Chapter 80 – Heir Ouyang Saves Damsel in Distress

By | March 28, 2017

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“Miss Murong, be careful!” Cai Jin warned.


Murong Xue turned her head and saw Cai Jin behind. He lifted his whip and whipped viciously at her horse’s back. At the crack of the whip, the horse ran even faster than before.


“Cai Jin, what are you doing?!” Murong Xue shouted and tightened her grip on her reins, her eyes flashed with hostility.


“I have come to save you…Miss Murong be careful!” Cai Jin replied in an odd, cynical tone. His horse followed Murong Xue’s horse closely from behind and he kept whipping her horse. His eyes were filled with satisfaction and malice.


The continual whipping of her horse had cause it to run like mad and he claimed that he was saving her? He wanted to hurt her, to let her be preoccupied so she couldn’t save Murong Ye!


Moreover, if she didn’t grab onto her reins tightly and died falling off, Murong Jian would have one less enemy to deal with!


What an intelligent yet vicious tactic! Cai Jin had thought of that tactic. Since he had a death wish, she shall grant it for him!


Murong Xue swung her arm out and 3 silver needles flew out from her sleeve. They pierced into Cai Jin’s horse’s buttocks. The horse shrieked with pain and ran like mad.


Cai Jin did not expect it and was flailing to stay in his saddle. His eyes were filled with terror and he quickly grabbed tightly onto his reins: “Stop, stop!”


But his horse didn’t listen to his command and ran straight ahead with immense speed.


Murong Xue’s mouth curled into an icy smile. It’s too late for him to yell stop now!


Murong Xue flicked her fingers and 2 more needles flew out. They penetrated the horse’s legs. The horse neighed and collapsed……


Cai Jin was flung forward and fell hard to the ground rolling around seven to eight meters away. Knoced against a tree trunk. It was only then did he stop. He was feeling dizzy, tinnitus and stars over his head  from the fall and it felt like some of his bones had shattered pain is unbearable.

He gritted his teeth and attempted to stand but he saw Murong Xue coming with grinned smile on her face and riding fast,  one of the first leg of Her horse stamped on his leg when it was passing him.


“Ahh!” Cai Jin yelled in pain.


Murong Jian looked over and saw Cai Jin lying on the ground, badly injured and unconscious. He also saw Murong Xue look at Cai Jin with contempt while her horse raced over, stampeding him in the process as she struggled to catch up with her brother………


Murong Xue!


Murong Jian’s eyes flashed and warded off Cai Jin. He then quickly sped his horse towards Murong Xue!


Ge Hui looked at where the others were heading and his face turned green. Shouting, he cried, “Miss Murong, there is a cliff ahead! Be careful!”


What, a cliff?!


Murong Xue observed the path ahead and saw there was an abyss just below the cliff ahead. Murong Ye’s horse had almost reached the edge: “Brother, jump off the horse now!”


“Okay!” Murong Ye nodded. He immediately threw away the horse reins and aimed for the ground!


The mad horse was galloping very fast, if he jumped, there was slim chance that he will live. But if he continued to cling onto the horse and fell off the cliff, he will have no chance at all!


Murong Xue jumped off her horse and rushed to the edge just in time to grab Murong Ye’s arm before he fell. Just then, a powerful energy struck her back.


She was caught off guard and fell into the abyss below. When she was falling, she saw Murong Jian’s cruel face staring back at her. In a flash, she used her whip to grab tightly onto Murong Jian’s neck and pulled him.


His slim body passed through bushes, shrubs and rocks. He was almost at the edge of the cliff when he stopped.


He kneeled right at the tip of the cliff. Murong Xue’s long whip was tightly coiled around his neck, suffocating him to the point where his face had turned slightly purple and his veins were bulging.


Both his hands were grabbing onto the whip now. He fixed his gaze on the other side of the whip – Murong Xue. With great difficulty, he spoke, “Let go…let go of me!”


Let go? In his dreams! If she and her brother died falling off this cliff, she wanted Murong Jian to die with them too! Murong Xue glared viciously back at Murong Jian.


Ge Hui rushed to the edge and saw Murong Xue was hanging onto it. One hand was clutching her whip, the other was grabbing Murong Ye. His eyes had displayed anxiety but when he saw her, but it turned into astonishment.


“Miss Murong, young master!”


“We’re alright. Uncle Hui, grab my brother!” Murong Xue managed a little smile and swung Murong Ye up with all her might. Ge Hui managed to grab hold of him safely……….


Now that there were less people holding down the whip, the pull on Murong Jian’s neck was not as tight. He then snapped the whip in two with his bare hands. With cold malice in his eyes: “Die, Murong Xue!”




“Miss Murong!”


Murong Xue fell down again. The strong wind brushing against her made her feel cold.


Was she going to die? How unlucky, she had only been in Qing Yan for a short time. She hadn’t even got the chance to travel outside of Jing City or meet many new friends…….


Just then, out of the corner of her eye, she saw a white robe. A strong arm grabbed her waist and the faint smell of bamboo ink encircled her nostrils. Murong Xue was stunned and she turned to look at the person. That person had a face of a beautiful painting.


“Heir Ouyang! Why are you here?!” Murong Xue asked, flabbergasted.


“I was passing by!” Ouyang Shaochen replied casually.


With a slight shift of his footing, the two began to change course – they were flying upwards to top of the cliff.


Murong Xue was left dumbfounded, “…”.


How could anyone be passing by mid-air in a sheer drop to the abyss? Was he here to jump down the cliff?


She had wanted to rescue someone from the abyss but now she was falling into it! No one could have done something so stupid, except Murong Xue. She was the same dim-witted person she was when she was little!


People normally get smarter as they grow older, but why does she get dumber as she grows older?


Ouyang Shaochen frowned slightly as he pulled her out of the abyss. Murong Ye and Ge Hui stared at him with awe as he landed gently down on the ground next to them. Beneath Ouyang Shaochen’s sleeve, he snapped his finger. A strong energy surged and hit Murong Jian, causing him to fall into the abyss……..


“Ahh!” Murong Jian’s hopeless scream echoed and grew fainter by the moment……..


Murong Ji turned pale and got down from his horse to rush to the edge. He peered at the bottomless abyss and cried out, “Father!”


A team of patrol guards heard the commotion and rushed to the scene. They saw Cai Jin who was unconscious, Murong Ji who was wailing helplessly and Murong Xue, Murong Ye and Ouyang Shaochen who were gloating over the misery. And they looked at each other: What had happened?

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