff, Murong Ji stopped crying and jolted to his senses. He peered down the edge and cried out in shock: “Father…… that really you?”


“Yes it’s me….I’m alright….Let down a long rope….. and pull me up……” Murong Jian continued. His voice sounded weak, as if he was badly hurt.


“Alright, wait for me, I will be back!” Murong Ji yelled back in joy. He then wiped his tears away and dashed towards the patrol guards: “Sir, do you have a rope? Could you lend it to me for a little while……”


The purpose of having patrol guards was to detect and solve sudden complications in the area. Other than weapons, they also bring along ropes and other life-saving tools with them.


The fact that –  Murong Ji looked very young, his eyes were filled with desperation and he had a tear-stained face – had the sympathy of patrol guards. They took out ropes and tied all of them together to form a single long rope. The rope was then let down the cliff.


The rope swayed. Slowly, the patrol guards pulled the rope up and a badly injured man emerged with his robe torn in many areas.


His hair was in a mess, his face was criss-crossed with scratches and his eyes held animosity – it was none other than Murong Jian!


Murong Xue frowned: He had fallen down the cliff and yet, he had survived! This detestable being was hard to kill!


“Father!” Murong Ji hurried over to untie the ropes knotted to his waist and hugged him. He cried out in happiness, “You’re alright!”


Murong Jian smiled and tousled his son’s hair, “Your father is very tough. He won’t die so easily especially when he’s being attacked by someone deceitful…”


“You are right. Good people don’t live long but bad guys do. So of course, uncle, you wouldn’t die so easily!” Murong Xue smiled.


The patrol guards heard the whole exchange: What she said…doesn’t seem right…


Murong Jian’s expression darkened and he gazed coldly at Murong Xue, his eyes displayed gleams of hatred.


Murong Xue didn’t show any signs of giving in and stared at him with contempt too. Their gazes met each other in mid-air, and without saying anything, they were battling with each other by glaring.


“Sir Murong, how did you fall off the cliff?” a patrol guard came up to politely ask Murong Jian.


After solving complications, the patrol guards naturally need to report the cause of it and how it happened. That was why one of them had approached Murong Jian.


Murong Jian raised his brow and looked at Murong Xue, as if saying: “If I tell them the truth, you will certainly be in deep trouble!”


Murong Xue smiled: Go ahead and do it: Uncle tried to assassinate nephew and niece but failed… moreover, he was pushed down the cliff by his niece. The patrol guards would be very intrigued with your story. In fact, I think more people would love to hear about it too…


Someone’s work performance wasn’t good enough to get noticed and returns to Jing City to assassinate people, what a detestable, evil person he is. Even if I can’t trace who this person is, the officials in the upper ranking sure can…


Murong Jian’s face darkened to a murderous degree: You have no proof of me wanting to kill you and Murong Ye!


Of course I do! That horse which just fell over was drugged by you, which was the best evidence!


Murong Xue’s gaze turned icy: Even though it has fallen down the cliff and no doubt, died in a splattered mess, but there are many patrol guards here. If they search carefully for it, they will indeed find its body……..


Murong Jian’s face darkened even more, his hand under his sleeve clenched into a fist and he gritted his teeth: Murong Xue…….


“Sir Murong……. Sir Murong……. Are you alright?” The patrol guard saw that Murong Jian was staring elsewhere – unblinking – for quite some time and was worried.


Murong Jian jolted to his senses and feigned a smile, “I’m alright. I just accidentally fell off the cliff myself…”


Having heard his father’s answer, Murong Ji jolted and interrupted, “Father, but I saw it with my own eyes that…”


Murong Jian raised his hand and cut him off, “That was what happened. Son, you were quite some distance away when it happened, you did not clearly see what was really going on.”


Murong Ji swallowed what he wanted to say and glared at Murong Xue, then Murong Ye. His eyes were filled with impenetrable hatred.


The patrol guard nodded: “Ahh I see… Sir Murong, you must have been frightened to death.”


Murong Jian smiled, “You have saved me, I will always remember that. My assistant has been seriously injured and is still unconscious. Could you please send him back to Zhen Country Palace to rest?”


The patrol guard looked at Murong Jian with surprise, “Sir Murong, you’re not going back?”


“I need to accompany Ji to the army camp and won’t be returning. Thank you all.” Murong Jian smiled and pushed a silver ingot into the hand of the patrol guard, “A token of gratitude, to buy yourself some wine.”


The patrol guard squeezed the silver ingot and smile broadly, “Thank you, Sir Murong.”


Murong Xue raised her brow lightly. There were vine leaves on his robe, he must have held onto vines while he was falling and steadied himself, which explained why he was still alive.


His sleeves however, were very much torn in many places and when he had passed the silver ingot to the patrol guard, his hands were trembling slightly. It was obvious that his arm had been injured. Why would he still not return to the palace to treat his wounds and insist on going to the army camp? Was he really that keen on letting his son join the army, or did he have another evil plan in store along the way?


“Heir Ouyang, excuse us!” The guards’ bellows bore into the ears of all. Murong Xue looked over and saw the guards bowing to Ouyang ShaoChen then continuing with their patrol.


She blinked a few times. Murong Jian’s right hand man, Cai Jin, had a broken his leg which meant Murong Jian had lost another helper in his devious plan. If he were to execute another one, it wouldn’t be as successful as this one. Let’s see if he has any more tricks under his sleeve!


“Brother, it’s getting very late. Let’s continue our journey to the army camp.”


“Alright.” Murong Ye nodded. His horse had gone mad and strayed off track, which wasted a lot of time. Hopefully he could still get to the army camp on time.


“Young master, allow me to give you a ride.” Ge Hui led his horse over to Murong Ye.


Murong Ye’s horse had fallen into the abyss and Murong Jian and his son were still here, so who could guarantee that the other horses hadn’t been drugged, too? Ge Hui was worried about Murong Ye riding alone so that was why he made that offer.


“Alright!” Murong Ye nodded and mounted up Ge Hui’s horse after him.


Murong Xue too, mounted her horse. A white robe floated into view and sat behind her. A faint smell of bamboo ink encircled her nose. Murong Xue raised her brow at him, “What do you think you’re doing?”

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