Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Jian Wei’s whole body turned stiff.

Her right hand that was carrying the cat holder was covered with thin layer of sweat. She tried to pretend that she didn’t understand the question, “What?”

Zhou Peipei didn’t give her a chance to play the fool, “Next time when you’re hiding, remember not to leave any cat fur laying around on the table.”

Seeing her look of ridicule, Jian Wei had a sudden realization. This morning at the office, Zhou Peipei had guessed that she was hiding underneath the desk, but she didn’t say anything about it?!

Jian Wei was stunned. Thinking back to Zhou Peipei’s words, playing inside the office, did it mean that she thought Jiang Yi and her were…

Her cheeks instantly became hot, and just as she was about to open her mouth to explain the situation, Zhou Peipei interrupted, “In fact, I really couldn’t expose you. After all, although I hate you, your cat is really cute. But I really hate it when people lie to me, especially, those who do it with Jiang Yi.”

“Zhou laoshi…”

“In fact, I think that your face isn’t really having an allergic reaction, but you just wear a mask to play around with us.”

Finished saying that, she suddenly came over. Feeling a bad premonition, Jian Wei unconsciously tried to hide, but Zhou Peipei was worthy of someone who had done a martial arts movie; one of her hands was holding Jian Wei’s shoulder, while the other went straight to her face.

Jian Wei felt a little pain at her ears when the mask was abruptly pulled down.

Both of them were standing close to each other. Zhou Peipei’s hand was holding the mask, and with a cold smile on her mouth, her eyes fell on Jian Wei’s face.

Her smile froze.

‘Ding!’ The elevator door opened, but neither of them moved an inch.

No one was waiting in the empty corridor outside. The inner wall of the elevator reflected the images of the two inside.

The two faces, at a glance… one really couldn’t tell any difference at all.

“Fuck!” Zhou Peipei managed to squeeze out a word from between her teeth.

Jian Wei who was suddenly awoken by her cry, pushed her away and tried to run.

Not giving her the chance to run away, Zhou Peipei grabbed her hair and pulled Jian Wei back.

“Shit!”, shouted Jian Wei painfully.

The next second she covered her mouth. Her eyes were wide in disbelief that she had actually cursed out loud.

Zhou Peipei turned to pull her collar, “What shit?! What kind of situation is this?! Who are you ah?! Come here!”

Jian Wei tried to get away and doubled her efforts to break free from Zhou Peipei and get out of the elevator. Who knew that the elevator door would choose that time to close, causing her to hit the metal door with a ‘BANG!’. She suddenly felt like a desperate movie villain, unable to move even an inch of her body.

Zhou Peipei was standing behind her, feeling too shocked to speak.  That moment just now, she was really frightened. The face that was so familiar, standing so close to her… she almost thought that she was meeting a devil!

Raising her hand to her chest to calm her heartbeat, she slowly said, “Jiang Yi’s friend, things have already turned into this. You still think there’s nothing to explain?”

Jian Wei took a deep breath and slowly turned.

She felt like her ear was hurting, her hair was hurting, and her nose was hurting. Today, she was so unlucky. Finally, at that moment, she really couldn’t endure it any longer.

“What do I need to explain? I don’t think my business has anything to do with Miss Zhou.”

“With your face looking like this, does it still not having anything to do with me?” Zhou Peipei pinched her chin and sneered. “Did you do a complete makeover? Doing plastic surgery to look like me, hah, really didn’t expect the current medical technology to be so developed…”

Jian Wei pushed away her hand, “You’re the one who has 18 pages of plastic surgery history; it is you who actually looks like me!”

“You!” Zhou Peipei didn’t expect that this little sheep that looked very gentle would bite. A moment later she said, “Very eloquent. Fine. If you don’t want to tell, I’ll go find Jiang Yi for explanation.  He’s messing around with this kind of woman; at the end, what exactly is his intention!”

Damn it! Not my idol!

Listening to that threat, Jian Wei became panicked. Thinking about the news from before, she pondered for a bit and said, “Miss Zhou, no, Zhou laoshi, since you want an explanation, I do have something to explain to you. Last night, the one that was shot at the airport was actually me. Jiang laoshi mistakenly thought I was you. I was surrounded by fans, that’s why he let me get inside the car. He was trying to help, not to use you for media attention…”

Zhou Peipei’s face changed, “Last night was you?”

“It’s me.”

“This morning?”

“I accidently broke inside Jiang laoshi’s office. We were just talking when you came in. I didn’t want to be seen by you, that’s why I hid.”

Zhou Peipei’s hands were holding her arms, looking coldly at her. The girl’s line of sight was dropped, her head bowed down with a posture of admitting a defeat. Obviously she was just *tit for tat with her, but in the blink of an eye she had undergone a hundred and eighty degree change.

[ 針鋒相對 Zhēnfēngxiāngduì – to oppose each other with equal harshness (idiom)]


She laughed, “Turns out you like Jiang Yi ah.”

Jian Wei was scared as she softly said, “No, no, I just worship him…”

“I’m having this idea in my head. What can you do if it runs wild?”, ridiculed Zhou Peipei. Her eyes were cold, looking very much like a cat teasing a mouse.

Jian Wei pursed her lips, not a sound coming out from her mouth. This appearance should be quite ridiculous. Coupled with that kind of face, it should cause Zhou Peipei to be filled with a sense of the bizarre.

She shuddered at the sight, and at that moment, her phone suddenly went off. Her face changed when she saw the caller number. Instead of answering the call, she said to Jian Wei, “I will consider what you just said. It felt somewhat true, but also somewhat false. But right now I am busy, you get out of here first. I’ll find another day to talk to you.”

Jian Wei felt a shiver, as if she had just received a death notice.

Because the floor number wasn’t pressed, the elevator had stopped in place, so Jian Wei just pressed the open button and got out at once. She calmly walked on the hallway carpet  with, her back straight. Not until she had closed the door of her room did she finally became paralyzed on the spot.

She…she…she…she went as far as having a catfight with Zhou Peipei! ヽ(o`皿′o)

Jian Wei held her head, resisting the impulse to hit it against the door. Did she take the wrong medicine? Why couldn’t she endure?! It’s a done deal; she would be driven out of the crew, right? It’s for sure!

She still hadn’t got close with Male God. Yuan Gulu also didn’t have its debut yet. She didn’t want to go ahhhhh!

Jian Wei dejectedly walked into the bathroom to wash her face, but when she looked at the mirror, she saw her face.

This face…

Jian Wei remembered the first time she noticed Zhou Peipei. She was 16 years old. Zhou Peipei was playing a small supporting role in a Qing Dynasty palace drama, looking loveable and cute. It was Lai Xiao Shuang who had pointed out, ‘Xiao Wei, that girl looks just like you, ah’.

In fact, at that time, they didn’t particularly look the same. At that time, Zhou Peipei’s chin was still a little square and her face still had a little baby’s fat, while Jian Wei’s face from the beginning has always been slim and graceful. Nevertheless, she still inherited her family’s keen desire for knowledge, so she asked her parents whether she had a sister who was living outside. After she was finished, as if listening to a lecture from a professor, her parents were silent for a long time before they gave her a sheet of paper with a long list of books. Sure enough, it really cured her curiosity. For the entire summer vacation, Jian Wei didn’t have time to daydream at all…

Later, Zhou Peipei’s face became more and more sharp and more and more thin, causing her and Jian Wei to look more and more similar. Eventually, one day while Jian Wei was walking down the street, she was asked by a stranger whether she was the new star.

In terms of the comment she’d made about Zhou Peipei’s plastic surgery, Jian Wei really believed what she’d said because she had always focused on how Zhou Peipei’s face had changed from the beginning until the end.

Because it had affected her life so much, she still had some complaints about it in her heart. Why on earth would she want to look exactly like her? For two people to look like the spitting image of each other, it would certainly cause so much trouble.

Huhu, it looked like she had been holding on to the grievances for too long; that’s why she just blurted it all out just now.

Just die!

Jian Wei washed her hands while thinking about what she should do if Zhou Peipei decided to cause trouble. She seemed to have taken a liking towards Yuan Gulu. If nothing else worked, maybe she could offer to sell it to her. Let’s give it a chance to show its devotion to mama for once.

Yuan Gulu…Yuan Gulu!

In the mirror, Jian Wei’s expression instantly sobered.

She seemed to leave the cat inside the elevator!

The 23th floor was the highest level in this hotel. The rooms of the male and female leads, as well as the directors, were on this level.

Jian Wei stood outside the door, feeling reluctant to knock. She had checked the elevator, and had even given the front desk a call, but she still wasn’t able to find Yuan Gulu. Therefore, she had to think of the third possibility; the cat was carried back by Zhou Peipei to her room.

Based on Zhou Peipei’s attitude towards Yuan Gulu, it didn’t seem like she would throw it away, regardless of how she felt about Jian Wei. Thinking about it, Jian Wei thought that the probability of it was high.

But she still felt a little anxious. What if Zhou Peipei was like her? What if she forgot about the cat that had been left on the ground, causing it to be taken away by others?

Thinking about it, Jian Wei decided to just give it a try and raised her hand to press the doorbell. If worse came to worst, she would only be scolded. In the case that Zhou Peipei also didn’t know the whereabouts of Yuan Gulu, then she had to think of a way to obtain permission to monitor the elevator.

There wasn’t any action from inside the room. She once again pressed the doorbell. After a moment of waiting, she turned around to leave but suddenly there was a voice beside her, “You are…”

Jian Wei looked back and saw a handsome young man, who was most likely the hotel staff. She didn’t even have time to apologize before the man bowed and said, “Miss Zhou, how can I serve you?”

Jian Wei: “…”

Just as she was just about to explain, the other person automatically made an assumption: “Did you forget the room card? Don’t worry, I have the spare. I can help you open it.”

The man was particularly attentive, probably because he was serving a big star, causing Jian Wei to suspect that he was Zhou Peipei’s fan.

The door was opened. Jian Wei had already helplessly accepted her fate of getting cursed by Zhou Peipei, yet from inside the room came a sharp cry.

It was Yuan Gulu.

Jian Wei’s mind momentarily turned into a ball as she rushed in and saw the cat holder was upside down next to the sofa. Inside it was a struggling Yuan Gulu.

She quickly pulled down the zipper and held the cat in her arms, softly appeasing the animal, “Baby, I’m sorry. I should not forget about you. Don’t be afraid, baby you don’t have to be afraid…”

Yuan Gulu slowly quieted down. Feeling relieved, Jian Wei took the chance to look around the room. The whole suite was quiet without anyone around. It seemed that it was Zhou Peipei who had brought Yuan Gulu into the room.

In such a short time, where did she go?

“Miss Zhou…”

The staff member suddenly spoke. Following his line of sight, Jian Wei saw a messy appearance at the corner of the room.

On the white carpet was a broken vase. The porcelain pieces and the water, which hadn’t dried yet, were spilled on the floor. It seemed as if the vase had been smashed up and then fell to the ground.

Was it Zhou Peipei who did it?

All of a sudden, an ominous feeling suddenly rushed forth inside Jian Wei’s mind.

Due to the fact that on her first day of joining the crew she had already faced too many incidents, Jian Wei seriously considered that the next day she went to the studio, she might really plough into Zhou Peipei. She didn’t expect that the next day, just after breakfast, she would get serious news: Zhou Peipei didn’t go to the studio.

Jian Wei was sitting on the side of the crowd, listening to the talk between the coordinator and Lai Xiao Shuang, “What happened, ah? Is Zhou laoshi feeling uncomfortable?”

Lai Xiao Shuang said: “I don’t know. Today, Zhou laoshi didn’t call me. I heard that Bai Lu jie came and said that Zhou laoshi had something to do, so she can’t shoot…”

The coordinator nodded, “Well, perhaps it is because she needs to prepare for the awards ceremony this evening.”

This evening, a certain video website was holding an event, “New Entertainment Forces Festival”, and had invited many stars to attend, including Zhou Peipei and Jiang Yi. As a popular star, Zhou Peipei had already attended many similar events this month as the focus of attention. Although Jiang Yi was invited as well, the main reason that he was invited was because of his collaboration with Zhou Peipei. This event served as the publicity for the drama.

It had been arranged by the crew long ago, so the shooting was only scheduled to take place in the morning. Hence, Zhou Peipei had no reason to be absent.

Jian Wei’s brows became tighter. Although she told herself that it had nothing to do with her, that she couldn’t do anything about it, it still made her felt restless.

By  lunchtime, she finally couldn’t help but walked to the second floor.

Because Zhou Peipei didn’t show up this morning, the crew was shooting Jiang Yi’s scenes. But even if he was around, Jian Wei didn’t find an opportunity to talk to him. She didn’t dare to get close to him while he was shooting, and after he finished his shoot, he went back to his lounge, not even showing his face after that. He hasn’t shown any special treatment towards her, only focusing on his work. There were several times she stood with the crowd watching the filming, but he didn’t even notice her.

Everything was just like Lai Xiao Shuang’s warning. Their distance became very far apart; even if they were in the same studio, she still couldn’t touch him.

This feeling caused Jian Wei to suddenly sobered up. She had been standing in front of Jiang Yi’s lounge. As long as she took a few steps, she could open the door and see him.

But she choose to step back.

These past two days she’d given him too much trouble, so she better forgot about it. Otherwise, he might think that what happened was intentional, that she was doing these things to make him aware of her existence.

Just when she was about to turned around, the door of the lounge suddenly opened. Lin Hao was not surprised to see her. Instead, he softly said: “Miss Jian, please come in.”

Jian Wei: “Ah?”

Lin Hao said: “Yi ge has something to ask you.”

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