Chapter 8: Shout to guide the soul (Part 1)

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Grandma’s hands are shaking while she’s teaching me how to mend the broken part of the red lantern. I was watching her and frown my eyebrows.

Black dog’s blood deal with evil spirits, but I remember that I also met a snake spirit.

“Grandma, are snake spirits scared to black dog’s blood too?” I tried asking grandma because I am afraid that I might meet another one.

Grandma’s hand paused, she look up and stared at me: “You met a snake spirit?”

“Yes.” Snake spirits are the old generation of evil spirits and are very rare. I hesitated for a moment to admit that I encountered one.

After listening to me, grandmother’s face became more gloomy and muttered: “I knew that something had happened to both you. But I didn’t expect it to be a snake spirit, for so many years this kind of evil spirits didn’t show themselves.”

“Xiao Xi, don’t be afraid. You have Master’s protection. By the way, do you always wear the beads I gave you?” Grandma asked and touches my neck directly for she can’t wait to my reply.

I pulled out from my pocket the black buddha beads she gave me when she set up my ghost marriage and put it in her hand to give her some peace of mind.

I actually felt uncomfortable whenever I see this black beads because I was thinking that the bald monk has always been following me.

“As long as you wear this Master can protect you, so you should always keep it near you” Grandma said and put back the black buddha beads to my clothes and carefully patted my head.

“Grandma, I really don’t want this black buddha beads.” I pulled out the black buddha beads once again and hand it over to grandma.

Grandma ‘s face suddenly changed: “No! From today onwards you are not allowed to be self – willed, otherwise, you cannot go to the tomb mountain and save Hei Wa.”

“If you say it like that, what else could I do? I will keep it.” I quickly grab the black buddha beads in her hands. Grandmother’s face relaxed a bit, she leaned in her chair and fell asleep. Then, I started mending the red lantern.

Grandmother actually sleeps for a whole a day because this evening grandfather didn’t yell to grandma to buy him an alcohol.

When grandma opened her eyes, she trembled a bit and then tightly grabbed my wrist and asked: “What time is it?”

“Almost six o’clock” I replied.

Grandmother suddenly got anxious, she grabbed my hand and we walked toward the door. While walking, she said: “I’m really getting old and useless. I can actually sleep in this situation.”

Grandma and I walk fast towards the direction of the tomb mountain. And because of that, we saw Hei Wa’s mother on our way. She is also walking through the tomb mountain’s direction.

Grandma saw that she is carrying a big bucket and realized what she wanted to do, she called her out and ask: “Didn’t Tiezhu stops you from going in tomb mountain?”

“But, Mother Mei it’s been two days already. If I don’t go up the tomb mountain now, what will happen to my son? I really don’t know what to do anymore.” Hei Wa’s mother cried. Her face looks haggard, surely she wasn’t able to sleep in these past few days.

Grandma tried to persuade her to go back home for now. After that, grandma and I went to the foot of the mountain entrance.

At first, I thought that grandmother will accompany me up to the tomb mountain, but grandmother only stands at the entrance and handed me the red lantern.

“Grandma, I don’t know the way.” I looked at grandmother. In fact, my heart felt so scared to meet that serpent again.

Grandmother looked at the red lantern in my hand and then glance toward the tomb mountain and sigh: “Don’t be afraid, Master will protect you. Grandmother had previously fought against that snake spirit, as long as I walk up the mountain she can smell me. So, I can only stay here and wait for you.”

She said and looked at the dark sky, tonight even the moonlight didn’t cooperate with me. Grandma bent her knees, she lit up a white candle and put it in the red lantern. But the night wind keeps blowing, I felt so worried that the candle will be blown off.

“Hold the red lantern tightly and if the candle goes out, immediately went down the mountain.” Grandma looks so serious when she told me this.

At that time, I’m not really sure if this candle is not an ordinary candle. Hei Wa’s birthday characters were engraved in the candle’s body, this candle represents his soul. So, when grandmother said to get back as soon as the candle goes out, it means that Hei Wa’s soul scattered in the tomb mountains.

Therefore, continuing to shout is useless and I can only go down the tomb mountain to keep myself safe.

I nodded my head and pretend to be calm. I tighten my grip to the red lantern and walked toward the tomb mountain. While walking I simply look back to see my grandmother.

“Xiao Xi, don’t keep looking back and carefully shout.” I found out that Grandma’s eyes are still sharp when she shouted at me.

I can only swallow and move forward. According to grandmother, I need to keep shouting Hei Wa’s name while walking.

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